Oct 20 - 26, 2008

Water-Hydrogen Energy Enterprise, based in the united states has claimed to have developed an exciting process of converting water into automotive fuel which if proves practical should be a silver lining out of the bad oil price situation.

If this invention really is what it claims to be, we are talking about the one of the most important inventions of the epoch, it was replied by a prospective Venture Capitalist who wrote to Dr. M. A. Qazi, President/CEO Water-Hydrogen Energy Enterprise Ltd. (WEEL) in a response to the request for financing this venture.

The investors exclaimed that all problems with hydrogen production and storage would be solved by having the production unit on the spot, producing hydrogen-fuel to be injected directly into the machine producing power and electricity. HOW TRUE!

However, Dr. Qazi while talking to PAGE was confident and said in a firm tone that it is the mission of Water-Hydrogen Energy Enterprise Ltd. (WHEELĂ), an American idea company, to provide to the world a unique source of hydrogen (H2) energy that will replace gasoline as a fuel for the automotive industry.

PROCESS: Preliminary laboratory tests have clearly indicated that WHEEL's proprietary catalyst splits water directly into its components, hydrogen and oxygen in a stoichiometric ratio. (2:1)

Confirmatory tests, which proved the concept beyond a shadow of doubt, were performed at the AQSA Laboratories in Lahore, Pakistan during the month of September 2008. A provisional patent has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Alexandria, VA and is pending.

WHEEL now intends to develop this innovative process for the commercial production of a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to be used as a fuel in automobiles.

Hydrogen-fuel upon combustion generates heat energy and produces water as a by-product. Therefore, this hydrogen-fuel would not create any greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2).

Both hydrogen and oxygen produced in the process can also be separated and compressed into cylinders and sold in the world market.

The third option would be to use a retrofit kit in automobiles to convert water into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to be used directly as an energy fuel. With this innovative technology, gasoline-powered automotives will be totally transformed into hydrogen-fuel-powered automobiles.

Here is an overview of benefits of WHEEL's process:

No more greenhouse gases (environmentally friendly)

No more dependency on high-priced gasoline (cost savings)

Market leadership: Use of this new technology will make any automotive manufacturer a world market leader in innovation.

As mentioned above, this technology has already been proven in the laboratory. WHEEL is now seeking partners and/or sponsors who are willing to finance this unique technology in order to produce a large-scale validation of this innovative process.

The Hydrogen fuel if becomes commercially viable will be a savior not only for the motorists to get them out of the vicious circle of the oil prices but in fact would help the entire humanity getting rid of the ever rising pollution around the world which is in no doubt the deadliest slow poison for the mankind.