Director Sales & Marketing, Hinopak Motors Limited

Oct 20 - 26, 2008

Established in 1986, Hinopak is a Japanese owned multinational company with majority shares with Hino Motors Japan (59%) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (30%).

Backed by Hino's expertise, Hinopak has achieved standard of quality and excellence that rival the best in the region. The Company has been overall market leader in commercial vehicles for the last 22 years. With over 50,000 vehicles on road, Hinopak has gained over 65% market share, making it the largest manufacturer in medium & heavy-duty truck and bus industry in Pakistan.

Hinopak has always introduced the vehicles as per the requirement of the Pakistani market. Introduction of Hino 500 series in early 2004 was the landmark for Hinopak Motors Limited when an entire new Hino 500 series was introduced. The 500 Series consist of vehicles that are in line with global Euro emission standards making Hinopak the first Pakistani commercial vehicle manufacturer to introduce a complete range of environment friendly vehicles. It has been especially developed and designed keeping in mind the rugged terrain in order to meet the requirements of the diverse Pakistani automobile market.

With the establishment of 3S Dealership network throughout Pakistan, Hinopak is first in commercial vehicles sector to provide Sales, Service and Spare parts facilities to its customers. It focuses on Customer Satisfaction; such as Extension of warranty from 40,000 km to 100,000 km and "free service scheme". Hinopak also maintains a fleet of mobile workshops, to provide prompt and efficient back-up service to Hino consumers even at remotest of locations. Hinopak also maintains an inventory at its own warehouses to ensure that genuine spare parts are readily available throughout the country.

Hinopak is dedicated to putting its customers first and maintaining high standards of quality, and is making every effort to offer better products and services to harmonize well with both rural and urban areas and consequently satisfying its customers.

We are grateful to our customers as their confidence on our light duty truck Hino Dutro leads it to the No. 1 brand in its segment. Customer's trust on Hino Prime Movers especially on Hino FM2P 6x4 was also overwhelming, its sales was also lead it to the highest selling brand in its category during year 2007.

Hinopak is also giving a great emphasis on product diversification recently an additional "Commercial Truck Line" for production of truck bodies was added in our Body Operation Plant. This allows Hinopak to offer a wider range of complete trucks to our customers in a short span of time. These included dump trucks, sludge carriers, water tankers, refuse vans, mobile kitchens, Mobile bank, Mobile ATM, prison vans, and recently developed Refrigerated Van to cope up the ever growing demand for refrigerated cargo transportation in Pakistan

Supervised under Japanese management & controlled under professional expertise, Hinopak has successfully achieved quality awards in manufacturing best products like ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 for environment.

As a good corporate citizen, Hinopak always takes keen part in CSR activities, beneficial for the society. One of the examples, when the devastating earthquake struck in northern areas of Pakistan in October 2005, Hinopak donated relief goods for the quake victims of Hazara and Azad Kashmir. Hinopak also donated a 4x4 Hino GT1J truck to Governor Sindh for the relief efforts. In addition to this, Hinopak handed over one Hino mobile eye clinic to President of Pakistan being used by Al-Shifa Trust.

Hinopak has also voluntarily subscribed to the Global Compact Principles and has become a member of select group of Pakistani companies to do so. Global Compact which is an initiative of Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General UN calls on businesses world-wide to help build the social and environmental framework.

Realizing the CNG requirements in public transportation Hinopak also introduced the first dedicated CNG bus manufactured in Pakistan. Hinopak not only locally developed and produced CNG buses, but also continued to pursue the government for induction of CNG buses.

In budget 2008-09, Government exempted CBU CNG buses from custom duty which is not feasible for the local manufacturers. Government should promote the local automotive industry by imposing ban on the CBU buses and provide the subsidy to the local manufacturers on the manufacturing of CNG buses, by that way government will not only save the foreign exchange but it will also help to increase the investment in the automotive sector and employment in the country.