Sep 22 - 28, 2008

Pollution is a term associated strongly with the contamination of soil, water, air, etc with substances that are harmful to living organisms. It is also a term which has gained colossal momentum ever since the inception of the 20th century, marking a robust growth of industrialization and commercialism. Pollution is not just anyone's problem it's an annoyance for the masses. It affects are realized long lastingly and what's more the real fatalities that will be shaped would be are our own children and their generations to come; for whom we do care but perhaps momentarily forgetting the true portrait at length.

The well developed nations have already deployed comprehensive resources to sort out the issues that might need to be addressed ten to twenty years from now, but the real problem lies within those nations who are coined to be the third world countries. Unfortunately these super nations, if I may address them in this fashion, don't realize that they and they alone are the ones wholly responsible for this catastrophic problem faced by the humanity today. It's their policies and procedural strategies which have actually diverted major part of pollution issues towards these developing nations, which by the way are already going through tough times, fighting for mere survival and existence.

Pollution is not something which happens over night or is a byproduct of a single action, it's something which takes years and years of wrong doings and consistently executed actions in an antagonistic manner to Mother Nature, which then in turn has it own course to follow. Vengeance is not the word I am implying but then you do reap what you sow.

'World is indeed like a theatre every one plays its part and leaves', but what Mr. Shakespeare must have forgotten to add; I insinuate myself as an afterthought, would have been, 'leaves and leaves all the dirt behind for the others to contend with.' In other words every one is so busy making the buck that they actually forget to clean after their chores have reaped them some sort of monetary value. It sometime befuddles a common man's thinking pattern; that why would one want to kill the hen that lays the golden eggs. The only fools argument that could ever have been existent and worth debating; that is to get the golden eggs all at one time.

Pollution, in our country is existent in all forms, it does not make our country unique as all these categories of pollution are also existent in other countries, especially the ones common to our region, however what is unique to our country is the manner in which they respond towards these various pollution issues and that is by investing a lot in planning and talking but when it came to the actual execution, people would appear to behave like a runaway bride.

It is important to note here, that there are few which actually on there own have taken some drastic steps to curb the pollution causing agents and these few names include Lucky Cement Ltd. An organization; sworn to protect the environment first, and then look for any monetary growth. Such was the vision of Late Mr. Abdur Razzaq Tabba that his legacy continues to flow through his son Mr. M. Ali Tabba and his team of directors, which include a name which needs no formal introduction within the Industry and that is of Mr. Mehboob-ur-Rehman, the Director Operation Lucky Cement. Together this team has just signed a contract marking a win-win transaction both to curtail the impact of rising coal prices and the rising pollution scenario in the country. The deal with CDGK in context to 'dirt fuel', or in other words recyclable fuel usage has relieved the CDGK of a major issue faced in the shape of getting rid of the ever increasing city waste. The deal has come as blessing in disguise for both the parties at stake. Hopefully more companies follow the footsteps taken colossally by these two.

Pollution is an issue which can be addressed only if comprehensive commitment comes from those to whom common men aspire from. It's no big deal only few small steps need to be taken at a time the rest will fall in place on its own.



Sometimes road accidents prove fatal primarily due to delayed medical aid to the injured and by the time the injured reach the hospital the victim succumbed to the injuries due to excessive bleeding.

The initiative taken by Siemens Pakistan for placing first aid boxes at traffic posts in Karachi is a great service to the humanity in general and to the citizens of Karachi in particular.

Actually, Siemens and Hilal E Ahmer Sindh have teamed up to provide first aid boxes at the more than seventy traffic posts across the city of Karachi .

The intensive operation to provide these life saving boxes was completed with the visit of Managing Director Siemens Pakistan Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui to the traffic post at hotel Metropole.

Talking to the media on the occasion Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui who is also Chairman of Hilal E Ahmer Sindh said that with the tremendous increase in number of vehicles in Karachi the rate of accidents has also gone up. He said it was felt that many of the traffic accident victims lost their lives due to excessive bleeding which was a result of non availability of first aid on the spot. The best place to provide such aid is the network of traffic posts across Karachi and it was decided to place well equipped first aid boxes approved by Hilal E Ahmer at these traffic posts and now all the traffic posts in Karachi have been equipped with these boxes. Siddiqui hoped that the placement of these boxes will save several lives and prevent unnecessary deaths. Siddiqui said that Siemens was a multinational company with a national outlook and wanted to serve the country through its good corporate social responsibility policies that aim at helping society in a long lasting and meaningful manner. He thanked the DIG traffic and other concerned officials for their cooperation that enabled Siemens and Hilal E Ahmer to provide this service for the people of Karachi .

Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui also informed that Sindh Hilal E Ahmer is working actively to place a disaster management system in place in Karachi by September 2009 so that in case of any such eventuality the people of Karachi can get timely assistance.

A Hilal E Ahmer spokesperson Dr.Rizwana present on the occasion informed that so far 300 traffic police officers of all level have been imparted first aid training. There were several classes with twenty students in each class. A stipend of Rs.2000 was paid to each trainee and those who scored top numbers were given an additional one thousand rupees. Certificates were also awarded to all the 300 traffic police personnel. The spokesperson said the cooperation of DIG Traffic made the whole scheme possible.