Sep 1 - 7, 2008

World has turned into a global village as people are more frequently connected with each other for their various needs. Whether its higher education, treatment of patient or payment to a valued vendor; Money has always changed hands, and while it changes hands it also changes in denomination, shape or currency. Significantly, we at Dollar East are aware that it also changes lives. We look beyond the immediate value of money and into the lives it cares and the bonds it nurtures. Just as you strive to work for a better living for your family and yourself, we strive to serve you better. When you remit your money through Dollar East Exchange, we ensure that you get the best value when it reaches to your associates, loved ones or friends.

Dollar East Exchange is one of the pioneers of foreign exchange Kerb Market in Pakistan. It was amongst the first companies to receive the license of money changer from the State Bank in 1992. Dollar East Exchange developed a unique customer focused work system that set it apart from its competitors, by virtue of its swift, trustworthy and superior level of services. The Company received exchange company license from State Bank of Pakistan when State Bank decided to establish exchange companies in 2002. Dollar East is one of the leading foreign exchange companies of Pakistan. It is an A-Category exchange company and offers full range of foreign exchange and international remittance products to its customers. The Company provides fast, convenient & reliable services in the field of International Money Transfer and Currency Exchange through various modes. Dollar East deals in the business of Telegraphic Transfer, Demand Drafts, Home Remittances and Currency Exchange.

Dollar East also contributes towards the economic prosperity of Pakistan by bringing remittances from many countries of the world. These remittances are one of vital resources which bring economic prosperity to the country.

The Company has grown into many branches and offers improved services to its valued customers. With full range of foreign exchange services, Dollar East Exchange helps you to effectively manage your international payments with ease and efficiency. With a firm Commitment to be closer to your doorstep, Dollar East is currently running a network of 19 branches in 16 cities across Pakistan.

Dollar East promises trust. The products and services offered by Dollar East deliver superior value to the customers. Dollar East's commitment to customer satisfaction is its trademark and top priority which keeps it moving forward. We believe that this is the only way to be successful in our industry. We ensure our customers that their requirements are met competently, quickly and efficiently.

Customer care is at the heart of all activities at Dollar East Exchange. The Company looks at customer information in a more holistic fashion-gathering, consolidating, and analyzing all of its customer interaction information-that it was able to correct any inefficiencies in services rendered. Now every customer can directly communicate with the senior management of the organization and register their complaints and suggestions. Dollar East management does not only provide the solution to the problems but also record the issues for continuous improvement purposes. The feedback is discussed in staff meeting and also helps to identify the training needs of the staff.

Customer service standards are developed and communicated to every level in the organization. The service standards serve as the basis of the services offered by Dollar East and the attitude and behavior basis of our team members. These standards need to be a part of the business fabric, and the management makes the standards something their people follow on a regular basis. The philosophy behind these standards is; we endeavor to greet people in the way we want to be greeted. The Company treats them with respect and renders the information that a customer needs to know regarding business.


Dollar East is a responsible corporate citizen. The company has a rich history of contributing to social welfare activities. It has established GIFT University in Gujranwala which is ranked among the frontline universities in the country. The University strictly adheres to the policy that no talented student is deprived of the right to the higher education due to lack of finances. Roshni Homes Trust is another community welfare project founded by the company. This Trust provides best education, motherly care and home like environment to orphans and destitute children of the society.


Dollar East endeavors to offer superior services to its customers which are consistently better than its competitors. In recognition of the quality of service it offers to its customers, Dollar East has been bestowed upon the coveted Brand of the Year Award 2006-07, in exchange business category. This award has been conferred on the basis of a customer survey conducted in Pakistan. In this survey the customers in Pakistan expressed complete satisfaction over the superior quality services offered by Dollar East. Dollar East has therefore, been selected as the most acclaimed exchange company of the county in the year 2006-07.


From the very outset, swift, secure and superior services have been the hallmarks of Dollar East, backed by guiding principles of honesty, transparency and trust.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the company abides by all national and international laws with respect to the exchange of money to prevent fraudulent activities and laundering of money.

Dollar East has taken concrete steps to prevent money laundering and create a secure environment. The company has formulated and implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy which acts as the foundation of Anti Money Laundering Activities. All these checks and balances have also been introduced to make Dollar East a reliable place, where the customers can carry out their transactions with complete peace of mind.


The customers enjoy various benefits from the services offered by Dollar East. These include:

> Safe Avenue for Money Transfer

> Competitive Exchange Rates

> An Established Service

> A Proactive and Efficient Service

> Total Security of Funds and Customer Information

> Wide Network of Branches

> Modern & Comfortable Branch Environment

> Competent, Courteous and Professional Staff

Money has, and will always keep changing hands. But our promise of swift, safe and reliable service will ensure that the company you entrust it with will always remain the same.