Aug 11 - 17, 2008

Fauji Cement Company Limited (FCCL) has taken another lead by installing first-ever Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Processing Plant.

The Fauji Cement Company Limited has installed the plant under its commitment to produce cement under stringent environment friendly conditions. Installed at a cost of Rs. 300 million, the Plant will utilize Municipal Solid Waste collected from the dumping sites established by Rawalpindi Cantonment Board and Capital Development Authority in Islamabad.

The plant will convert garbage into fuel for subsequent usage in the cement plant as it consists of screening equipment to remove clay, small dust particles, debris and metal etc. The main plant would process and produce fuel which would then be fed to the kiln through the dozing equipment.

As a result of a detailed and comprehensive study by a German Firm, FCCL entered into a contract for importing machinery from a reputable firm in Europe for processing of Municipal Solid Waste.

The Plant has a capacity of 12 tons per hour and will replace about 170 tons of coal per day as fuel. After completing the process in less than seven months, the RDF Plant is under commissioning and will enter into full production during the current month.

The Company also plans to enhance this capacity to 36 tons per hour in future as minimum 300-400 tons of garbage will be lifted from each garbage dump located at Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

This Project acts as a beacon to the entire industrial sector of the Country towards an environment friendly production.

RDF will not only provide economical fuel to the Company but will also contribute heavily towards solving the problem of Municipal Garbage Disposal which at present is assuming alarmingly hazardous proportions in all metropolitan cities of the Country.

In addition, the other important advantages include reduced use of fossil fuel, lowering of green house gases in the atmosphere and availability of compost fertilizer as a by product.

This Project has been made possible because of unwavering support and hard work rendered by the Company management, Fauji Foundation, Chairman CDA Kamran Lashari, Station Headquarters Rawalpindi, Cantonment Board Rawalpindi and District Management Rawalpindi.