Research Analyst

Aug 04 - 10, 2008

ZRG international enjoys a leading position in call center solutions market with systems installed at large and high volume call centers in this region. The company has implemented advanced customer interaction and contact management solutions for organizations with outstanding results along with excellent reputation amongst their clients and high quality support services. ZRG's strongest point is their robust and proven product, technical expertise and excellent support to the clients. The company has a strong customers' base.


Recently, ZRG international, participated in the Middle East international banking, financial technology exhibition organized by Dubai World trade. The event consisted of an exhibition and conference attended by the corporate executives and technologies professionals from financial industry. ZRG team displayed their innovative solution suite for financial customer services, sales and recovery such as IP contact centre, CRM, outbound campaign management, call recording and evaluation tools, supervision and QA solutions. ZRG continues to take part in international exhibition to develop striking image of Pakistan IT industry


ZRG's first class service and support teams offer a wide-range of services to the authorized solution providers and customers through telephone and e-mail help. They also possess a huge knowledge base of technical solutions for a variety of business problems. ZRG's technical support team is always available to serve customers and partners. ZRG's Support Web is a password protected resource for the registered customers and authorized solution providers only.


ZRG offers an innovative and integrated contact center platform, all managed in a single administrative interface such as inbound ACD call routing, Voice Response, call recording, supervision and monitoring, multi-media communication channel handling including email, fax, SMS and Web etc. multi-site intelligent routing, VoIP, Smart queuing and more.


ZRG offers a protocol-independent communication approach that can either use IP or TDM based E1 and analog connectivity to converge voice and data. Frustration levels can mount when a business discovers voice over IP alone, as it doesn't always help them improve customer service, Converging voice and data with VoIP. However, it can make contact center projects complicated and expensive. The One View Communication Center Platform supports TDM-based E1 and analog connections and still let the organization migrate to IP at any time.


Ufone the fastest growing GSM cellular service acquired advanced and proven Self-service IVR technology from ZRG to provide a simplified and automated method to its Ucircle subscribers. Ufone started experiencing benefits such as time saving, more accuracy in data entry and reduced load on live agents so they can be available to handle subscribers with more complex inquiries. TCS approached ZRG for installing a 24/7 state of the art contact center. The open standards based solution by ZRG provides TCS agents to serve their customers with various communication channels such as Voice, Fax, Email and Web chat to facilitate customer queries. ZRG provided NIB with highly sophisticated call handling and management tools that allow the bank to manage the support services with complete documentation, service quality assurance and comprehensive MIS reporting. KASB Security's online trading service chose ZRG to install the intelligent and dynamic self-service IVR system for its online trading services. With this setup, KASB direct users to hear real-time stock exchange rates along with other transactional information by entering a specific T-PIN. UBL decided to acquire the most modern, flexible and integrated technology available in the market. The latest technology by ZRG enabled UBL to manage multi-site centers with capabilities such as load balancing, overflow traffic, IP communication and Active Disaster Recovery. House Building Finance Corporation Limited (HBFCL) selected ZRG when, it decided to launch its customer care contact center. The contact center solution by ZRG enabled the customer services agents to register and track complaints and capturing leads for proper sales management. Singer Pakistan, with the help of ZRG, has set up a proper contact center to provide complete product details including features, models, prices etc. Singer found ZRG's technology future dependable, that can be customized and scaled as per its requirements. Warid Telecom preferred ZRG International to other players in the industry for its latest IVR system. With the latest IVR technology by ZRG, the company will be able to reduce its huge ever-growing 9.7 million subscribers base call traffic on the contact center. Soneri Bank has been supporting its banking products and services with the help of a self-service Phone banking IVR technology by ZRG since year 1995 and expanded its call center operations. Smart Link based in Saudi Arabia selected ZRG to deliver flexible open standards based CTI technology. The quality of ZRG's contact center solutions has been repeatedly recognized by many international brands.


No doubt, ZRG has a vision of transforming the technological advancements into flexible and optimized solutions. ZRG provides exceptional services, instant customer services, tuning and future planning and is very much considered as a partner rather than a vendor.