July 07 - 13, 2008


The Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Sindh Pakistan is a general University in Public Sector. It was established as per University Act in the year 1987 for providing higher educational opportunities to the people of interior Sindh, in particular and Pakistan in general on merit. It is located amidst fertile lands of 750 acre, with Lush green tall trees, lawns, and playgrounds surrounding it. It is located at distance of 5 Kilometers from Khairpur city a historical town of Sindh province of Pakistan.

Recently in Year 2007, Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh has been appointed as Vice Chancellor that is first time in the history of Sindh that lady has been assigned academic & administrative responsibility to deliver his scholarly services in building quality education environment in the remote area university. Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh has vision to improve the current academic standard and administrative system in the university as per rule of law.

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STUDENTS ENROLLMENT: In the academic Year 2007-08 the University has over 7,000 students in various undergraduate & graduate Programs of the various Departments in the campus where as it has about 70,000 students enrollment undergraduate & graduate Programs in the Affiliated Degree Colleges/ Institutes. At campus there are about 75% Boys students and 25 % Girl students.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: University offers the following academic programs (Morning & Evening) in the Faculty of (i) Commerce & Business Administration, (ii) Social Science & Arts, (iii) Natural Sciences, (iv) Education and (v) Law:

(i) Undergraduate 4 Year Programs: BBA/ BCom/ BA/ BSIT/ BCS/ BA/ BSc/ BEd/ LLB

(ii) Graduate: MBA/ MCom/ MS/ MSIT/ MCS/ MA/ MSc/ MEd

(iii) Postgraduate: MS/ MPhil/ PhD

The academic work of the University is carried out in 27 Departments, which are grouped in the FOUR Schools of study: Science, Mathematical & Computer Sciences, Social Sciences & Arts, and Commerce & Business Administration. The academic departments are Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Archaeology, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Zoology, Bio-Chemistry, Geography, Business Administration, Commerce, Economics, International Relations, Sindhi, Pakistan Studies, Urdu, English, Mass Communication, Political Science, Sociology, Pakistan Studies, Public Administration and the Institute of Education.

Vision: "Vision is to promote merit, strive for quality education & excellence in the University".


The Department of Business Administration was established in Year 1992/93. The prime objective of the BBA & MBA Degree Programs is to create career building opportunities for the people of interior Sindh in particular and people of Pakistan in general in order to get higher education in the job-oriented and career course Degree program.

There are 300 students in BBA & MBA Programs in Morning and 275 students in BBA & MBA Program Evening, Total 455 students in the Department of Business Administration. It is observed that we have about 70% market acceptance of our MBA graduates who are serving in more than 175 reputable industrial organizations. The curriculum of BBA & MBA Programs is revised every three years as per HEC & market requirements and is at par with the MBA programs offered in the country and Universities of the world. The aim is to bring at par our University with other universities/ institutions of Pakistan and foreign universities curriculum.

Our mission is to improve the managerial capabilities, so that the students not only know more about business and management courses, but also can work with others to make and utilize their own resources in the best manner by starting their own businesses. It can be achieved by extending and developing knowledge in business courses, judgment and strategic skill that will enable Graduates how to utilize resources in the best manner to serve the interests of the organization and social, economic and industrialization of the country. In this dynamic age of science & technology, and competitive business environment, MBA Degree offers its holders an edge in competitive job satisfaction, rapid promotion, increased responsibilities, greater personal development and better standard of living. That is why the MBA has great significance all over the world.

The purpose of the university is to produce quality products as professionals, skilled & talented and dedicated managers/ executives with good character who may be able to take national responsibilities in the industrial and technological development of a country.

Mostly similar number of students is in the Department of Commerce (BCom/ MCom) and Computer Science Department (BSIT/ BCS/ MSIT/ MCS) and the curriculum is also revised.


* Academic Building: The University has many beautiful academic Buildings surrounded by large green trees and Date-palm fruit trees. The Morning Program classes are conducted at 9.00 am to 2.00 pm and the Evening Program classes from 4.00 p.m. up to 8.00 p.m. The Classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids such as audio & video equipments, overhead projector and Multimedia Projector, that provides convenience for the teachers in the teaching process for quality education. The teaching staff rooms are well furnished and air-conditioned. Main building include Auditorium of 400 capacities of participants, well furnished, centrally air-conditioned for seminars, conferences, annual functions/ cultural functions, sports prize distribution functions etc.

* Transport Facility: University has 21 own Buses and also has arranged 07 private Buses for transport facility to students, and majority of them commute daily from their homes and return back to villages in three Districts.

* The Libraries: (i) Central Library: There is a Central Library in the University, which contains more than 65,000 books in the field of Science, Social Science/ Arts, and Business Administration, and 30 International Research Journals, and around 67 National periodicals are subscribed regularly. There are 5,000 textbooks in the Book Bank, which are lent to the students for one academic year on subsidized rates. In addition, there are separate Seminar Libraries in each Department, contains about 5,000 books.

(ii) Sachal Library: In the city Khairpur, the Sachal Library contains about 190,000 books and periodicals on the related subjects of Science, Arts, and Commerce including Management Sciences that is golden opportunity for university students for study.

* Computer Labs: There is a Computer Science Department, which contains 400 Computers, with six servers. The Computer Lab is also connected to Internet, Multimedia Projector and Overhead Projectors for teaching facilities to various departments. There are also small computer labs of 10 to 30 Computers (with Internet) are in some Departments.

* Hostel Accommodation: University has 08 Hostels at campus and 03 Hostels in city Khairpur for students' (including three hostels for Girls).

ACADEMIC FACULTY: At present there is total 175 Academic Staff that is foreign & locally well trained & qualified in the all Departments including 45 PhDs. It is estimated that up to 2020, university requirement is 323 Faculty that must include 194 PhDs. Also visiting faculty provide education that includes: parent University senior Professors, other University Professors, business executives/ professionals and practitioners of various organizations.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: A variety of modern teaching methods are used for the development of students' skill and efficiency in the form of: Lectures, participation of the students, report writing research work techniques, Case studies, Group discussions, lectures through Video, Modern Teaching Aids, attending lecture programs at local industries by arranging field study trips to the industries throughout Pakistan.

Also to develop confidence in the professional graduates, the Practical work training of Business Internship - 8 weeks at industrial/ financial organizations is compulsory in curriculum for award of Degree.

ADMISSIONS: Eligibility Criteria: Admissions process in all the Faculties will start in August to November 2008. The candidates having 45% to 50% Marks can apply for admission in various Departments. Entry Test is conducted in each Discipline and admissions are made purely on merit.

SEMESTER RULES & REGULATIONS: The Semester System is implemented in each Department of university to ensure the quality of education.

KHAIRPUR TOWN & SURROUNDING: The landscape of the University includes three canals at a walking distance, which serve as excellent picnic spots for the students and the faculty. Khairpur District once was the Mir's State in the British period and Division in Sindh Province of Pakistan. This Division was well established in 37 small and large industrial units, and Textile products, oil and food grain products were exported to Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe up to 1970s. Currently as district it is developed in educational institutions, small Date-Palm industries, ginning factories and Sugar Mills. It has a population of 700,000 people. It is situated on National Highway and main Railway line, and is easily accessible from Karachi and Hyderabad. Sukkur Airport is 29 kilometers away at a road journey of 20 minutes.

Historically, the Archeological site "Diji-jo-Kot" (5000 years old) is about 21 kilometers away from the University; and there are Royal families King's Palaces and shrines/ Imambargahs that shows high level architecture & construction work in the Khairpur town. At 35 kilometers from here, there is "Dargah of Sachal Sarmast" a multi-linguistic National poet, and follower of the Sofism & Wahdat-ul-wajood. The "Sukkur Barrage", having 66 gates and the largest lift irrigation system in the world, is just 25 kilometers away from the University. Another Archeological site "Mohen-jo-Daro" (5000 years old) is at a road distance of 3 hours.

By: Prof. Shah Muhammad Luhrani, Dean, Faculty of Comm & Bus Admn: Tel: 0243-9280077

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