June 30 - July 06, 2008

It is of course a sheer display of team spirit by the Emirates Airline and the organizers of Dubai Summer Surprises Festival which has made Dubai a dream land attracting the fun seekers and holiday makers from all over the world to enjoy the summer extravaganza of Dubai.

It is however, the real test of professional expertise to produce results in a situation like Pakistan where the economy is passing through difficult times.

In fact, the rise and fall of the economy has a natural impact on the stake holders doing business in a particular situation in any country. However, a successful business manager knows the art of getting through the difficult times as well as to maintain growth momentum in the times when the economy is booming, also calls for business skill to stay on top in the face of tough competition.

Farooq Lodi associated with Emirates Airline as Sales Manager South Pakistan, who is a dynamic professional with over 16 years of rich experience in hard core sales department of Emirates Airline, has successfully proved his business acumen and caliber by rising to the occasions both while the economy was booming as well as in the current situation while the economy was in a depressive mood in Pakistan.

One should really amaze to know that traffic from Pakistan for enjoying the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival (DSSF) was second to none in the region. Attracting business for an airline especially under the present economic stresses was really an art and Farooq Lodi looked well versed in that art of doing business.

Farooq Lodi while highlighting the salient features of DSSF in an interview remarked that besides the eye catching and heart throbbing attractions, Dubai gives a sense of security and freedom as soon as one lands on Dubai lands.

Apart from mesmerizing attractions of Dubai Summer Surprises which are pulling crowds from all over the world including Pakistan, one thing which Farooq did not mention may be the agony of the torturous summer heat and frequent power breakdowns and load shedding of long duration in Pakistan forcing people to take a sigh of relief in well maintained civic infrastructure of Dubai.

However, credit goes to the entire team of Emirates including Farooq Lodhi in generating an impressive business from Pakistan for which the credit goes to his great expertise in Business Development, Client Relationship Management and Dealer Management.

Farooq during his tenure with Emirates Airline he has been leading, training & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in sales operations and meeting of targets. Farooq is a proactive planner with ability in identifying & adapting to the emerging trends to achieve organizational objectives and profitability norms. He has excellent communication and people management skills that have been honed through managing multi skilled teams.

He has been part of the Emirates Airline witnessing the growth from one flight a day to four flights a day from Karachi. Before joining Emirates he has been with various other airlines in different positions.

The on-going DSSF extravaganza which will last till August 22, 2008 in which the Emirates have acquired a great deal of business experience by organizing such a world class festival for the 10th consecutive time.

Farooq while discussing attractive features of DSS 2008 said it takes care of the tourists in all respects as the value-for-money packages offer a choice of 24 hotels to choose from, that suits all pockets, and are for a minimum stay of three nights with the option to extend. Customers can choose between two- three-four- and five-star properties.

Since Pakistan has been one of the top markets for Emirates special DSS 2007 packages sold across the global network it has carved a special place in the eyes of the Emirates. A large number of Pakistani travelers are visiting the sunshine Emirate to enjoy unique travel experiences with a wide range of leisure activities, stunning beaches, and a delicious array of cuisine and shopping.

The Emirates guests will experience the famous Arabian hospitality from the moment they arrive at the Dubai International Airport personalized meet-and-assist services, welcome packs and transfers to their hotels in chauffeur-driven cars. Besides offering these attractive packages, Emirates has also pledged to support the fest through a worldwide publicity blitz. The promotional campaigns have been rolled out across Emirates network which now spans 99 destinations in 62 countries.

The 65 days fun filled DSS festival promises to be an attraction that can't be missed. DSS 2008 brings with it an invigorating change in the entertainment and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the best of shopping in Dubai. Around 452 hotels offering a massive 51,000 rooms, there definitely is no shortage of luxury in the city. During DSS, the retail and hospitality sectors in Dubai come up with irresistible offers, making summer an ideal time to visit the favorite destination in the Middle East.