June 23 - 29, 2008

HP announced breakthroughs in toner, ink, and media technologies that allow customers unprecedented color printing capabilities to produce documents and marketing materials in-house that are impressive, eye-catching and equivalent to offset printing quality(1).The new printing supplies portfolio includes Hp's newly formulated HP ColorSphere Toner that will deliver 117% higher gloss(2), and 39% wider color gamut(3), previously unseen in HP Color LaserJet printing. This allows users to greatly improve print quality for documents, produce outstanding images and for the first time - realistic photos.

Also launched are new printing supplies solutions to meet different customer needs:

New HP Dual Drop Volume Technology for HP Deskjets enables finely detailed graphics and images, up to 4800x1200 dpi, without the need for the lighter, photo dye-load inks used in 6-ink printing.

New Enhanced "Low Melt" Monochrome Toner Formulation allows fast high volume, high quality printing, while enabling consumers to achieve a 10% to 15% improvement in their print system energy consumption per page.

The incorporation of HP ColorLok technology on HP Everyday Papers that will allow customers to print up to 60% bolder blacks for extra sharpness, 30% brighter colors for richer and truer images, and up to nine times faster drying inks for less smearing across a range of printing devices.

Additionally HP announced a further expansion of its supplies portfolio in line with its commitment to offer customers greater choice and value for both Inkjet and LaserJet Print Cartridge offerings. They include:

The expanded range of five new HP XL Inkjet Print Cartridges targeted at high volume users, offering up to 47%(4) in cost savings to customers.

Introduction of four new products under the Simple Black range of cartridges which offer cost-conscious customers hassle-free, draft-quality for everyday printing.

Expansion of HP Dual Pack LaserJet Cartridge offerings to include four new products that offer up to 37% more cost savings over standard cartridges.

"Today's announcement represents HPís commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry through its unwavering commitment to technological innovation. We continue to raise the bar on customer printing experiences by investing in research that delivers products which delight our customers and meet their need for developing more impressive documents and in house collateral," said Leong Han Kong, Vice-President for Supplies, HP Imaging and Printing Group Asia Pacific & Japan

"Value is also a key customer concern and that is why we have rolled out an unprecedented range of high volume Inkjet and LaserJet cartridges that deliver greater cost savings to our customers."


Original HP supplies are designed to work in concert with HP printers and paper to deliver superior print quality, reliability and hassle-free printing. Advancements in technology around HPís superior printing system continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of customers.

Newly Formulated HP ColorSphere Toner(5) - HPís newly formulated ColorSphere Toner delivers great photo quality prints on a variety of media with 39% wider range of colors and 117% more gloss than previous HP color toners. Designed exclusively for the new range of HP Color LaserJet business printers, the new HP ColorSphere Toner enables customers to produce high quality documents in-house. With a broader range of colors, higher gloss, and improved photo resolution, the new ColorSphere toner delivers a noticeable difference color intensity and photo quality as well as in text and image sharpness.

HP Dual-Drop Volume Technology - Ensures finely detailed images and graphics, and an improved half-toning process which enable smooth gradations and outstanding color accuracy for new HP Deskjets. Customers can enjoy laser-quality black text on plain paper and archival-quality output. Additionally, with new inks optimized for porous photo media, customers get instant-dry prints with improved water and smudge resistance when using the recommended photo media - HP Advanced Photo Paper.

New Enhanced Monochrome Toner(6) - The new monochrome toner from HP is the latest advancement in toner technology that enables consistently outstanding print quality and reliability at print speeds required in robust business printing environments (up to 62 pages per minute). The more efficient toner formulation increases the precision of toner placement and packs more technology into a smaller cartridge, allowing a smaller overall printer footprint. It also requires 15% less power to reach fusing temperature, resulting in a 10% to 15% improvement in printing system energy consumption per page.

HP ColorLok Media - Further demonstrating HPís commitment to innovation, HP has incorporated HP Everyday Papers with HP ColorLok technology that create bolder, sharper images, faster dry times and improved reliability across a range of printing devices. Documents printed on HP Everyday Papers with ColorLok, using HP inks, feature blacks that are up to 60% percent bolder for extra sharpness. Similarly with color prints, HP ColorLok technology prevents inks from penetrating too deeply into the sheet, resulting in improved optical density which allows colors to appear uniform and up to 30% brighter colors for richer and truer images and up to nine times faster drying inks for less smearing across a range of printing devices


HP is expanding its range of inks and toners as part of its commitment to provide customers with lower-priced alternatives which deliver consistent, reliable, trouble-free performance that HP print cartridges are known for.

New HP XL inkjet print cartridges - HP XL Inkjet Print Cartridges are able to print up to more than three times the number of pages compared to their standard print cartridge counterparts - delivering cost savings of up to 47%. Today, HP is launching the HP 22XL and HP60XL/818XL Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge and the HP 21XL, HP60XL/818XL & HP 901XL Black Inkjet Print Cartridges, which give customers who own a wide range of HP inkjet printers and All-in-One devices that even more choice and value.

New HP LaserJet Dual Packs - HP is also announcing the availability of four new Dual Pack options - the HP LaserJet C4127D, C8061D, Q1338D, and Q2612AD LaserJet Black Print Cartridge Dual Packs. HP LaserJet Dual packs allow customers to save up to 37 percent more with three times the print volume over standard cartridges(7).

New HP OfficeJet Branded Inks - As part of the system rebrand for its ink-based HP OfficeJet printing device line-up, HP is introducing the all-new HP OfficeJet branded ink cartridges that are specially designed to boost SMB productivity through high-volume, low-cost per page business printing. These HP OfficeJet ink cartridges are designed to deliver up to 50% lower color cost per page(8) than competing laser printing devices. In addition, the new system rebrand makes supplies selection at the purchase stage even easier than before.

HP Simple Black Cartridge Expansion - HP is also announcing the expanded availability of its highly successful Simple Black ink cartridge range to include four more products to its existing lineup. The HP Simple Black Cartridge is a lower-priced alternative which delivers consistent, reliable, trouble-free performance that HP print cartridges are know for. It is specially designed for customers who want draft-quality for everyday printing e.g. draft contracts for proof reading, in return for significant cost savings.


HP also unveiled today the results of a North America, HP commissioned yield and reliability study on monochrome toner cartridges. Conducted by QualityLogic, a leading printing research company, the study found that 7% of the remanufactured toner cartridges tested were dead on arrival or failed prematurely. In addition, more than a third of pages from remanufactured cartridges were of limited or no use, based on a print quality scale developed from customer research.(9)

These results complement the Asia Pacific, HP commissioned ink cartridge yield and reliability study conducted in late 2007. Conducted by T‹V S‹D PSB, a leading technical test and research company, the findings quantitatively proved that on average, Original HP Inkjet Print Cartridges produced 2.4 times as many pages (146.7% more) than refilled cartridges compared to Asia Pacific brands of refilled ink cartridges tested. The findings revealed that more than a third of the Asia Pacific refilled cartridges tested were found dead on arrival (DOA) or failed prematurely, compared to Original HP Cartridges that had no such reliability issues. (10)