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Allied Engineering & Services Ltd
(Allied Engineering is sole dealer of CAT Inc. U.S.A. products in Pakistan)

June 09 - 15, 2008

For more than 80 years, Caterpillar Inc. U.S.A. has been building the world's infrastructure & in partnership with its world wide dealer network is driving positive & sustainable change on every continent. With 2007 sales & revenues of US $ 45 billion, Caterpillar is a technology leader & the world's leading manufacturer of construction & moving equipment diesel & natural gas engines & industrial gas turbines. Moreover Caterpillar is the world's leading provider of distributed power solution for commercial use & industrial customers, having sold more than 20 Gigawatts of electric generating capacity, making Caterpillar one of the largest supplier of power generation equipment in the world.

Allied Engineering & Services Ltd. is sole dealer for Caterpillar products in Pakistan since 1976. The organization is well known to the industry because of his strong countrywide presence & backup support services.

Cat gas generator set products are the industry benchmark for reliability and performances. Caterpillar has also vast experience in generator sets running on an alternative fuels like Biogas, landfill / low energy fuel and coal mine methane gas (CMM). Due to shortage of gas / oil in country and increase in power demand one can look for power generation on an alternative fuels. The Govt. of Pakistan is also encouraging investors, private companies / business groups to offer such workable solutions.


Caterpillar has over 20 years experience in landfill energy business. Increasingly, state and local regulation requires especially in Europe, U.S.A, U.K. landfills to collect and destroy methane, a greenhouse gas that may also contain hazardous air pollutants.


Coal is one of the major fossil fuels used for electric power generation. Coal fired power plants account for 50% of electric Power Supply and is major energy source in many countries U.S.A., China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and India. Also Pakistan is considered to have world's 3rd largest coal reserves. Methane from coal accounts for a big part of world wide green house gases (GHG).

Easily filtered, CMM is a clean fuel gas for engine generator sets.


For CMM application Caterpillar has introduced G3520C packaged generator set of capacity 1950ekW with continuous 50 Hz rating, 1500 RPM for coal mine methane application sourced from Lafayette, U.S.A. The G3520C is a compact, fuel efficient power System built on the platform of an industry workhorse, proven in thousands of electric power applications worldwide.

The G3520C genset is designed to provide maximum annual operating hours with minimum maintenance cost per hour. The genset fuel system is designed / sized for a fuel calorific value (CV) range of 275 Btu/ft3 to 905 Btu/ft3 & fuel down to 30% CH4 concentration. The engine design allows the generator set to run on low pressure gas from 1.5 ~5 Psi gas pressure depending on the calorific value (cv) of the fuel. With air quality regulations getting more strict, the G3520C low energy fuel sets are ahead of the game with NOX emission output equal to or better than any comparably sized generator set in its class.

A 120MW capacity Power Plant based on 60 x G3520C sets is in successful operation in China.

Allied Engineering & Services Ltd / CAT offers:

The industry's broadest product line.

Low emissions designs that meet most air quality regulations.

Flexibility to operate on a wide range of fuel like gas, diesel, landfill / Biogas coal mine methane gas (CMM) & heavy fuel oil.

Turnkey Solution

Maintenance and Service contracts to fit your requirements.

Operation and maintenance of power plant.