June 02 - 08, 2008

KalSoft has been studying the banking and financial sector for many years, providing them with radical and cutting edge technologies. Through the solutions that Kalsoft has been able to deploy, they have set a trend in enabling institutions to overcome the demanding customer expectations. Investment in Information Technology boosts the profitability of a bank. Most banks have a list of available technologies though their relevance is dependant on an individual bank's business strategy. Without a strategy in place, large sums are spent on implementing a specific IT project without generating the resulting benefit in the profitability or efficiency of operations or customer satisfaction.

KalSoft enables banks to generate a well-defined business plan, keeping their growth and expansion plans for the next 5 years in mind. There are a number of techniques which can facilitate the top management in evolving a suitable business plan for banks. Moreover senior management needs monitoring capacity to understand, adopt and adapt processes for improving business performance. This includes increased automation to facilitate development of new products and services likely to have a positive impact on their resources and have a constructive effect on the key decision makers. Banks are progressively using new technologies and partners to develop more comprehensive IT strategies that become a major source of long-lasting competitive advantage.

Banks are under increasing pressure to be efficient and cost-effective. In a broader sense, they need a centralized process management system designed to implement organizational goals and strategies across organization, regardless of the magnitude.

KalSoft deployed Ultimus Business Process Management Suite at United Bank Limited (UBL) for UBL Drive Direct to streamline processes and manage growing customer base efficiently. UBL experienced enormous operational and qualitative effectiveness, enhanced visibility, increased agility, greater flexibility and an overall reduction of human errors. Moreover, they were able to eliminate close to 40% of their manual activities. In addition to UBL's initiative, KalSoft did successful implementations in various other financial institutions on the international level which include National Bank of Oman (NBO), Oman United Exchange (OUE), Noor Islamic Bank (NIB), Bank Dhofar and National Bank of Kuwait. Live Securities (Pvt.) Ltd, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), KASB Bank & Soneri Bank and Khanani & Kalia International are some of KalSoft's local projects where various technological advancements were made in order to enhance viability of business transaction and improve customer satisfaction.

In the financial world, keeping pace with new and existing regulations and ensuring secure data while maintaining operational efficiency and high levels of customer service is a desirable goal. Enterprise Project Management offers improved productivity and quality standards. It gives banks a greater insight into the exact work performed by each of its business units, allowing managers to obtain a holistic view of key initiatives throughout the company at any time. This enables them to make informed business decisions, prioritize work as conditions and situations change and ensure that their staff is in line with overall strategic objectives.

KalSoft has developed a core banking solution called Vortex, which allows banks to keep pace with the rapid growth and initiatives being undertaken. Built on a Microsoft platform, Vortex is an integrated suite of banking applications that include the richness of functionality, flexibility of architecture, customizability, scalability of the solution, usability and security. It is a complete banking solution that caters to the needs of banks both large and small banks and enhances efficiency and accessibility in service delivery to its clients. Regulations and policies can be routed through single interfaces and are available for bank-wide operations. Vortex is fully compliant with Basel II and State Bank of Pakistan regulations and has already been deployed at more than 50 branches of Bank of Punjab, which was awarded the "Best Managed Bank 2007 by the State Bank of Pakistan.

To meet the rapidly changing business requirements calling for flexible business processes, KalSoft developed a solution called DeXpert. This is an entire workflow solution which aids business process re-engineering and automation with minimal effort and cost, saving time and money. It is an integrated software tool for supporting the modeling, analysis and enhancement of business processes.

Rapid economic development in the country and enormous advancement in the Banking Sector demand increased the amalgamation of IT with banking to bring about competent management, secure networks, adaptive technology and scalable applications for service delivery. KalSoft's vision to incorporate technology throughout in order to attain maximum efficiency is the essence of its existence.

KalSoft offers a broader vision in the form of Utopia which encompasses IT from the very foundations of infrastructure to integrating a truly paperless environment, thus saving time and costs. The business impact of such a concept goes beyond the everyday business dynamics, setting a novel trend for the financial industry.

Release courtesy: Communique Collective


Ko-Ordination Group- KRG is a social welfare project of Kalia Group, is rendering its social services to its countrymen all across the Pakistan, under the vision of "Not only to support the needy but to empower them so that they themselves become able to support others". In connection to this KRG is organizing a cultural festival "Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani" from Tuesday, 3rd of June till Thursday, 5th of June, 2008 at Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi and from Friday, 6th of June, 2008 till Sunday, 8th of June, 2008 at Expo Centre, Karachi. This exhibition will provide a golden opportunity to underprivileged yet talented women from all the four provinces of Pakistan, including Azad Jammu & Kashmir, a platform, where they would be able to showcase their talent through selling their hand-made products directly to people, hence eliminating the role of middleman and in this way to fulfill the economics needs of their family in a more proficient manner.