May 12 - 18, 2008

Through Windows Vista Starter edition, Microsoft has made its flagship product easily available to emerging markets in Southeast Asia including Pakistan.

Microsoft has brought computing technology to a billion new customers in emerging markets and it will ultimately impact their education, communication, productivity and entertainment.

The Vista Starter edition has similar interface as the other Windows Vista versions, and it offers improved security, supports mainstream Intel & AMD processors. It requires only a minimum of 384MB of RAM and standard SVGA graphic card.


Windows Vista Starter edition provides individuals and their families with the basic computing benefits they want with security and reliability at an affordable price. Windows Vista Starter includes tools and tutorials to make it easier for those less familiar with computers to learn to use a PC, and runs on affordable entry-level hardware.

In today's onslaught of all kinds of information, parents have a tough time to curtail what information their children should be accessing as internet has opened the doors to all kinds of unwarranted information for children. Thus, a key feature in Vista that parents can use is the Windows Vista Parental Controls to manage what websites children view, what time of day and how much time the children spend online, which video games they can play and which programs they can use. Even more, the parents can get reports about their children's online activity.

In Pakistan, there is a dire need to educate and create awareness on technology especially something as basic as using computers and accessing information through internet. Windows Vista Starter includes basic Windows Vista features that allow users to take advantage of computing experiences popular with first-time computer users, such as internet connectivity, software and hardware compatibility and an easy to use Windows User Interface.

Simple exercise of uploading photos from digital cameras could be a huge hassle if you cannot find the right tools. The charm of using technology is even in the simple things like uploading your photos and sharing with your family and friends. When users plug in a digital camera to a Windows Vista Starter based PC, easy to use tools help them transfer and store their photos with family and friends, post photos to a website and make their own prints with one of the many printers that Windows Vista Starter supports. Windows Vista Starter allows users to access even those pictures located in a shared folder on a separate computer that is not running Windows Vista Starter.

Windows Vista Starter includes Windows Media Player 11, which allow users to listen to music, watch videos, and burn CDs and DVDs. Windows Vista Starter edition also includes Windows Movie Maker, which lets users create their own movies.

In countries like Pakistan, the benefits of genuine software are not properly realized and thus consumers do not leverage the maximum from the hardware in which they have invested in. Using genuine software ensures peace of mind and greater reliability, best technology experience and faster access to updates. Using genuine Microsoft software is the best way to receive the latest product enhancements and support from Microsoft. New innovations and offerings are reserved exclusively for genuine Microsoft software users, helping the user to keep pace with the latest technology and constantly expand and improve the capabilities of the PC.


Through the Vista Starter Edition, Microsoft wants to address ownership hurdles like affordability, ease of use and reliability. It is priced approximately Rs. 2,500, making it perfect for first time home usage. Along with the easier interface that all Vista versions have, the Vista Starter edition has a localized version available in about 72 languages including Urdu.

Ease of use is another concern, especially for first-time PC users, along with reliability, where users concern that their PC might break down and it might cost them a lot to get it fixed. It includes a help system with how-to guides and instructional videos for users less familiar with computers. A comprehensive set of tutorials and wizards help users learn basic tasks like how to set up and use a computer, how to send e-mails and a host of other features.

The Vista Starter edition provides reliability by adding features like Windows Defender which helps the PC against spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Firewall provides protection against hackers, viruses and worms that reach the PC over the internet. Automatic Updates and Windows Security Centre keeps the PC up to date with latest security patches. Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) delivers periodic scans to remove prevalent viruses.

With Windows Vista Starter edition, customers have the opportunity to benefit from the use of genuine software at an affordable price, providing them all the benefits of genuine software like Automatic Updates, Firewalls and utilize Family Safety Settings.


More than 90 percent of the world population does not have an access to the internet. The most fundamental level of the digital divide is the lack of computer education.

Windows Vista Starter Edition is designed specifically to offer the Vista experience to countries with low PC penetration as it provides the basics of computing in an easy to use form. The product is aimed at laying the foundation for a new generation of users to be computer-literate, who otherwise would not have the opportunity. As these children grow up with computer skills, they will one day have a tremendous impact on their societies, building the academic, economic and social capital of their respective countries.

Governments around the world are trying to increase the digital literacy and productivity of its citizens, Windows Vista Starter edition is helping these governments achieve these objectives at an affordable price.

Microsoft has developed the Vista Starter Edition for beginner PC users living in developing countries that have a limited budget for a first PC. It is for those users who have little PC experience, have children and want to extend PC ownership to their children so that they can learn new professional skills.