Mar 10 - 16, 2008

INTRODUCTION OF GROUP: - Pakarab Fertilizers Pvt Ltd (PFL) is the largest and oldest compound chemical fertilizers manufacturing complex in Pakistan. This complex is owned by a consortium of Fatima Group and Arif Habib Securities. The group has another fertilizers project in pipe line under the name of Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd, with production capacity of 1.5 M tons of Urea, NP, CAN and NPK fertilizers.

PFL is producing around 300, 000 tons of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, 350,000 tons of Nitrophos and 100,000 of Urea per annum. This capacity will increase two fold after full production of Fatima Fertilizers. This will change the group current 4th position to 2nd position in fertilizer industry of Pakistan in terms of production share. Over all sales revenue of PFL is around Rs.8-10 Billion per annum. This will also increase by same proportion with FFCL start up.

Group has selected special product line in chemical fertilizers, such as nitrate based and chemically granulated nitrogen products. Products and other details are given below.

* NITROPHOS: - 22% Nitrogen & 20% Phosphorus: It is unique combination of phosphoric and nitrogen, having balance proportion of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). It provides synergetic effect in terms of efficiency. It is only compound N & P contains nitrate type of nitrogen. It is unique in shape and no body can adulterate it with any other material. It is equally good for application at the time of sowing or after sowing. It is the best source of early stage nutrient supplement in case of vegetables and transplanted crops. Its chemically reaction is acidic having pH 3.5. This gives an other edge over other basal fertilizers. Pakistan's most of soils are alkaline in reaction and its acidic reaction makes it more favorable plant to recover nutrient from soils. It is equally good for manual or mechanical application. It has good storage capacity.

* CALCIUM AMMONIUM NITRATE (CAN):- 26% Nitrogen It is only nitrogenous fertilizer having synergetic combination of nitrate and ammonical type of nitrogen. This makes it superior over urea. Its nitrate portion starts working right after irrigation and ammonical source works later on. Its N is not lost thru volitization or leaching as other fertilizers, e.g. N loss in urea up to 50%. It works in conditions when soil has very low moisture when no other nitrogenous fertilizer can be applied. It can be use when there is good dew on soil surface in winter. It is neutral in pH hence farmers can use it with liberty at any stage of crop. It is safe and has no phototoxic effect on plant. It is free flowing and can be applied mechanically or manually. It is technically proven to be the best source of nitrogen supplement to the crop in case of saline and water logged (salt effected soils and water logged soils). It works 20 % longer period than other source, means it is more in term of lasting effects. It is free from adulteration. It contains 2% SOP, an ideal source of potassium and sulfur supplement. This is also the best fertilizer for fertigation (application after dissolving it in irrigation water).