TARIQ AHMED SAEEDI (tariqsaeedi@hotmail.com)
Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2008

Every approaching juncture is making human being dependent on what he boasts of his invention or innovation. Now, machine does not merely assuage our urge to have luxury but becomes a sin quo non to satisfy primary module of needs, associated with daily activities. Likewise, it has made information processing more easily and time-saving, executing commands on the spur of the moment. In Pakistan, technological assistance in adding value to information was called of late. However, it emerged out gradually to accentuate on global metaphoric for societal and economic betterment; emanating 3G concepts such as interfacing, internet, and human-like robots. Ever since, human being expedited its efforts to get assistance of automated equipments especially for imbibing till-then cryptic concepts of universe specifically of blue planet, it unconsciously gave a way to offspring to over-dominate.


Thereon, whoever longs for fetching ROTI viz: Return on Time Invested must identify ways for getting effective and efficient outcomes in return of whatever has been invested. Time is money, as such, in this fast pace changing world and an ambitious person likely to weigh it against rapidly growing information. How much does individual owe in searching out information manually let's say without browsing billions of free content pages onto Internet. This might sound completely commercial dimension of technology, however, virtual learning really embarked on to translate this commercialism. Media is the foremost crucial element of communication process; inability and ineptitude in selecting right medium is tantamount to killing a message. Over and above that timeliness, accuracy, and rapidity altogether guarantee success of aim behind designing a message. On the receiving side of communication process, recipients as well could not be influenced by untimely delivery.

Over and above that, what is useful today is not necessarily in use tomorrow if not executed on time, thus any automated medium certainly keeps enliven the content. It means that technology helps synchronize info-needs and info-flows. Even though, the topic does not allow this discourse to slue out and broach upon the causes of failure of developing world, but to clarify time phenomenon and importance of technology thereof. It is again timely to take a glance at ripe in the absence of such panacea (would say) Years ago technology intensive nations had realized human as a capital intellectual and through all possible means what they did was to allocate this capital rightly and built an integrated infrastructure to ensure implementation of this realization by all walks of life. They, indeed, identified effective media to disseminate scientifically proved data to all contributing in economic building. Unfortunately in our case unavailability of prudent source of information closed socio-economic excursion near to debacle. There was neither any fast medium of instruction effected into mass communication nor information sharing will of haranguer. And, this directly translated into unawareness and ignorance of people as a whole that is a mother of all sin. The agenda setter, controlling flow of information in our case, was apathetic to society and working under a pre-guided agenda, fabricated in a host country.


After the advent of state of the art telecommunication system such as e-publications, satellite channels, and so forth knowledge is no more a property of any sole entity. An aspirant having sat attentively in front of computer in Pakistan now may savvy of genocides of Darfur (Sudan) or that women in US were disenfranchised till 1930s. Nothing except something is arcane right now, thanks to technology. That something, I suppose, is the grey matter keeping inquisitive minds inflamed. Rather, grey areas are beginning to come under limelight

Technology, in fact, enables us: to getting knowledge of world around us; to knowing the diversity and adapt to the change that favors us. This is the very inception of technology, which slowly is transforming close into open society. Recall for a second the social developments being emerged over a period of ten years and you would surprise at how life style has been changed slyly. From eating habit to thinking pattern every thing has been hit by the metabolism. Now, we relish pleasingly Italian dishes and discuss openly issues once dubbed as taboos. It would not be surprising to know one day that people will be cherishing alien cultures in their homes.

Education does not confine to get certificates or testimonials that are showing off ranking profiles. To me it likens to "educate" meaning learning of; surroundings, cultures, diversity, ethos, mishaps, razzmatazz, destitute, injustice, love and hatred, discoveries and its repercussions, and name it.

Not go far way, but just imagine how many news dailies are being published in Pakistan: around 497 with a populace of more than 160 million and their numbers of circulation collectively near a bemusing figure in [hundred] thousands, perhaps! However, the reach of contents is amazingly doubled, tripled, quadrupled once transformed into electronic data.

In a back drop that an aspirant needs to look at the big picture having insatiable appetite what does this modicum of circulation rate contribute is in anybody's guess. Suppressing this appetite through untoward means may play havoc to national destiny.

Being dependent on information provided by an agenda setter, in this era, is meant to have impressionable [dunce] people who get influenced by an opinion and never able to form their own analysis. That may result in mushrooming copy cats lot, missing of analytical mental frame-work more so it is concluded, in intolerant society. Ironically, unutilized boon of technology may be engendering robotic people controlled by their masters. More so, people's lethargy in gaining knowledge and in forming their own analyses about an issue is feared to jam their thinking process.