Dec 29 - Jan 04, 2009

The country’s exports during July-November of current fiscal year (2008-09) showed increase of 41.67 percent as against the corresponding period of the last financial year.
Exports during the first five months of the current financial year (5MFY09) totaled Rs.630,471 million as against Rs.445,037 million recorded during the same period of last financial year.
The figures released by Federal Bureau of Statistics show that exports from Pakistan during November 2008 amounted to Rs.122,085 million as against Rs.122,206 million in October 2008 and Rs.93,891 million during November 2007, showing a decline of 0.10 percent over October 2008 but an increase of 30.03 percent over November, 2007.
Main commodities of exports during November 2008 were Cotton cloth (Rs.12,084 million), Knitwear (Rs.11,856 million), Bed wear (Rs.11,723 million), Rice and others (Rs.10,517 million), Readymade garments (Rs.9,387 million), Cotton yarn (Rs.6,801 million), Rice basmati (Rs.6,109 million), Cement (Rs.4,865 million), Towels (Rs.4,423 million) and Art, silk and synthetic textile (Rs.3,834 million).
Imports during July-November, 2008 totaled Rs.1,297,896 million as against Rs.885,769 million during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 46.53 percent. Imports into Pakistan during November 2008 amounted to Rs.217,707 million as against Rs.278,904 million in October 2008 and Rs.192,839 million during November 2007 showing a decline of 21.94 percent over October 2008 but an increase of 12.90 percent over
November 2007.
According to figures of FBS, main commodities of imports during November 2008 were Petroleum products (Rs.25,275 million), Petroleum crude (Rs.24,357 million), Power generating machinery (Rs.13,946 million), Wheat unmilled (Rs.11,067 million), Iron and steel (Rs.9,809 million), Palm oil (Rs.7,487 million), Aircrafts, ships and boats (Rs.6,845 million), Plastic materials (Rs.6,313 million), Raw cotton ( Rs.5,624 million) and Electrical machinery and apparatus (Rs.5,529 million).


The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) former President Iftikhar Ali Malik has welcomed making Gwadar port functional by berthing of the first vessel in Gwadar port but asked the government to allow traders to use it for import and export.
Malik lauded the efforts of Balochistan Chief Minister for taking initiatives for making the port functional and requested to allow the traders for import and export in order to make initiative fruitful.
He said that making Gwadar port functional in real sense would not only revolutionize the economy of Balochistan, but it would also revolutionize the economy of the whole country. He said that functioning of the port would generate employment opportunities to jobless youths of Balochistan and increase the economic activities in the province. He hoped that the government would take steps for bolstering the Gwadar port in consultation with traders’ community of the country.