Dec 22 - 28, 2008

The US Ambassador Anne Patterson has said that despite temporary security issues faced by Pakistan the US investor P&G has reposed confidence in the economic potential of Pakistan with an investment of $100 million which is good news for US-Pakistan relations.

Speaking at the ground breaking of P&G's second manufacturing facility with an investment of $100 million at Port Qasim, the US diplomat expressed the hope that the foreign investors would be provided all government support to make these projects a success.

She also said that hopefully these companies would not be disappointed as overseas investors in Pakistan contribute 33 percent of the total revenue which is certainly a significant contribution. She said that the United States was the single largest investor in Pakistan which is reflected in the investment worth $900 million during 2007.

Shaukat Tarin, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs and Statistics who was the chief guest on the occasion said that the present government chalked out a 9-point economic agenda to create congenial and encouraging business environment in Pakistan. He said that so far the foreign direct investment has come in certain areas like energy, telecom and banking sectors etc but under the new agenda opportunities would be provided in diversified areas as well.

While appreciating $100 million investment by the private sector from a US based company P&G, he was of the view that this project will not only generate employment opportunities for the local but also bring technology and skill. In fact such private sector units would also help in broadening the export base of the country. P&G plans to export its products after meeting the local requirements as well as pave the way for others to invest in this part of the world.

In fact it shows the confidence of the foreign investors in the depth and strength of the national economy especially at the time when the economy is passing through difficult times it is a godsend and indicates future potentials of the national economy. He said that friends of Pakistan like China and from the gulf region have also assured to come up with investment in the open market economy of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan has a consumer market of 160 million young populations with over $1000 per capita income which he was confident will increase in the days to come. He mentioned that prior to the spell of the current global financial crisis Pakistan had achieved on an average 6.5 percent GDP growth. The present government under its 9 point economic agenda focusing on rationalization of utilities and taxation especially for the manufacturing sector has a view to create right kind of business environment.

Also present at the occasion were senior government officials and Laurent Philippe, Group President for P&G's Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Speaking at the occasion, Laurent Philippe said: "This is our second plant in Pakistan and it is P&G's largest investment in the country. This investment symbolizes P&G's confidence that Pakistan will continue to provide a stable and conducive business environment over the long-term, strengthening our commitment to invest more in the country and serve the consumers of Pakistan. With the plant occupying only one-third of the total 25 acres of land acquired, we have built in provision for future expansion projects and other plants to serve the domestic market with the full portfolio of P&G products."

Elaborating on the vision behind this investment, Qaisar Shareef, Country Manager P&G Pakistan said: "The launch of our second manufacturing facility in Pakistan is testimony to P&G's successful history in the country. This investment project will improve local industrialization prospects by creating tremendous potential opportunity of business over the next few years. Once established, the plant will create employment opportunities for more than 7000 Pakistanis directly and indirectly. Additionally, it will contribute $1.1 billion to the national exchequer over 10 years."

This mega project consists of the construction of a complete industrial production unit for the manufacture and packing of laundry detergent and diapers. The plant will be based on latest European technology, ensuring compliance not only to Pakistani requirements but also with the strictest American, British & German standards by not only minimizing the impact on the environment but also using less energy.

Besides, bringing in the latest P&G technology the plant will underpin extensive local skill development with P&G experts from all over the world coming into Pakistan to train Pakistanis.


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