Dec 22 - 28, 2008

Now you can control your fuel costs with PSO's Advance Fleet Management Solution called "Vehicle Identification System (VIS)".

What is VIS?

Vehicle Identification System (VIS) is an innovative system introduced for the first time in this region by PSO at designated[NM1]outlets, which enables refueling in a vehicle without cash, credit card or voucher. It is an advance Fleet Management Solution for an organization which guarantees fueling in the authorized vehicles only.

A Vehicle Identification Unit (VIU) is installed in the vehicle and is used as the authorization and payment device. It is connected to the odometer of the vehicle to detect fuel consumption per kilometer. As the VIU is connected to the antenna installed to the fuel inlet of the vehicle, vehicle installation of the unit is completed.

VIU is the most advanced and secure vehicle identification unit.

How does it work?

* Upon insertion of the fuel nozzle into the vehicle's fuel inlet, the antenna (installed around fuel inlet) and the nozzle's coil are close enough to allow the VIU to communicate with the station controller, through the sensors installed at the dispenser.

* Once a communication is established the system verifies that the vehicle in which the nozzle has been inserted is authorized to fuel and has sufficient balance to make a transaction.

* In addition, the system will ascertain that the correct fuel type has been selected.

* Upon approval, the controller will allow fuel to be dispensed

* If the transaction amount or quantity requested by the driver is more than the balance available on the VIU, the fuel dispensed would be equivalent to the balance limit available.

* At the end of the process, the station controller will register the fuel amount, time, date, vehicle number, VIS kit number, odometer, and dispenser number.

* 2 transaction receipts are generated automatically, one for the customer and the other for the merchant record.

* If nozzle is removed from vehicle fuel inlet, the fuel flow will stop within seconds.

* Fuel charging is done automatically to the company registered in VIU


1. Fueling of authorized fleet vehicles only: No fuel would be dispensed in any other vehicle or jerry cans.

2. Substantial Savings: Savings recorded due to prevention of fuel fraud.

3. Automatic Refueling: Fueling will start automatically whenever the nozzle inserted to the inlet of the vehicle with Vehicle Identification System

4. Automatic Odometer Reading: In order to track fuel consumption kilometer is read automatically from the odometer sensor installed on vehicle.

5. Right Type of Fuel in Right tank: The system will make sure that the correct fuel type has been selected, fueling is made accordingly. Fuelling is done automatically only if the vehicle is identified.

6. Fuel dispensing equivalent to balance limit: Even if the vehicle driver requests fuel transaction which is more than the limit available on the kit. The fuel that would be dispensed would be equal to the available limit and would not decline the transaction.

7. No password or card needed: For refueling no additional process, card or password is requested.

8. Full Control on Fuel Consumption: At the end of the process, the station controller will automatically record all the transactions therefore fuel consumption per vehicle will be recorded.