Dec 31, 2007 - Jan 06, 2008


Mr. Mohammad Irfan Shaikh is well-known for his business acumen and marketing strategies especially related to the commercial vehicle sector of Pakistan.

He is currently, Director Sales & Marketing of the Largest Manufacturer of Trucks and Buses in Pakistan... Hinopak Motors Limited, which enjoys more than 65% market Share in Pakistan's commercial vehicle sector.

He rendered his services to AL-Futtaim Group UAE for a decade and when Hinopak was being established which was the joint venture between Al-Futtaim, PACO, Hino and Toyota (TTC), he transferred to Hinopak as Manager, Budget & Costing and then was promoted as the Deputy General Manager in 1996. He moved to procurement department of Hinopak as General Manager MOD and then to marketing department as General Manager Marketing in 1999 when the company was having huge losses. In the span of only 1 year, he was promoted as Director Sales & Marketing keeping in view his dedication and commitment towards his job. He became the first Pakistani who has been given this honor of representing Hino Motors Japan on the Board of Hinopak Motors Limited.

In Business Sector Mr. Irfan Shaikh is considered as a "ROLE MODEL" who with his aggressive marketing strategies changed the face of Hinopak Motors in very short span of time and made Hinopak the No. 1 company in Automobile Sector of Pakistan.


In 1998 - 99 Hinopak's business suffered serious set backs and dropped to only 506 units sold. The sales revenue dropped at an all time low of Rs. 811 million.

The Japanese Management took charge of the company in October 1998, when the company was incurring a loss of Rs. 20 million a month which resulted in a loss of Rs. 500 million in just two years. The Japanese management appointed Mr. M. Irfan Shaikh as General Manager Sales & Marketing during the time when company was making huge losses.

Mr. Irfan Shaikh as General Manager Sales and Marketing started to implement aggressive sales and marketing strategies to promote Hino products. His hard work supported by his team resulted in a break even situation in the same year 2000. Hinopak even generated a modest profit of Rs. 5 million.

In June 2001 the Japanese Management promoted Mr. Irfan Shaikh as Director Sales & Marketing in appreciation of his extra-ordinary efforts for Hinopak Motors Limited. And as such has become the first Pakistani Director to represent Hino Motors Japan on the board of Hinopak Motors Limited. In the same year he was also honored as the District Governor of Lions Clubs International.

From the year 2001 the company did not look back and started to enjoy profitable and fruitful years ahead. Due to the aggressive marketing strategies, in year 2001 Hinopak even started to produce profit and generated Rs. 50 million profits before tax and currently it is expected that Hinopak will close its accounts as on 31st December, 2007 with a profit before tax of Rs. 900 million plus.

The share value of Hinopak at Karachi Stock Exchange during the period 1999 was Rs. 45 and today it is highest on the Automobile sector and stood at Rs. 616/- per share.

The untiring efforts of Mr. M. Irfan Shaikh deserves an appreciation and full round of applause for his commitment, sincerity and dedication for both Hinopak Motors Limited and the Lions international Club. He is certainly a ROLE MODEL for the people who are striving hard to achieve their goals.