Feb 19 - 25, 2007

Atlas Asset Management Limited (AAML), sponsored by the Atlas Group of Companies was incorporated in 2002 as an asset management company and investment adviser and has entered into a technical collaboration with ING Institutional & Government Advisory Services B.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands.

ING Investment Management is a global asset manager having broad experience and expertise in providing advisory services in developing and emerging markets in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Pension and Asset Management, with Euro 500 billion assets under management with a direct presence in 30 countries including 12 countries in Asia. ING not only has a representation on AAML's Board of Directors but it also plays an integral role in helping AAML, inter alia, with product development, enhancement of investment processes and staff training.

AAML strives to be a market leader in providing quality fund management services with customer satisfaction as its primary goal. In order to achieve this vision, AAML is committed to offering its investors the best possible returns on a diverse range of products to meeting not only the customer's current requirements but also exceeding their future expectations.

The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has assigned an asset manager rating of "AM3+" to the Company. In PACRA's words the rating reflects "the company's strong capacity to master the risks inherent in asset management and the asset manager meets high investment management industry standards and benchmarks."

AAML currently manages four funds, three of which are open-end, Atlas Income Fund (AIF), Atlas Stock Market Fund (ASMF) and Atlas Islamic Fund (AISF) and the third is a closed end fund, Atlas Fund of Funds (ATFF). In a span of just over three years, AAML has already accumulated assets under management of above Rs. 5 billion. Moreover, Atlas Income Fund, Atlas Stock Market Fund and Atlas Fund of Funds have been assigned a "5-Star" fund rating by PACRA. The ratings reflect "a superior performance" in their respective categories.

AIF, the first open-end mutual fund of the company, was offered for public subscription on a continuous basis from March 22, 2004. AIF currently has assets under management of Rs. 2.70 billion as at January 31, 2007. The principal activities of the Fund are to make investment primarily in reverse repurchase transactions of listed equity securities, fixed rate corporate debt instruments, Government securities and other money market instruments. This fund is designed for investors looking for a diversified exposure in a low risk asset class. AIF is one of the best performing funds in its category and posted a return of 11.53% for FY06, earning it a "5-Star" fund rating.

ASMF, the second open-end fund of the company, was offered for public subscription on a continuous basis from November 23, 2004. In a short span of two and a half years, ASMF has accumulated assets under management of Rs. 1.54 billion as at January 31, 2007. ASMF aims at achieving a good rate of current income consistent with the prospects of appreciation in the value of amount invested. The fund is designed for risk conscious investors seeking equity exposure and a strong focus on investment growth. ASMF has outperformed most of its peers in its asset class and the return for the FY06 stood at 32.52%. ASMF too has been assigned a "5-Star" fund rating.

ATFF, the third fund of the company and the first of its kind in Pakistan, is a closed-end fund. It was launched in December 2004 with a paid up capital of Rs. 500 million. ATFF is listed and traded at the Karachi Stock Exchange. ATFF has a unique investment strategy in that it passes on the benefits of price discounts to its investors. The capital of the fund is invested in shares of other closed-end mutual funds listed on the stock exchanges in Pakistan. The objective of the Fund is to take advantage of the discount at which closed-end funds are traded on the stock exchange and post a higher return to the shareholders. The purpose of introducing ATFF is to provide investors a one-window facility to invest in diversified portfolio of equity securities of closed-end schemes offering consistent returns and growth. ATFF announced a cash dividend of 15% for FY06.

Atlas Islamic Fund (AISF), a Shariah-compliant fund, is the latest product of AAML and was launched for public subscription from January 15, 2007. The AISF's IPO (Initial Public Offering) was a success with the Fund receiving a good response from the individual investors, contributing significantly to our growing retail investor base. The Fund was launched with an initial capital of Rs. 378.475 million and currently has assets under management of Rs. 455.57 million as at January 31, 2007. The main objective of AISF is to provide an outlet to investors who want Riba-free returns, enabling them to invest in a professionally managed, diversified investment portfolio of Shariah Compliant securities and instruments, both within and outside Pakistan with a vision of optimizing returns balanced with risk.

The Board of Directors of AAML is composed of members from the Atlas Group, a member from Institutional & Government Advisory Services B.V. and independent directors in accordance with Code of Corporate Governance.

Mr. Yusuf H. Shirazi Chairman: Mr. Shirazi is the founder and Chairman of Atlas Group of Companies and is the founder member of Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, LUMS and GIK Institute of Technology.

M. Habib-ur-Rahman-Vice Chairman & Chief Executive: Mr. Rahman is a FCA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. He was a founding member and Vice Chairman of the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan. He has been SECP's nominee on the board of Karachi Stock Exchange in 2000, 2001 and 2003.

Mr. Peter A. Smyth-Director: Mr. Smyth is the Regional General Manager of ING Asia/Pacific Limited based in Hong Kong. He has extensive senior level experience in the areas of Investments, Insurance, Financial Planning, Banking, Corporate Governance, M &A, and Strategic Development.

Mr. Jawaid Iqbal Ahmed-Director: Mr. Ahmed is MBA from Institute of Business Administration Karachi and has an over 35 years of experience in the field of industrial and financial markets of Pakistan.

Mr. Tariq Amin-Director: Mr. Amin is the chairman of Rhodia Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, a leading multinational company dealing in chemicals. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd and has a vast experience in the financial and industrial sectors of Pakistan.

Mr. M.P. Bhandara-Director: Mr. Bhandara has been working as a Chief Executive of Murree Brewery Group since 1961. He is also serving as an elected member of National Assembly of Pakistan since October 2002.

Mr. Ali H. Shirazi- Executive Director: Mr. Ali Shirazi has graduated in Political Science from Yale University, and completed Masters in Law from Bristol University, UK. He has previously worked with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in New York as well as American Honda in Torrance, California.

A Management Committee, comprising of the CEO and the Heads of the Departments oversees the workings of the Company and Funds under Management. The current members of the committee include the Chief Executive, Executive Director, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Development.

The senior management team of AAML comprises of experienced individuals who have been related to the asset management industry for a considerable period of time.