Dec 03 - 09, 2007

Askari Cement Ltd. Is successor of Associated Cement Company, the first cement plant in the area now constituting Pakistan. The fist plant was set up by famous Bombay based Indian Company (Associated Cement Company) in 1921 with rated capacity of 120 tons per day. First major expansion was made in 1936 when a Kiln of the capacity of 250 tons per day was added followed by enhancement by 300 tans per day in 1950. In 1970 anther Kiln of 600 tons daily was erected.

In 1972, the company was nationalized and put under control of State Cement Corporation of Pakistan in 1974. In 1991, name of the plant was changed to Wah Cement Company. In 1994, the whole old structure and machinery was scrapped prior to start of the latest state of the art. FLS Dry Process Plant which was privatized by the Govt. of Pakistan and acquired by Arm Welfare Trust (AT) in 1996.

After acquisition, AWT Changed name of the brand to Askari Cement. The Plant installed in 1994 is the latest 3000 tons per day single production line designed by FL Smith of Denmark and M/s Holder Bank Consultants of Switzerland-two renowned names of the Cement world. The capacity of the plant has been enhanced by another 500 tons per day, by which the capacity comes to 3500 tons per day w.e.f. Jan 2006.

Askari Cement has the credit of being the first in the cement industry to get 150 9001, and now the first to get the ISO. 14001 Environment Friendly Standards Certification in Pakistan.


The Plant has been installed by Army Welfare Trust. Construction of the plant was started in 1993. Its first line of the capacity of 2000. tans par day was completed and it started production in 1996. Erudition / installation of second line also of the capacity 2000 tons per day was started in 1997, and commercial production started with effect from 1st July 2003.

The plant was designed by M/s Tailfin Cement Design & Research Institute, China, and was supplied by M/s China Building material Industrial Corporation (CMC) and local machinery was manufactured by Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) Taxila Pakistan.

The capacity of the plant has been enhanced by another 1000 tans per day, y which the capacity comes to 5000 tons per day w.e.f. February 2006.


To achieve following outstanding quality features, computerized quality control systems for raw-material proportioning and for finished product (Cement) hove been provided at both plants.


Gains highest strength of 7000 PSI and more against 5950 PSI required by British Standards. Our fineness around 2900.3000 cm sq/gm against 2250 cm sq/gm under British Standards also contributes to the strength.

Setting Time
Short curing time is required due to optimum chemical composition.
Ensured through ISO 9001 2000 Certification.

Minimum Mg0/low alkali contents in raw material prevent cracks and expansion in mass construction.


Accuracy in weight is ensured upto 50 kg/bag + 1 % through computerized packing and weighing systems.


Customer satisfaction through prompt professional response Is our hallmark.


We can provide cement from any of the two plants to suit customer preference and / or in case of fault in one plant.


Because of reasonable production capacity at two plants in the North Punjab and NWFP, it has consistent availability throughout Punjab and major parts of NWFP, AJK, Northern Areas. Has the distinction of being only brand available on credit cards.


in view of higher strength, its lesser quantity produces the desired results and thus It has significant economy for its consumers who can work it out by using it with following optimal rations.