Nov 19 - 25, 2007


"Our Will is to explore, innovate & differentiate. Our Passion is to provide leadership to the insurance industry"

Core Values
Fun at the Work Place
Corporate Social Responsibility


Adamjee Insurance started its operations in 1960 as a general insurance company with a share capital of Rs. 2.5 million which has grown phenomenally to the current paid up capital of Rs. 1.022 billion! -the highest paid up capital to date amongst all the general insurance companies in Pakistan. AICL enjoys a competitive edge in the insurance industry due to its strong asset base, paid up capital, huge reserves, balanced portfolio mix, steady growth in gross premium, and continuous increase in share price at the stock market.

Adamjee Insurance operates locally through an extensive network of 56 branches and has the largest Equity base in the insurance sector of Pakistan. Adamjee Insurance is the biggest insurance brand, has a balanced portfolio mix in Marine, Motor, Property, Health and Miscellaneous category and employs 1,300 people. In December 2006, Adamjee Insurance registered a historic profit of Rs. 1.7 billion setting a new benchmark for the insurance Industry in Pakistan.

What Makes Adamjee Insurance different from the rest?

Strong Customer Focus

"Take care of your self while we take care of the rest" is the Adamjee motto when it comes to its customer care

Strong Quality Initiative

"We exhibit a Quality Culture rather than Quality Assurance"

Strong Infrastructure

Adamjee Insurance systems are geared to provide one window solutions for claims, policies, history and product information.

Leadership from Strength

For Adamjee Insurance it is not only leadership in Premiums, but excellence in every aspect of our Value Chain and that is how they redefine leadership.


AICL is broadly involved in underwriting the following classes of businesses:

* Fire and Property
* Marine, Aviation and Hull
* Motor
* Miscellaneous business

A large variety of coverage is offered to the clients in order to fulfill their insurance needs. AICL believes in customer satisfaction by providing quality in service and products, not to mention maximum benefits to its client. This is why the company has a diversified portfolio of clients belonging to all categories.

AICL insures petrochemical and complex industrial risks of very high value as well as most of the banks. The company has a major market share in many engineering businesses in Pakistan. It provides insurance protection to most of the private sector's telecommunication industries. Adamjee Insurance also insures most of the textile mills, sugar mills and cement factories of the country and has pioneered in the coverage of energy risks in Pakistan.

Foreign concerns entering Pakistan to execute construction, erection or infrastructural development projects are insured by AICL. The company is the principal insurer in Pakistan for Kidnap & Ransom, Professional Indemnity, Product Liability and other specialized lines.


AICL has always maintained sustainable relationships with clients for several decades. A step towards Retail Insurance is another way forward to our promise of innovation and differentiation. Our core emphasis is to facilitate, coordinate and deliver you the best in innovative and quality services wherever you are.


Pakistan has an agrarian economy and its agricultural sector contributes about 22% to its GDP with its livestock component being more than 50%. Adamjee Insurance Company is proud to introduce Livestock Insurance - a service dedicated to meet the growing needs of our farmers and to provide them with much needed support. Livestock insurance is yet another value-added proposition to our product line, directed to satisfy the needs of our diverse clientele.

The livestock insurance campaign was launched in March, 2007 and was extremely well received by the rural community of Pakistan, which has since then given positive reviews in support of the service.


The FAASLAY ASAAN Policy is a comprehensive travel insurance plan which is in accordance with international insurance standards and guarantees complete peace of mind while traveling.

AICL has a partnership with International SOS and provides world-class customer care and support round the clock. Adamjee's International healthcare and security professionals are easily accessible and can assist you in over 70 different languages in most countries around the world. Extending beyond the boundaries of medical assistance, the company's customer care services excel in providing concierge, travel, cash emergency and a wide range of hotline services to their customers.


Since 1965 Adamjee Insurance has pioneered in insurance products and services, and has added yet another cutting edge service in the form of their website, -A state-of-the-art, innovative website with interactive features that have changed the face of insurance for good! The Adamjee insurance website is the first of it kind in Pakistan and has already received _____ hits per day! (*) The website offers many services; following are some of their new services:

Buy Online: this service has revolutionized insurance as we know it, insurance can now be bought online through a number of different mediums.

Vehicle Tracking: this service allows you to track the location and status your vehicle online anytime.

Claim Centre: the claim centre allows users to lodge or check claim status instantly.

Premium Calculator: is an easy way to calculate insurance premiums.


Adamjee Insurance is shortly about to launch a break through insurance product in the form of an insurance card that will cover all your insurance needs in one neat little magnetic strip. . Adamjee's comprehensive product is about to revolutionize insurance in Pakistan as we know it.

Another new service that Adamjee Insurance is about to launch is in the form of a call centre which is unlike any other.


* Management Association of Pakistan awarded Adamjee Insurance the "Corporate Excellence Award" for 2 consecutive years.

* Adamjee Insurance secured the Best Export Performance Trophy 18 times from The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

* Adamjee Insurance has the distinction of being declared the 2nd Best Company of Asia by Euro Money.

* Karachi Stock Exchange declared Adamjee Insurance a 17 times winner of "Top Companies" Award among other listed companies.

* Adamjee Insurance was rated "A Excellent" by A.M Best for 2 years.

* They won the "Best General Insurance Award" in the Consumer Choice Awards of 2007


"We believe size does matter when it comes to insurance because it reflects relative strength of the company with regard to sustaining itself in a down cycle. Adamjee is the largest non life general insurance company in Pakistan. It has the highest market share estimated at around 40% in Gross Premium.


Faaslay Assan is a product of Adamjee future retail mix. Adamjee has already communicated its plan to launch 12 13 retail products in years to come. In our opinion, this timely entry in an untapped retail market would provide first mover advantage to the company and it's expected to act as a catalyst to maintain the ongoing momentum of the company.