Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.

Nov 19 - 25, 2007

She is the first lady Professor to be appointed as Vice Chancellor by the Honorable Governor/ Chancellor Sindh that depicts equal opportunities to every one, irrespective of gender discrimination.

The appointment of Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh has been widely appreciated by the people from the civil society and considered to be vital step towards the development of the university that was established with the aim to cater to the needs of the millions of young people of Upper Sindh, in particular, and Pakistan in General. Prof. Dr. Nilofer Shaikh (before her new assignment) was serving chairperson Department of Archaeology in same University. Initially she did her Masters from Sindh University, Jamshoro and then another Master from University of Cambridge U.K. Being fired with the enthusiasm for research; she did PhD on "Trade of Mohenjo Darians", under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed Hassan Dani, world-known archaeologist and Scholar. So, she happens to be the first lady Professor to have PhD in the field of Archaeology. She is researcher & Guide of M.Phil & PhD students and it can be judged from the fact that she carries with her vast experience of research.

In addition, she has attended many seminars and presented papers, and delivered lectures in national & international conferences. In this regard, she has visited U.K, Italy, Greece and USA, and delivered lectures in universities such as Harvard, Wisconsin and university of New York USA. Keeping in view her such rich and vast experience, it is hoped that she will utilize her expertise not only in changing the academic atmosphere of the university so that teachers and students can pursue their respective academic pursuits but will run this university as one of the top-notch institutions of the country.

In the first meeting of the academic heads she expressed that her vision is to promote merit, strive for quality education & excellence in the University. The purpose is to ensure regularity and punctuality in academic & research work in all the departments.

Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Sindh happens to be the lone institution of higher education in upper Sindh established in 1987. It is developing university committed to provide quality education and offer equal opportunity to every one irrespective of caste, color, sex & religious discrimination. Recently university has accelerated its efforts under the visionary leadership of newly appointed first lady Professor Vice Chancellor Dr. Nilofer Shaikh for preparing the youth to meet the future challenges of their life and contribute her bit towards the process of national building and serve as the pillars of 'Brain Force Economy' of Pakistan.

The honorable Chancellor/ Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ebad Khan since assuming of his responsibilities has unshakably committed himself to bring comprehensive reforms in the system of higher education in all the educational institutions of the province. He has taken the task to turn them into real centers of learning, disseminating knowledge and producing future leadership for the country in all walks of life, so that Pakistan can be turned into one of the fast developing economy in the region.

New Vice Chancellor's Strategies & Initiatives for Achieving Academic Excellence:

* Building a reputed Faculty with: Strengthening HRD programs, Implementing of HEC Quality Criteria, Encouraging Model Tenure Track System, Engaging Faculty in research activities;

* Improving the Quality of Teaching Research & Learning Environment by: Introducing new market oriented disciplines, Producing sophisticated equipment for teaching & research, Strengthening Hi Tech Research Lab, Establishing Center for Bio-Diversity and conservation, Promoting research activities at newly established Herbarium and Botanical Garden, Promoting state-of-art research at Date Palm Research Institute, opening of Archaeology Museum, Encouraging University-Industry linkage under Public Private partnership, Producing Market-oriented manpower & research;

University New Projects under PSDP Year 2007-2010:

i) Construction of Hostel for 100 Teachers/ Researchers Project Cost Rs: 33.855 Million,

ii) Establishment of Student Service Center Project Cost Rs: 35.00 Million,

iii) Strengthening of Infrastructure (Academic & Administration) Project Cost Rs: 467 Million for Year 2007-2010.

The developments under new schemes contain new academic and administration blocks, number of academic blocks for educational facilities, business development & incubation units, provision of 26 PhD Scholarships under Faculty Development program, sports complex & health facilities and cultural hub. These facilities will provide innovative, relevant and high quality services for better education to transform the social and economic well being of the local community.