HRD specialist for Hotel Management G.M. Business Development PSL (Hashoo Group)

Oct 08 - 21, 2007

Mailk Nasir Nawaz, a highly qualified and a thorough professional leads a very different life after his office hours. He is a visiting lecturer to many reputed universities and organizations in Pakistan and abroad and in return has earned friends and accolades. A polite, a pleasant patriarch, Mr. Nasir is a strong practitioner of Islam. On Fridays, he would be the first to enter the Masjid next to his office, broom the carpets laid for the namazis, switches on the lights and fans, and puts the mikes and other stuff in order. In order to get hold of Mr. Nasir for this particular interview, hardly free and easy, be it at his office or at home, I had to see him at his residence which is again located near a Masjid. During the course of interview, the muezzin called for prayers, we went together, offered our prayers but took us long to return home as there was a long queue of huggers waiting for Mr. Nasir at the exit, clearly reflecting his sociability. Otherwise also, I have observed that he is a good listener and that is why his friends, relatives, neighbours and office members regardless of their ranks, seek for his advice not necessarily pertaining to office affairs.

Mr. Nasir loves to impart good training solutions to the organizations for business needs and long term goals. he likes to engage himself developing a complete training program based on company's problems in the area of "Employees behavior, Clients issues and problems, team work building. he takes his job as a passion and puts his best efforts to impart his knowledge from groups to individuals.

1. Let us know about your background such as your qualification and your role in the group?


I did my Masters in Business Administration (Major in International Finance), from Pacific State University Los Angeles with over fifteen years of management experience in marketing/sales/business and human resource development/administration and retail banking. My professional qualification and managerial experience in different fields at different levels of responsibility has helped me to reach the level of expertise where I am able to perform with any type of job in above mentioned fields. I am fast learner and strongly believe on team work. Willing to travel and relocate internationally.


* Marriott International Program of Effective Training Skills. 2007

* Marriott International Program of Dynamic Teams. 2007.

* Marriott International Program of Foundation of Leadership. 2006.

* Indus Motor Company training program for Sales and Marketing Orientation, Karachi, 1997.

* Bank of America training programs for Fundamentals of Consumers Credit, Section Manager Branch Operations and New Manager Development, Communication Strategies. 1990.

* Professional course in Marketing (Major in Principles of Marketing, Consumer behaviour, Marketing plans and development) University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles Ca. USA, 1988-89.

In May 2006 management decided to give an additional responsibility of HR Training and Development for the group. Therefore presently I am working as GM of HR Training & Development beside GM Business Development.

I am responsible for;

* Making HR training and development programs for all PC and Marriott hotels.

* Auditing Training segment of Management Operation Review (MOR) of hotels.

* Designing and preparing training programs based on TNA of each hotel.

* Conducting training seminars for department's heads as well as new employees.

* Reviewing mystery shopping results of hotels.

* Searching for right candidates based on job requirements.

* Planning and preparing ON THE JOB TRAINING (OJT) programs for all departments.

* Train the Trainers (TTT), "Leader Vs Manager" for Hotel division of group.

General Manager (Business Development)

Pakistan Services Limited (Hashoo Group).

Responsible for,

* Making yearly business development and marketing plan for new products.

* Training helpline and customer service staff to improve customer service.

* Promoting special business interests of the group by implementing market and client's satisfaction survey strategies and by initiating and maintaining positive interaction, both locally and internationally.

* Conceiving and implementing new business projects.

* Managing all aspects of new product launches including Marketing, Finance and personnel hiring.

* Establishing strong liaison with all concerned for smooth and efficient business operations.

* Projects completed:

a) Franchise operation of TEJARI. (B2B company) UAE.

b) Franchise operation of BATEEL. (Dates Stores) KSA.UAE.

c) Dealership of AUDI Germany.

d) Franchise operation of Mrs. Fields cookies USA.

e) Dealership of LUX SAT France.

f) Distributorship of MDI- Motor De Air France.

g) Distributorship of JEENHUAT FOOD STUFFS INDUSTRIES. Malaysia.

h) Distributorship for food stuff of C.P. INTERTRADE CO. Thailand.

2. Tell us something about your hobbies, how do you while away your leisure time?


I like to spend my leisure time with my family and I read books related to my subject, Islam and especially Sufism as I want to dig the real essence of Sufism in Islam.

3. Could you please describe your personality for the readers, good and weaknesses?


Describing one's own personality is not easy, however, as far as weaknesses are concerned, like a common man, I have uncountable flaws, the biggest one is that I trust people without thinking too much of the consequences, which in many cases have resulted in agony.

4. Briefly, what is HR, HR management and Training and why did you choose this role?


HRM is managing people according to a certain way that balances between needs and wants of organization and people itself, providing them proper environment for adapting in organization and training from HR point of view is the procedure to cover the gap between employees' abilities and their specific job description and develop their skills for further tasks.

Disciplines such as performance management, remuneration strategies, training and development, recruitment and retention, competencies, career planning, job descriptions, and strategic planning and business goals need to be incorporated in order to achieve a more successful, more sustainable approach to career development.

All of these elements-when combined together in an integrated way-assist in ensuring there is alignment between individuals in your workplace, their own development processes, and your business strategy.

A successful, sustainable career development system must incorporate the broader range of HR practices. An ideal career development system provides the context that allows these separate practices to work together in an integrated and natural way.

Any career development strategy must also take into account the changing demographics of your workforce. What is required to retain valued older worker whose career stages needs are quite different from the needs of the generation of new workers? What are their development needs - how do these differ from other areas of your workforce and what's the best approach to supporting these?

We choose it for following reasons:

- to have a compliance with Change Management

- Organizational Development

- HR Strategy

- Training and Mgmt Development

- Job Conflict Management

HR has always been an interesting field for me because I am always interested in the subjects which deal with people. I always wanted to join an organization where I could develop close relationship and interaction with people. HR has given me an opportunity to understand human needs and problems in a team / organization and also helps to find the solutions to it.

HR has developed a better human understanding in me and that's what has attracted me towards HR.


We choose training to improve the gap between the abilities between employees and ever changing job requirements due to change management, technology, resources and organization development

if technology changes we need training ,like we are changing our procurement and purchasing system in our company off course we need to train employees according to new setup called TEJARI.

If Organizational Strategy changes we need to train people according to new mission, vision and values of company

Training helps me not just to improve myself as a human being in all fields of life but also motivates me to help others via trainings.


* When people come to work with a bad attitude I try to help them with positive behavior.

* I enjoy solving others problems at work.

* Human Resources is compatible with my other passion such as charity work, helping others which are the core teachings of our religion as well.

* I like working in an environment where the expectations are high.

* I believe that I am a born trainer and really enjoy public speaking and give the best of myself to my participants.

Honestly, I fell into the wonderful world of Human Resources via training. As a trainer or facilitator, I successfully deconstructed the narrative of training in our group; as a Human Resources generalist, I have the ability to listen, demonstrate empathy, and use my smile to get the job done.

5. Why is HR called heart of an organization, do you support the Union Culture in an organization?


HR is called heart of an organization because it provides a centralized mechanism and strategy to correlate all the functions in an organization, it acts like a focal point which decides about all other functions and it creates integrity and uniformity in organizations cooperative culture.

Union culture can be supported but in moderate level. A stable and well structured union culture can help you get timely feed back from your employees and it can act as a morale parameter for your organization. Contrary to this, a very rigid and fundamental union culture can act as an obstacle in the effective functioning of an organization.

6. What inspired you to join Hashoo Group, do you think the decision was wise. Also let us know is the HR management and Training Policy of HG well thought-out and are the employees well versed with their respective jobs?


Actually I have always liked challenges in my life. After serving various organizations, I was looking for some thing like social activities and on getting an opportunity, i decided to join hospitality industry and Hashoo Group was my first choice as you know we are the market leaders in Pakistan.

HR management & training policy of HG is very much up to the mark, though there is always a room for improvement. Our management is always looking forward to upgrading efficiency of our new and seasoned employees and for that we hold regular training programs through out the year.

Our employees are well versed with their respective jobs and our regular O.J.T (On the job training) program is helping them to learn and adopt any new system, changes or technology for further improvement in our excellent customer service.

7. What makes you think you are better than your competitors?


Our employees are very well versed with their jobs, holds the value, needs and requirements of their customers in high esteem. Owing to our exceptional services and products, our hotels have been receiving prestigious awards and this trend has been matchless. Staff members feel proud to be part of Hashoo Group.

8. Generally speaking, do you think HR management and Training adopted by most of the reputed companies in Pakistan are in line with the international standards?


We can't generalize HR training adaptation situation in Pakistan, since different companies have got their own strategies, or we can say that HRM needs of every country is subject to their cooperative culture.

9. Do you have any fears of the competitors coming up, it is but natural to witness large number of skilled employees joining rivals in such circumstances; do you have any magic stick to foil this situation?


Competition has always proved fruitful; it makes one more determined and brings about changes which perhaps are missing at times. We are the largest group in hospitality industry of Pakistan and have plans to expand our activities and hotels further in Pakistan and abroad as well. Secondly, our employees are very comfortable and loyal to the organization due to professional but friendly working atmosphere.

"Magic Stick" would be "telling employees how much the company values, and use each and every opportunity to discuss professional goals with them.

10. Any specific challenges that your group had been facing and you got them resolved by introducing your ideas?


Due to high demand and expectation of good customer service from our clients, I believe that employees should be trained on multiple tasks, and that's what I am trying to introduce on regular basis. The challenge for me is cross functional training, which is not easy as it involves training employees to do multiple tasks. This takes time, effort and above all the commitment on part of the employees. Cross training results in efficient, enthusiastic and energized work force and employee have more option available for further growth in the group.

11. Do you foresee more and more improvement in the Hashoo Group, if yes, how?


Yes I do see improvement in HG in coming days because lot of importance has been attached to HRM and training of the employees as well as creating employee friendly environment. Also there is continuous upgradation in the services, equipments, guest's amenities, rooms and restaurants facilities at par with the international standards.

12. Any message for the readers?


I feel that HR is still not being given its due importance in corporate culture of Pakistan, which is the core issue for the improvement of employees work environment and satisfaction. I would suggest that, organizations and companies in Pakistan should invest more time and money in their HR to improve the professionalism and growth ratio.