Chevrolet enjoys most loyal customer around the glob and is sold somewhere in the world every 7.2 seconds.

Oct 01 - 07, 2007

Chevrolet (colloquially, Chevy) is the flagship volume brand of General Motors Corporation, the world's largest car company. Chevrolet is known worldwide for manufacturing good quality and safe automobiles with excellent customer service. Chevrolet enjoys the largest n umber of loyal customer than any other automobile brand in the world.

Chevrolet is named at a French car racing driver, Louis Chevrolet, who later moved to United States and joined hands with General Motors to start making luxurious but economical cars. Soon it became a hot cake brand in US and later penetrated European and Latin American markets. Practically, Chevrolet is sold in every corner of the world, and the market is expanding rapidly. Apart from advanced American and European car markets, Chevrolet is now being manufactured in various African and Asian countries, including Pakistan.

Following are the facts to get a quick insight about Chevrolet.


* Chevrolet was founded in 1911, making it one of the oldest car brands in the world

* For the past few years, Chevrolet has sold well over 4 million cars per year, making it the 3rd largest automobile brand in the world by sales volume

* Chevrolet is sold in 133 countries, and built in 27 countries, including Pakistan. Chevrolet is sold in the very advanced car markets such as the United States and Germany, to emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Pakistan

* Chevrolet is the best selling brand in the United States, Latin America, and Russia. It is also among the fastest growing brands in Europe, the Middle East, India, and China

* Chevrolet sells 94 different vehicle models and nameplates around the world

* The Chevrolet Silverado pickup is the second highest selling vehicle in the United States, and the Impala passenger car is the top selling car with a domestic nameplate in the United States.

* A Chevrolet is sold somewhere in the world every 7.2 seconds

Much of this success came about from the value and first class engineering embodied in the products offered. Chevrolets were among the first to adopt such innovations as electric lights and self-starting (as opposed to the laborious and potentially dangerous manual crank starting), both of these features being true advances in the low price field.

Among the many other innovations and developments that Chevrolet was first to market or an early adopter for are:


* Availability of a car radio as an option in 1924

* Colour Duco paint finishes when black was still the sole factory finish offered by rivals in the late 1920s

* Articulated brake shoes for better stopping in 1930

* Independent front suspension for a smoother ride in 1934

* A station wagon/estate car body with the first Suburban in 1935

* The first offering of automatic transmission among low priced cars in 1950

* The first series production car with fiberglass body with America's first sports car, the 1953 Corvette (the first in a long and legendary line)

* Power assisted brakes, power windows and electrically adjustable seats in 1954

* Modern, high output OHV V8 engine in 1955

* Fuel injection in 1957

* All round independent suspension in 1959

* Ability of American market models to run on unleaded petrol in 1971

* First generation driver's airbag as an option in 1972

* Catalytic converters for reduced exhaust emissions in 1975

* Seven seat compact family wagons with flexible interior configurations with the Zafira in 2000

* Pickup trucks with flexible cargo area configuration as offered in the Avalanche in 2001

As befits its being named after a leading racecar driver, Chevrolet has also proven and distinguished itself in the competitive arena of motorsports, with its presence felt from grassroot dragstrips to prestigious world-class events like Le Mans, where Chevrolet has competed and won convincingly. Chevrolet's winning exploits in the fields of NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Racing), Indy car racing and NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) competition are sufficient to fill volumes. Chevrolet Optra has been a permanent part of WTCC racing championship and has won the even many times. Chevrolet also is the sole Engine supplier for the Formula Rolon single seater series in India.

Such events and victories are evidence of Chevrolet performance and reliability.

Safety is the middle name of Chevrolet that's why Chevrolet cars are considered among the safest cars in the world. Thousands of cars are crash-tested to ensure maximum safety, due to this Chevrolet enjoys a good rating given by American and European safety authorities. It is then justified to say that "Others sell cars, but Chevrolet sells Safety".

Chevrolet came into subcontinent during British Raj in the early 1920s, and were sought after by nawabs, maharajas, and the social elite as part of their automobile collections.

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah-an avid collector of fine automobiles drove a Chevrolet, and also had other General Motors cars such as Cadillac in his collection (this vehicle is still on display at Mohatta Palace in Karachi). A little known piece of trivia is that Jinnah and Louis Chevrolet shared the same birthday-December 25th-although Chevrolet was nine years younger than Jinnah.

In 2004, after an absence of three decades, Chevrolet was re-introduced in Pakistan by Nexus Autmotive, General Motors' partner in Pakistan. M.A. Razaq, Chairman and major shareholder of Nexus Automotive, is a retired Vice President and Corporate Officer of General Motors Corporation. Currently Chevrolet Joy is being assembled locally near Port Qasim and Chevrolet Optra, Aveo and 4X4 Double Cabin Chevrolet Colorado are being imported. Chevrolet Joy is the winner of dozens of international awards and acclaims, including "Most beautiful car of the year", "Car of the Year" and "Most fuel efficient car, by Guinness Book of World Records'.

Working with Nexus Automotive, Chevrolet can once again be seen on roads all over the country.

Source: Nexus Automotive, Wikipedia

About the author: M. Tariq Shamim Durrani, is a marketer by profession and the consultant on marketing and branding in Nexus Automotive.