Sep 24 - 30, 2007

With a population of over a 160 million, and experiencing high growth every year, Pakistan faces environmental issues like deforestation and massive industrial growth, depleting water resources, climate change, considerable floods and a weaning wildlife.

With the involvement of organizations on environment drives, growing consciousness for protecting the environment has been established. Some steps forward can be noticed in our surroundings due to awareness spread among the educated and affluent, however, the subject of environment always has additional room for improvement.

It is against this backdrop that Mobilink has taken initiatives to protect and enhance the neighborhoods and communities it operates in, by adopting a pro-environment attitude. Not only is this a concerted effort to enhance the surroundings but also a drive to work towards the welfare of the people and strengthen the quality of life.

Mobilink as an example has, invested in the environmental uplift of major cities of Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. One of the projects include the uplift of existing flower shops, which were previously make shift stalls with no proper structure to facilitate the business. These shops have been reconstructed with a rustic appearance integrating well with the natural environment. Flower markets in Karachi and in Lahore Cantt are also structured along the lines of the one in Islamabad.

Mobilink has taken similar initiatives, by perking up intercity neighborhoods through the uplift of existing bus shelters on the main thoroughfares of Karachi. Drinking water facilities at these shelters are provided to contribute to the welfare of the commuters. Installations of canopies at main squares of the city are provided to assist the traffic police officers, making their work environment more comfortable.

The company is continuously working to identify new ways of enhancing the environment and protecting it. Mobilink in an unprecedented move has launched a recycling project where they recycle the hoarding skins, making school bags out of them, which are distributed among under privileged children in the community. This not only supports a noble cause, but also protects the environment from exposure to non- biodegradable materials.

In the health sector, the company has established an independent two-bed ward in the National Institute of Health to facilitate a rare and complex condition known as Myasthenia Gravis and GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome)

Mobilink initiated a special program dedicated to providing urgent financial assistance for this disease. It collaborated with the PMWO to help purchase expensive equipment for the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis & GBS. The company also extends a helping hand by providing large number of plasma kits; with costs that are over Rs15,000; depending on the acuteness of the disease. These are disposable kits and sometimes patients need three to four kits at a time which are now provided free of cost. It is important to mention here that although there are other donors for this program Mobilink stands as the major donor for this treatment. Prior to the company's funding the hospital was unable to treat underprivileged, poor patients free of cost.

It is a healthy trend, initiated by Mobilink that believes in working intimately with the community to generate a positive social and economic change, creating the right environment of progress for the people of Pakistan. With a strong internal CSR policy and focused community investment, the company encourages its employees to take part in volunteer programs and get involved in various welfare programs.

The company lives up to its image of being socially conscious entity with a strong commitment towards the uplift of social essentials through its active investment in the public sector. Such initiatives taken by the company are hoped to set an example for others to follow and benefit the community at a larger scale.

It takes strong commitment, conscious effort, and honest intentions for any private company to align itself to a task, which is not profit generating. It demands integrity and strong principles to execute such non-profit endeavors. The CEO Mobilink Mr. Zouhair A.Khaliq takes personal interest in protecting the natural environment and believes in living in harmony with nature. He opposes, cutting down of trees to erect concrete and metal structures. I am for working around the natural environment and enhancing the beauty it holds. It is time we go green".