Sep 17 - 23, 2007

The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was established with the objective of developing a centre of excellence in the region that could provide rigorous academic and intellectual training and serve as a catalyst for economic prosperity and social development. Boasting of a world class faculty the university has research and consultancy linkages with the private and public organizations both in the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Executive education, customized and standardized courses for the corporate sector are the hallmark of the Rausing Executive Development Centre whereas the Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Enterprise Centre is an initiative dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship through effective leadership in the LUMS community, and providing opportunities to small and medium enterprises. The Social Enterprise Development Programme has been designed specifically to strengthen the social sector organizations of Pakistan by providing and disseminating specialised management training and effective leadership development.

The University aims to be recognized as an internationally acclaimed research university and contributes to this effect by knowledge generation, integration and dissemination. LUMS has research linkages with renowned international universities such as McGill University, University of Essex, Harvard, MIT, University of Chicago and University of Sussex. The Computer Science Department at LUMS, for the first time in Pakistan, got a research sponsorship from Microsoft. The mission of the Centre for Management & Economic Research is to stimulate, coordinate, and conduct research on major management and economic issues facing Pakistan and the region as well as indicate directions that can be followed profitably in future. The Centre for Advanced Studies in Mathematics provides a platform for interaction with the local industry and trading institutions. It also promotes interaction between mathematicians and the experts of other disciplines, such as electrical and computer engineering, economic and social sciences. International conferences are also held by the centre.

It can be assessed that since inception the University has taken several initiatives to positively impact the current local scenario in various industries, fields and departments. These extensive linkages and collaborations with the industry and academia provide all the programmes offered at LUMS their distinctive edge, making them extremely relevant to the changing needs of the local and global environment. The University has expanded rapidly since its inception in 1986 and presently has two schools: the Suleman Dawood School of Business and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The School of Science & Engineering, the latest initiative at LUMS, will start offering programmes in 2008. Between the three of them the University offers the following programmes:


BSc Honours with majors in Accounting & Finance, Economics, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Politics & Economics, Economics & Mathematics;


Graduate Programmes


Executive MBA

MSc Economics

MS/PhD Computer Science/Computer Engineering

PhD Mathematics

PhD Management

Admission to the undergraduate programmes requires twelve years of academic background and SAT I score. Admission to the graduate programmes requires at least 16 years of education along with the requisite test scores (GMAT/LMAT or GRE/LGAT). Every programme offered at LUMS incorporates the top quality instruction and high standards that the university is known for. As one of the leading Universities in Asia, it is known for producing outstanding graduates who are normally offered a premium in the job market and are readily accepted at the world's leading universities if they opt for higher education.

The graduates of the BSc Honours programme have the option to seek employment or pursue graduate studies in Pakistan or abroad. Those involved in professional endeavours are employed with companies like Microsoft, Intel, Habib Bank AG Zurich, IBM, ABN-Amro Bank and others. Those choosing graduate studies are readily admitted to MS and PhD programmes at premier universities of the world like Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, McGill, Oxford, and Cambridge etc. and are doing their alma mater proud by achieving distinctions there. LUMS has had 9 Rhode scholars in the past 12 years and produced 10 Fulbright scholars in 2005 alone.

BA/LL.B is designed especially for students seeking a rigorous education in law and is the first step towards the establishment of a School of Law and Policy at LUMS. The programme trains the students not just in law but many related disciplines as well as in the important areas of communication and leadership, hence increasing the marketability of such candidates. The rigorous and inter-disciplinary joint BA-LL.B degree will equip graduates to pursue traditional vocations in the legal profession and also explore opportunities in the private sector, academia, NGOs, civil bureaucracy, regulatory, research, policy making and financial institutions.

To further enrich the learning experience, LUMS has established institutional links with renowned centres of excellence around the world and has also successfully instituted exchange programs with Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm School of Business, F H Joanneum, School of International Management Austria and University Utara Malaysia. LUMS student exchange programme is currently active with the following institutes:

* Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India

* Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India

* Copenhagen School of Business, Denmark

The Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), recognizing the standards at LUMS has recently awarded the South Asian Quality System (SAQS) accreditation to the Suleman Dawood School of Business. The Asian Development Bank, recognizing LUMS as a centre of excellence, awards full scholarships to MBA applicants from ADB member countries. Students from China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the UAE and the Philippines, have already availed this scholarship and after completing their MBA at LUMS are pursuing successful careers in their own countries. The blend of cultures helps in student learning and indirectly exposes students to the global perspectives and industry trends.

LUMS has established itself as a premier institution primarily due to strict adherence to its core values of merit, integrity and excellence. The founders of LUMS wanted to establish an institution where no one would be denied admission because of the inability to pay and therefore put into practice a need-blind admission policy from the beginning. Currently over 40% of all students at LUMS are on some form of financial aid. To date the university has disbursed Rest. 438 million as financial assistance to its students of which Rest. 37.8 million was disbursed in the year 2005-06 alone. Generous financial assistance is made available to create equal opportunities for all bright and gifted students to come and study at the University. The University disburses aid in the form of loans, scholarships, tuition waivers and work compensation to deserving students and also draws on the support provided by external donors, corporations as well as individuals.

The National Outreach Program (NOP) is one such effort designed to identify talent from the underprivileged areas of Pakistan and provide free education to those who qualify. The idea is to reach out to bright students from far flung areas of the country who upon, graduation can help upgrade their respective communities. With the Outreach effort, we have managed to induct students from Gigot, Chital, Gujranwala, Chirper, Faisalabad, Abbott bad and Peshawar along with those from the major cities. In 5 years, LUMS efforts have resulted in the induction of 63 nationwide students through this programme. All these students have been provided complete financial assistance (Rest. 1.2 million per student) that includes tuition fee, hostel expenses, living and books allowance. The outstanding performance of these students has been extremely encouraging. Presently, 13 names from the NOP are on the Dean's Honour List. Their performance in extra curricular activities has also been remarkable.

The Higher Education Commission has always been a partner in LUMS" effort to nurture and promote the talent of the country. The HEC-USAID and HEC-JICS aid is especially promoting the graduate programmes at LUMS, both in Management and IT. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring that the brightest students from the country are not deprived of a world-class education due to lack of funds.

To facilitate the rigorous academic regime, the University provides a comfortable study environment. The on-line library, computer labs, hostels and fully equipped classrooms let the students focus their energies on studying and maximizing their learning. Sports facilities such as the cricket grounds, hockey fields, courts for basketball, badminton and volleyball and the gymnasiums give the students a chance to stay physically healthy as well. Additionally, a multi-purpose sports complex is in the making which will provide added sports advantages such as tennis courts, swimming pool, squash courts and others.

The various student clubs like Dramamine, LUMS Adventure Society, PLUMS (Publications at LUMS), LUMS Volunteer Society, LUMS Model UN, LUMS Religious Society and others, add colour to student life at the University in addition to giving the students an outlet for their creative talents. These societies also provide a lot of international exposure to students. These societies have taken part in various international competitions and won, competing with international universities like MIT, Harvard etc.

LUMS has an extremely active and effective Career Development Office (CDO). This office is committed to delivering the highest quality counselling and placement services in response to the ever changing needs and challenges of the market. It places a pivotal role in placing LUMS students every year. To facilitate this process the CDO undertakes a wide range of activities such as company presentations, on-job campus fairs, and sessions on professionalism, mock interviews, career counselling and a lot more. Moreover, students are given frequent opportunities to meet their future employers so that they can make an informed choice.

From meeting the ever changing demands of technology to responding effectively to global challenges of the business environment to understanding the legal and social framework of a developing country, LUMS continues to be the first choice of individuals wanting to make a difference.