An interview with Dr. Javed Ansari, Dean College of Management Sciences & Vice President PAF-KIET

KHALIL AHMED, Senior Correspondent
Feb 05 - 11, 2007

Dr. Javed Ansari, Dean College of Management Sciences & Vice President PAF-KIET, has over 15 years of banking experience (NBP, Allied Bank, IDBP) as well as working with UNIDO, UNCTAD and UNCTC. Dr. Javed Ansari, a world class researcher and one of the top academicians of Pakistan, is a humble and down-to-earth personality. He believes in hard work and sincerity and he appreciates those who always fulfill their commitment in time.

PAGE approached Dr. Javed Ansari to gather information regarding the progress of the College of Management Sciences, PAF-KIET. The information revealed by him is as follows:

Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (KIET) was established in 1997 with the aim of providing quality education at affordable cost. Its academic programs are designed to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the nation and industry. KIET received the recognition by the Higher Education Commission (formerly named as UGC) vide letter no. 15-22/UGC-SEC/97/1291 dated August 1, 1998. KIET was awarded a degree granting status through a charter from the Government of Sindh on May 24, 2000.

In June 2000, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Pakistan Educational Foundation (PEF) agreed to collaborate for the establishment of a high-quality educational institution at PAF's Korangi Creek base. The objective of this institution is to contribute to the development of university level education in Pakistan. In September 2000, the institute moved to its current location at PAF Korangi Creek. This campus is spread over 22 acres. The systems, procedures, faculty, curriculum, library, labs and other facilities have been expanded in a planned manner to accommodate the rapid growth of the institute. The City Campus of PAF-KIET was established in April 2002 to offer evening programs to the working students. The City Campus is located off Sharea Faisal near Nursery.

The departments of Management Science and Computer Science have been elevated to the status of college. College of Computing & Information Sciences and College of Management Sciences started offering advanced research-oriented degree programs in MS and PhD. Specialization in MIS, Finance and Accounting were added.

The College of Management is the largest college of PAF-KIET with a student strength exceeding 1400. The College of Management Sciences has designed and developed the curriculum of its degree programs to incorporate the requirements of multinational firms, banks as well as local businesses. Management Science degrees at PAF-KIET focus on developing corporate citizens who add value to their organizations, and entrepreneurs who stretch the existing boundaries of their industries. This philosophy has helped around 400 graduates to find good placements in the market after completion of their degree programs.

"Our business programs focus on developing well-rounded professionals with strong interpersonal and communication skills. The curriculum focuses on developing skills required for managing change, strategic thinking, re-designing organizations and developing systems for networked organizations. There is strong emphasis on practical problem solving and research. The college is developing a national reputation for its research in the areas of finance and marketing. Research interest is concentrated in the areas of risk management, brand management, assessment of corporate IT capability, project evaluation, money and capital market integration and development of ethics management systems in private corporations.

"The college has well established BBA and MBA degree programs and has strengthened the MBA program with functional specializations focused on job market requirements. Four-year BBA is a popular program which allows sufficient time to groom an average student to the benchmarked standards. It is the methodology of instructions followed at the college which allows this development and differentiates it from other business schools. The 48-course program at BBA level has been conceived with the help of business experts where methodology progresses from lectures in the conceptual courses to applicative and skill development curriculum in the final stages. Internship is monitored by corporate staff and faculty members and an evaluative report is obtained on each student. Each student is encouraged to write a project report in the final semester on the same firm recommending a solution to one of their problems.

"MBA programs require the completion of 24 courses, one project and an internship. The college has designed an MBA-advanced program, which is equivalent to M. Phil., being offered after the completion of BBA 4-year or the 2-year regular MBA program, which meets the HEC requirement. This program ensures that advanced level subjects are taught to the students and there is no repetition of courses.

"Research is a core competence of the College of Management Sciences. All full time faculty members are actively involved in research. Each faculty member is committed to producing one refereed research paper per year. The college also regularly organizes research seminars, workshops and training programs in collaboration with professional institutes. Market Forces is a quarterly research journal published in collaboration with the College of Computer & Information Sciences and College of Engineering. Four editions of Market Forces were published in the year 2005-2006. These publications comprise research papers, case studies, book reviews, policy papers and conference reports authored primarily by PAF-KIET faculty and students. Market Forces has an international advisory board with technocrats, academics and professionals both from home and abroad. Market Forces has received wide acclaim from academic and research circles of Pakistan.

"A business school cannot develop into a functional factor of society by working in vacuum. PAF-KIET, being aware of this fact, has a firm commitment towards reaching out to the industry and developing a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the corporate sector. PAF-KIET has organized a series of seminars, workshops and guest speaker sessions in the years 2005 and 2006. These events are organized both in-house and at various locations of the city patronized by various organizations. Graduates of Management Science degree programs have a wide variety of job opportunities in functional areas of finance, management, accounting, marketing and human resource management.

"With the privatization and mergers, banks and other financial institutions are showing strong growth and are offering challenging opportunities to young graduates. With the impending removal of quotas, the textile sector is now modernizing and transforming itself with the help of young professional managers. Growth in other sectors of the economy like pharmaceuticals, automobile, construction and development projects and services is also opening up opportunities for management professionals. Employers of PAF-KIET include organizations like ABN AMRO Bank, Askari Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, First Women Bank, PIA, Hino Pak, PNSC, BMA Capital Management (Pvt.) Ltd, Pakistan Refinery, EFU General Insurance and many more national and multinational corporations.

"Marketing is among the popular specialization options of the MBA program. With globalization, WTO and growth of local companies, competition has increased and marketing has become an extremely important discipline. Marketing specialization of the MBA program equips the graduates for challenging marketing careers in growth-oriented multinationals and local companies involved in major sectors of the economy.

"MBA in Management is a popular specialization that focuses on skills related to HR management, organizational development, leadership and motivation. The aim is to build skills for aligning the processes, systems, structures, human resources and other resources in the attainment of organizational goals.

"With the restructuring of the State Bank, privatization of major banks, acquisitions in insurance industry, mergers of financial institutions, diversification of investment companies; the finance and banking area has become a vibrant sector of the economy. MBA in Finance Specialization offers a specially designed blend of courses that builds the key skills required by the job market.

"Transport and Logistics Management is becoming increasingly important in the competitive business environment of today. Logistics management is that part of the supply chain, which applies the systems approach to the management of a wide variety of activities, e.g. purchasing, inventory control, distribution, warehousing, traffic management, location analysis, packaging and customer service. The study of transport and logistics serves as a specialized program for those who plan careers in transport and logistics with shippers, aircraft, roads and railways and government agencies in transport administration. It is a broad-based program, which emphasizes the managerial aspects of transport and logistics systems and concepts. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, a world-renowned professional institution, and Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology jointly sponsor the MBA program in Transport and Logistics," Dr. Ansari concluded.