Aug 27 - Sep 02, 2007

A US based company, AboutUs, has planned to bring in more foreign investment in Pakistan, as the country has significant potential of growth and talented human resource to compete in the international market.

This was revealed by Raymond King, founder of the company, while talking to PAGE during his visit to Lahore.

''The AboutUs wiki was launched in August of 2006 and now, one year later, the site has seen very rapid growth as evidenced by over 4 million unique visitors per month and thousands of user generated edits per day, he explained. To keep up with its growth, developers, content creators and community experts are needed and needed quickly, Raymond added.

When asked about his interest into bringing this operation to Pakistan, Raymond King said he was inspired by another US based company, Mentor Graphics, which is already functioning in Lahore for almost eight years with impressive achievements and decided to open a branch office in Lahore.

Greg Hinckley, President of Mentor Graphics Corporation and a good friend of him explained that Mentor Graphics was able to find great talent along with a culture of innovation and dedication here that is second to none, he further praised. He said AboutUs started its operation in Lahore in April 2007 with only 8 employees and the figure have already been now touching to 20 employees currently, which is more than double within three months shows that Pakistan has certainly got a very talented pool of IT related force, he observed. He said Mohsen Gilani; a Pakistani expatriate who was instrumental in opening and establishing Mentor's office eight years ago is now using his experience to help AboutUs. While small at present, About Us plans to grow the Lahore office to 120 people over the course of the next year, he revealed. To a question, he said that Pakistan is an emerging market with a blend of unique talent, good infrastructure and high level of tolerance. 'I believe our company will create a market in Pakistan with the support of Pakistani talent, who are fully capable to compete in the international market', King said. He said so far our Pakistani operation is a success and he praised Pakistani government over its efforts to pave suitable ways for bringing in foreign investment. To another query, AboutUs founder said that his company already has invested a huge sum of amount and more investment is in the pipeline. Mohsen Gilani, country manager of About Us said on the occasion that he is quite happy and satisfied with the offices' performance and his ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable operation in Pakistan and through this technology Pakistan would definitely gain a tremendous visibility among other developed nations, he maintained. Gilani said Pakistan has the required talent, potential and effective educational system to become an offshore technology epicenter in the region.