Market capitalization grew from $7.2 billion to $66.7b in 2007 online stock trading to speed up home remittances

July 30 - Aug 05, 2007

Ali Hemani is the General Manager of AKD Securities' Online Stock Trading division, operating under the name of AKD Trade. He carries over five years of working experience in Pakistan and Canada in the financial and marketing sectors to his professional carrier. Ali Hemani's I.T. background has earned an outstanding position in the Online Trading space.

Hemani began his career as head of client service department in Bond Advertising. In May 2004, he joined AKD Trade as a business Development Manger where his successful efforts enabled AKD Trade to capture the highest market share in Online trading business in Pakistan. In July 2006, Ali Hemani was promoted as the Head of AKD Trade. Hemani has a degree in Business Information Systems from DeVry University, Phoenix, Arizona, where he was on full scholarship. He also holds a diploma in Business Information Systems, from DeVry University, Toronto.

Ali Hemani, while discussing various options for investment placed the stock market as the best place to invest provided the investor has control over himself.

Dispelling the misconception regarding stock market generally prevailed in the society, Hemani while elaborating his point of view said in an interview with PAGE that actually it is the greed and fear which most of the time lands one into trouble. No doubt the stock market carries the risks but any body having patience to carry on with his holdings, the investment ultimately pays back good and safe return.

Ali Hemani as the head of AKD's on-line trading recently conducted the first Investment Road Show on Future of Online Trading in Lahore. Dr. Salman Shah, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs & Statistics, attended the road show among others.

Ali Hemani while discussing the importance of the On-Line Trading Road show this new way of trading is taking shape in Pakistan and the overwhelming response during last few years ratifies its future role, which is bound to dominate the stock business. Besides the local investors, this modern way of trading can help exploiting the untapped potentially huge investment from overseas Pakistanis. Hemani was so confident about the future role of On-line trading that the current number of $6billion home remittances from non-resident Pakistani could be multiplied through the On-Line Trading, however this would be required efforts for creating awareness among the potential investors.

Outlining the deliberations of the recently held Road-Show in Lahore, Hemani said that the future of online stock trading in Pakistan looks promising as the new generation, is quite at ease and friendly with this technology. While explaining the concept of "Online Trading through AKD Trade", during the Road Show Ali Hemani, highlighted the online trading system to the investors about the technical concept through AKD Trade's on-line trading system. He also explained the procedure through which the expatriate Pakistanis can invest money in Pakistan easily by using AKD Trade's Online Portal, while sitting any where in the world.

Today in Pakistan, the Market Capitalization is US $ 66.7 billion as compared to US $ 7.2 billion in June 2002, which speaks about investment potential in this sector. The concept of Online Stock Trading is also growing in Pakistan. With massive improvements in the telecommunication infrastructure, Online Stock Trading is the way for individual investors to participate in the Stock Market in the future.

Online Stock Trading gives control and convenience to Buy & Sell stocks at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office, on real-time basis with security and ease. Hemani observed. AKD Trade Online has the distinction of launching the first Online Trading service in Pakistan in 2002 and is today the largest Online Trading service provider in the country.

Hemani said that Dr. Salman Shah who was the chief guest at the occasion pointed out that the economic liberalization and privatization policies have unleashed the real potential of Pakistan's economy. Sharply improved performance of companies listed on the Stock Exchanges, has enabled investors - both individuals & institutions -to participate in the success of Pakistan 's corporate sector, he added.

Muhammad Farid Alam, Deputy CEO, AKD Securities while expressing his view on Pakistan 's Economic Outlook said that higher industrial & agricultural growth and significant improvement of macro-economic indicators is expected to keep the market buoyant despite a few some low points.

On the issue of Capital Market Performance: Past, Present & the Future, Nadeem Naqvi, CEO, AKD Securities elaborated the immense opportunities in the Pakistan capital markets and for the potential investors, who would invest prudently.

Shakeel Aslam, General Manager, Lahore Stock Exchange shed some light on the Role of Stock Exchanges in Facilitating Investors and highlighted the new reforms undertaken by the exchanges and Securities Exchange Commission to improve market efficiency, transparency and governance.