Gharo-Keti bundar corridor has a potential generate 11000mw

July 23 - 29, 2007

Under present circumstances when shortage of generation capacity of our utilities resulting in country-wide load shedding, the identification of Gharo-Keti Bundar wind corridor has lit hopes for generating pollution free and infinitely sustainable Wind Energy.

Constant studies of the wind corridor between Gharo and Keti Bundar has established availability of constant wind throughout the year with a potential to generate 11000mw of power which does not require any fuel, and will be a relief to the economy and the people of Pakistan. The Wind Power Projects being set up at the identified wind block will mitigate the international concerns of global warming as well.

In order to avail this opportunity, Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd. and New Park Energy Ltd (NPEL) have taken a timely decision to exploit this natural gift and have signed a contract for the supply of electrical part on turkey basis for NPEL 50MW Wind Power Project near Gharo.

A Cooperation Agreement for a number of 50MW Wind Power Projects to be set up in the Gharo Keti Bandar Corridor using locally assembled and manufactured turbines by New Park Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, a sister company of NPEL was also signed.

The Cooperation Agreement is valid for three years initially. All power plants undertaken by any investor through New Park Engineering (Pvt) Ltd will b e handled jointly by the parties.

New Park Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is setting up a Wind Turbine assembly and manufacturing plant in Nooriabad near Karachi for which agreements with renowned European Wind Turbine Manufacturers have been signed. The project will contribute towards sustained development of the area by providing employment opportunities to local population as well.

Most of the Wind Power Plants, under this Cooperation Agreement, are to be commissioned by 2008/2009.

Siemens Pakistan shall provide the en tire electrical system for the Wind Power Projects and its related civil works on turkey basis. Most of the electrical equipment required by the Wind Power Projects is already being manufactured by Siemens Pakistan locally.

Siemens Pakistan Engineers will also do the engineering and design of the electrical system locally.

Under the renewable Energy Policy announced by the government in December 2006, 700mw of Wind Energy would be harnessed in the next three years. Exploitable electrical power generation potential of the Gharo/ KETI Bandar corridor is 11,000MW.


City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal has taken a bold initiative of having self-power generation for Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB), which has opened a new chapter in the history of civic services in Karachi.

Actually, KWSB and an American based power generating company have signed a power purchase agreement and setting up a small power generation unit of 35 mw of power to enable Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) self sufficient in electricity required for running pumping stations and draining out city sewerage into the sea.

The power purchase agreement (PPA) and installation of a 35mw power-generating unit at Dhabeji, one of the major water reservoirs from where 650mgd water is supplied to Karachi on daily basis.

The power project being installed by žEnergy Saving & Selection (pvt) Limited on BOT basis and a cost of $50m at Dhabeji. This mini power generating station is a gas-fired unit for which the SSGC has already approved supply of 8 million cubic feet of gas per day.

In fact, frequent power breakdowns in the KESC system creates widespread water problems in Karachi as the water board naturally unable to maintain uninterrupted water supply without electricity. In order to keep water supply with out any break, the board has taken a laudable decision for having its own power generating facility. Actually, this is the beginning and more such power plan will be coming in other sectors of the economy.

The company will be supplying power to KWSB at a price of Rs 3.58 per unit as against over Rs5 per unit being charged by the KESC.

Speaking on the occasion Syed Mustafa Kamal, city Nazim Karachi said that KWSB would be supplying surplus power to KESC on cost-to-cost basis without any profit. That self sufficiency of power is bound to make multiple benefits including uninterrupted water supply to Karachi at a must lesser cost besides saving much sought after power for the citizens of Karachi as it would save at least 40 mw to KESC.

City Nazim added that after a period of 25 years, the company should transfer the plant to KWSB just at a price of one rupee. He said such plant would also be installed at other water reservoirs like NEK, PIPRI and other water reservoirs. He said this would save a lot of money as to water board as it was paying billions of rupees per annum as electricity charges to KESC.

While replying to a question, City Nazim said that the forthcoming general elections would not disturb to the on going development projects in Karachi in any situation. He expressed the confidence that all projects would be accomplished within the given time and the development of I.I Chundrigar road the first financial district of Pakistan would be completed within this year.

Earlier MD KWSB Ghulam Arif Khan and Zafar Aansar, Chairman of ESS pvt limited also spoke about the project.