Apr 23 - 29, 2007

WE Financial Services Ltd (WE) is a Corporate Member of the Karachi Stock Exchange Guarantee Limited and has been instrumental in facilitating investments in Karachi Stock Exchange since 1993 when outcry system was in vogue and we are still serving you when sound bytes have been replaced by digital bytes.

WE was started as a stepping stone to our ambition to offer you a complete range of financial services. Be it stock brokerage which we started in collaboration with Smith New Court of Singapore or fund management, where our subsidiary WE Investment Management offered its first closed end fund at the end of 2006, we want you to have access to every segment of financial services with the special touch of WE.

WE has the privilege of serving recognized financial institutions of Pakistan and similar clientele across the globe through its specialized services of brokerage, equity research and corporate finance.

Whether traditional trading or online trading, WE have successfully managed to work with various clients at their convenience and have extended our services to the leading financial institutions, Banks, DFIs, NBFIs, Leasing Companies, High New Worth Retail Clients, Modarabas as well as Asset Management Companies.

Our emphasis on facilitating you to achieve your financial goals has established long standing relationships where our clients rely on us to protect their interest. This trust on us motivates us to remain sensitized to lookout opportunities for you for your satisfaction. And there is no better reward for us than a satisfied client and that is what we strive for.


WE strives to facilitate the investment decision making of our clients and execute those decisions in an efficient manner for the benefit of our clients. WE believe to prosper by making our clients prosperous and this philosophy is inculcated across the organization.


Our equity sales desk is run by competent professionals revered by their industry peers and is on the forefront to help you navigate through the ever changing market situation.

Our primary role is to offer you informed and objective advice to make investment decisions that will help you to attain your financial objective. Our equity desk will work with you to compose a portfolio and monitor its performance so that results are inline with your objective. All this is done with discreteness ensuring that those who do not need to know, do not know.

Furthermore, procedures are established to discourage conflict of interest so that every advice you receive is nothing but objective assessment of WE that will enhance the chances that your investments works for you.

Equity desk ensures that you are kept abreast of market developments and frequently updates you on the status of your investment instructions. This frequent communication ensures that any change of tactics is communicated immediately and hence any window of opportunity is capitalized.


WE, keeping pace with the technological advancement and keeping the customer convenience its top priority, established WEonline.biz which provides state of the art online trading platform.

The services offered are unmatched and are backed by systems that are acknowledged by the leading technology provider-Intel(r). Efficient system designs will let you concentrate on trading rather than frowning on service providers.

Through WEonline.biz you can execute your investment decision via EZ Trade application, via Trading Zone (website), or via telephone. This ensures that you remain in touch with the market in case of any one of the medium becomes inaccessible.


WE has always recruited and groomed highly talented professional who proved to be an asset for the investment community in general as these professional are working in leadership positions across the financial industry. Over the years we have produced people with superb leadership qualities who are now playing a leading role in well reputed organization.

Successfully Equity Trading is a function of accurate assessment of market direction and timing. Availability of high quality and unbiased information is vital to help the investor in the decision making processes. WE offers well-regarded in house research to our customer; our credentials in this area can be viewed by our dailies (Morning Briefing and Market Roundup) and comprehensive reports to our clients and also to leading newspaper publications.

We are not content with just these services and want to provide more information for our esteemed clients. Our objective is to disseminate relevant information in easily comprehensible form so that we do not inundate our clients with information. For this we plan to use our website www.weonline.biz which will become the source for all the relevant information.


Our Corporate Finance Department is a one-stop source of strong, vigorous and interactive financial services related to financial advisory, underwriting, and placement of equity.

WE is endeavoring to acquire and enhance its foreign equity placement and distribution capacity through reputed international investment banks and brokerage houses.

Since our inception we have been involved in corporate finance transactions including participation in international equity placement syndications under the lead manager-ship of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., the most significant mentions amongst them are:

Ibrahim Fibre Limited
A polyester fibre manufacturing plant
Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL)

Placement of five million vouchers exchanged for shares for a total value of US$ 898 million.

Some recent underwriting and private placements are:

•Advisory and underwriting of WE Balance Fund
•Underwriting of second tranche of UBL's Term Finance Certificates
•Private placement and underwriting of First Dawood Mutual Funds
•Placement & underwriting of Eye Television Networks Limited (first TV Channel to be listed in the KSE)
•Underwriting of Chenab Limited
•Underwriting of Zephyr Textiles Ltd.
•Underwriting of PICIC Energy Fund

There are several other corporate finance transactions in textile and media sectors in pipeline in which WE is participating.

WE is also acting on financial advisory mandates for foreign investors interested in participating in projects concerning cement, hydropower and automobile sectors. These are expected to materialize in next couple of months.


Investment Advisory Services

WE through its subsidiary company WE Investment Management Ltd. (WEi) is a holder of Investment Advisory License 1974, granted by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Currently, WEi is managing a closed end fund by the name of WE Balanced Fund. Work on few other funds is in the pipeline including an Open-End Fund.


Another feather in WE was that we (through WEIM formerly SISL) were among the elite that were allowed by the Privatization Commission of Pakistan as an eligible bidder to participate in privatization of mutual funds of Investment Corporation of Pakistan (ICP) during 2002. The management rights of these mutual funds were being privatized from the state-owned Investment Corporation of Pakistan (ICP) to the private sector.


WEBF is the first Closed-End fund managed by an experienced professional with an experience of over a decade. The size of the Funds is PKR 200 million with the investment portfolio diversified into Equity, Money and Debt Markets. The fund was successfully listed at KSE in December 2006 and with the blessings of Allah, the market responded well.