Aladdin Food Street will be a gift to the people of Karachi and the country.

Apr 16 - 22, 2007

Native Jetty, an old structure at Karachi shore, is taking a new shape these days as the city government has decided to put it to a good use by converting it into a world class food street where exotic food with a touch of local and international taste would be an added attraction for the visitors and food lovers.

Senator Babar Ghauri, Federal Minister for Port & Shipping told Pakistan and Gulf Economist on the sidelines of a recent function held at PNSC House that this forthcoming food street - which has been given the name of Aladdin Food Street - would be altogether different from the food streets existing in different parts of the country. Actually, this would be a place where besides local investors, some leading international food experts would be doing business to make this an exciting food and entertainment resort in Karachi.

It is interesting to note that Native Jetty has always been a noticeable spot in Karachi in one way or the other. It has some legendary associations besides being strategically located at Karachi shore. Native Jetty is also known as a sea spot with some unexplained divine powers that fulfill the wishes of the people. Hundreds of people visit this bridge every day and throw fish feed in the sea with the hope to get their dreams and desires fulfilled.

Unfortunately, some people having negative way of thinking have opposed the idea of converting Native Jetty into a food street, arguing that the proposed food street might hurt the sanctity of a Hindu temple located at the wag end of the jetty. In fact, the rehabilitation of this deserted place would enhance the value of the place and believers would feel proud of the location of the temple, which would become a sight to the soaring eyes as well.

Actually, Karachi Port Trust owns the land and the bridge. Since Babar Ghauri is the Minister for Ports & Shipping, his interest proved a key to success and to turn this attractive project into a reality. All spadework has already been completed and hopefully this colorful spot would be ready to welcome the guests by the end of the current year.

This would be a unique gift from the Port and Shipping Minister to the people of Karachi and the country as well.

This food street called Aladdin Food Street would be matching international food standards in order to attract tourists and food lovers.


After Karachi Port, Port Qasim and recently the Gwadar Port, the government has planned another port at Sonmiani Beach - a tax-free port city and resort, which would be a unique addition to the economic map of the country, said Babar Ghauri.

Besides economic benefits, this new port would add a beautiful landscape and recreational city on the back of its scenic and picturesque location that is going to pull crowds of tourists from all over the world. In order to make it more attractive the government has decided to make it free from visa restrictions, Babar Ghuari said.


The minister said that credit goes to the present government for presenting the shipping policy, which no government could do in the past. Under the agreement signed with India, Pakistani vessels are lifting cargo for Indian ports and taking their share of the market. He also mentioned those three ships and tankers currently lifting oil and other cargo for and from Indian ports from different ports of the world.

The Port and Shipping minister said that there was a time when not a single serving vessel was left with PNSC and there was a move when the then government was considering winding up the company. "However, a new life has been put into the organization and currently we are negotiating for a deal for acquiring three ships including two tankers and a bulk cargo carrier for induction in PNSC fleet to the strength of 17 ships in its fold," he mentioned.