The group continues to expand and upgrade their facilities in Pakistan in order to remain on the cutting edge of hospitality business.

Apr 16 - 22, 2007

Hashoo Group, the pioneer and trendsetter in Pakistan's hotel industry, offers the countrymen and visitors from abroad the world's most luxurious accommodation. First-class hotels can be found in the country's major cities as well as in the scenic towns of lush Himalayan foothills ñ popular summer resorts for those wishing to escape the heat of summer on the plains or simply with a desire to experience the unspoilt natural beauty, unique culture and ancient traditions of Northern Pakistan .

In addition to owning and managing Marriot Hotels in Karachi and Islamabad, Hashoo Group, through its subsidiary Pakistan Services Limited, owns and operates the first-rate Pearl Continental chain with hotels throughout the country - all offering superior service in world-class accommodation. Having established an impeccable reputation, the group continues to expand and upgrade their facilities in Pakistan as part of continuing efforts to remain at the cutting edge of the hospitality business. Currently in progress are the expansion and the large-scale modernization of existing properties of the Pearl Continental Hotels, while new hotels have been built in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gwadar, the western port city on the Arabian Sea.

Our national cliché, "from Khyber to Karachi" seems outdated here as the already dominant Hashoo Group plans to erect some more luxurious hotels in Pakistan and abroad. "My vision has always been to contribute to developing tourism potential of Pakistan at par with the world standards," says Hashoo Group Chairman and founder, Sadruddin Hashwani. "I believe that it is very important to invest in quality and in building the product and its image," he says. "The reputation of our world-class hotels has spread far and brought new business and leisure travelers to our cities, which has been a big boost to the domestic hospitality and tourism industry."

Although Mr. Hashwani has certainly been instrumental in inveigling foreign and local investors to invest in hospitality industry in Pakistan, the latter will have to work hard to reach the altitude of the Hashoo Group. No matter how many luxurious hotels are built in the country, catching up with Hashoo Group will not be an easy task for the competitors owing to former's hands-on experience, au fait strategies, prescience and derring-do approach. The group has always been overmastering the compeers without giving them trouble and has all the potential to startle the newcomers also with some novel blitzkriegs, which is an even-handed justice in the world of commerce. The notion that the newcomers have certain advantages over others is absolutely illogical; had this been the case, the established organizations would have obliterated with every new competitor. In fact it is the other way round. This reality is not restricted to hospitality industry only, it goes for all.

Hashoo Group is not just a group of companies but is an institution from where many top executives got themselves taught at the HG and then made it to the highest ranks in other organizations. It has been discovered through their encomiums that the lucrative jobs were the result of their association and experience with the Hashoo Group - a unique distinction.