It is sine qua non for every existing company to come up with strong marketing strategies to have edge over its direct as well as indirect competitors.

Senior Correspondent
Jan 01 - 14, 2007

There is no denying the fact that marketing plays a vital role in the progress of any company. Marketing may turn dust into gold and vice versa. Strong marketing is the need of the hour in this competitive era. Hence it is sine qua non for every existing company to come up with strong marketing strategies to have edge over its direct as well as indirect competitors. Looking at the advertisements of the leasing and modaraba companies published in the print media in the past and present, one comes to know that marketing is a key to win over customers, marketing includes the sales force as well. Customer orientation is pivotal for sound marketing these days. Customer orientation by and large looks at the benefits which could be offered to the customers and it tries to offer solutions to the customers with excellent services. Let's discuss the advertisements published by some leasing and modaraba companies published in the print media. Looking at these advertisements, one comes to know that these companies focus on solutions to the customers" problems.

Let's begin with the advertisement of Saudi Pak Leasing. The advertisement of the company depicts an elderly man sitting with utter satisfaction. The ad reads: "Release All Your Worries With Us.... These days running a business is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to acquiring assets, nothing is simple, but luckily in the world where nothing comes for free, at least something can be leased. "At Saudi Pak Leasing Company we give you that edge, the comfort of innovative financial solutions from people who know how to give you the best value for your money. With a portfolio ranging from commercial and industrial assets to consumer segments of the market, we finance products at competitive rates with easy accessibility. This is why when we say release all your worries with us, we mean it."

The focus of this ad seems to offer satisfaction to the end users with the help of experienced managers who know how to take care of customers


The ad reads: "Is the financial crunch holding you back? Escape. Get a PGL lease." For most people, the possibilities for financing are nothing short of a dream and a lot of new business ideas are simply abandoned due to financial repression. Around the world, leasing has become an increasingly attractive mode for procurement of assets for one solid reason: leasing preserves cash. Pak Gulf Leasing Company Limited (PGL) is mainly in the business of providing convenient leasing plans to individuals, proprietorships and industries across Pakistan. "We at PGL reiterate our commitment to help free yourself from the financial crunch. Let's help you escape."

In this ad, the focus is on offering monetary services promptly with ease. The financial impediments do take place and lots of excellent ideas go waste because of lack of funding. The company is there to help you out in case you have this problem.


The ad reads: "For sound leasing choices leave it to the expert... for all lease financing requirements! If you require lease financing to acquire Machinery, Equipment and Vehicles for Expansion, New Projects, Balancing, Modernization & Replacement. Then turn to Security Leasing. We provide you financing for the procurement of medical equipment, motor vehicles, plant and machinery, besides other office equipment, APNI CAR Financing is just one example of how Security Leasing works to your advantage in an easy, intelligent and affordable way."

Well, the focus in this ad is on expertise. Expert is one who knows how to tackle even the most difficult problem efficiently and effectively. New projects need to take off to open new market segment or to increase the existing segment in size. For all this you need the desired equipment and removal of outdated gadgets to expedite the process.


The ad reads: 'For All Fiancing Needs of Small & Medium Eneterprises through Interest-free Modes of Finance: Leasing (Ijarah), Morabaha & Musharika

We Take Care of Your Business Needs For:

All Types of Vehicles under Operating Lease Industrial, Medical & Office Equipment under Operating Lease Working Capital Requirements under Morabaha/ Musharika & Financial Consultancy Services.

The Competitive Edge at Your Own Modaraba: Riba-Free Business, Attractive Rates, Rapid Processing, Personalized Service, Long-Term Business Relationship, Customized Repayments."

The above ad focuses on SMEs which need to be promoted sooner rather than later to maintain the ongoing robust economic growth. It is a fact that small and medium size organisations do help the economy to a great extent. The economists believe that significant middle class of a country plays a crucial part in the growth of any economy. Large number of middle class means sure success of rapid growth of any economy, instances being that of Brazil and India.


- Convert Your Opportunities into Reality

The ad reads: "Sigma Leasing Corporation Limited has been incorporated on 11th April, 1996 with an object to provide leasing facility for plant, machinery, office equipment and vehicle from three to five years tenure. Now it is a billion rupees company in terms of assets being Rs. 1.15 billion with paid up capital of Rs. 250,000,000. Sigma claims the confidence of large number of small investors who have invested more than Rs.200 million in certificates of investment in 'Sigma'. The company is rated by JCR-VIS (Credit Rating Co.) which has assigned rating BBB+ (Triple B Plus) from medium to long term with stable outlook and short term rating maintained at A2 (A Two).

Well, winning the confidence of customers is the sign of success for any company. The Pareto concept of 80/20 says that satisfied customers means long term relationship and growing business with every passing day.


- Start, Grow, Proper

The ad reads: "You will find Al-Zamin with you every step of the way. We take care of all your leasing needs in an efficient, prompt and professional manner from the stage of feasibility to completion and expansion.

We lease: Industrial equipment, Transport fleets, Motorvehicles, Computer hardware, Office Equipment.

We Provide: Financial Advisory Services on Leasing, Syndication for Leasing of Large Projects, Assistance in Private Placement of Long and Short Term Financing.

We Handle: Trading, Equity Market Operations, Project Financing, Management of Stocks and Shares Portfolios."

Well, the most difficult thing is perhaps how to take off. One needs some impetus to begin with something. The above ad encourages the customers to be confident and begin with the idea of sure success in mind.