KW&SB have drastically curtailed present supply of water from Hub to SITE Industrial Area on the pretext of shortage of water in Hub Dam.

Mar 20 - 26, 2006

Water, Gas, Electricity, and a sound infrastructure for logistics are of paramount importance for fresh investment especially for industrialization and to create an enabling environment for the existing industries.

Unfortunately, despite being described as the commercial and industrial hub of Pakistan, the state of infrastructure, including roads, sewerage, drainage, water, electricity, and gas. ree not in conformity to the status of a mega city like Karachi.

This statement is clearly reflected in the hue and cry time and again raised by the representatives of different industrial areas in Karachi.

Syed Mustafa Kamal, the city Nazim is taking special care of these areas and had recently remarked that if we did not provide them the required facilities, they would shift their units from Karachi to somewhere else. If this happens, that would add to formidable issue of unemployment, which already poses a serious threat to the social, economic and political stability.

It may be mentioned that Chairman SITE Association of Industry, Ameen Bandukda has sent a SOS to Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad, Governor of Sindh and the City Nazim on an acute shortage of water supply, which has been, aggravated problem in the largest industrial area of SITE Industrial zone.

Reportedly, the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) has curtailed water supply to the SITE Industrial Area, consequently the industrial production dependent on Water has been paralyzed. About a thousand exports oriented processing industrial units are on the verge of closure.

The SITE Chairman said that it has been observed that whenever the supply is curtailed from Hub Dam the SITE industrial area is the first victim. He mentioned that KW&SB have drastically curtailed present supply of water from Hub to SITE Industrial Area on the pretext of shortage of water in Hub Dam. No alternate source of water supply has been made to meet the shortfall and Exporters are unable to meet their shipment schedules. As per readings available with SITE Ltd., KW&SB are required to supply 8 million gallons a day to SITE Area and instead they supply only 5 million gallons in the whole of last week. He said that the SITE area is the only area, which is subjected to quota, and KW&SB is obliged to meet its water requirements, but it is not fulfilling its responsibility. Several phone calls have been made to the Managing Director KW&SB, the Chairman SITE Association and MD SITE LTD. but the phone is not responding calls by him.

This Water shortage has been further aggravated by the inability of Water Tankers to supply water to the Industries due to traffic jams and road blocks all over SITE Area because of haphazard digging of roads. Normal commuting time in SITE now easily takes a couple of hours. The whole industrial area seems under siege.

Bandukda regrettably reported that despite the Governor's personal intervention and directives to MD, KW&SB at different forums, the apathy of industrialists of SITE continues.

The situation, instead of any improvement, is getting even worst day by day resultantly there has been almost zero supply of water during the last one week to SITE Industrial Area.

Ameen Bandukda urged the Governor Sindh Ishrat-ul -Ibad and the Nazim-e-Ala Syed Mustafa Kamal for their personal intervention and direct Managing Director KW&SB to supply the allocated quota of 8 MGD to SITE area on war footings. He sounded a note of warning that since the situation has become very severe and the industrialists are pressing for adequate supply of water to keep their factories running to meet the export targets. There is also an apprehension that if industries are forced to close down, due to lack of water, it might create a law and order situation in Karachi.