A powerful tool for economic empowerment

Feb 20 - 26, 2006

As the lead bank for women, we believe in understanding the needs and demands of women entrepreneurs. First Women Bank Limited's Financial Services Desk (FSD) offers a wide range of credit and financial services, specially tailored to meet the financial and business needs of women.

FSD serves as a powerful tool for economic empowerment and support to women, by providing support and advice on Credit Management, Legal issues, Taxation and Marketing

First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL) and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) entered into a collaboration to provide financial assistance for the two most important directions of the Bank i.e. setting up of Financial Services Desk and capacity building of FWBL employees.


•Assist customers in interacting with the government organisations, trade bodies, taxation authorities, as well as non-government institutions.

•Cater to business entities owned or managed by women. Provide technical support for attracting business of export oriented women entrepreneurs.

•Attain higher economic standards for women, through specific consumer loan products and financial services.


•Provide an array of financial services as well as technical expertise, on the spot.

•Address problems arising in any specific areas of business such as financing, marketing, management, legal issues, tax matters, etc.

•Provide an environment where women entrepreneurs are at ease as they are dealing with women bankers.

•Consumer loan products, such as home improvement loans, car loans, home loans and other such schemes


CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Technical advisory staff available to provide guidance in processing import, export and trade related documentation as well as facilitation in other matters. Especially designed to cater to corporate clients, get comprehensive in matters related to the constitution of the company and preparing draft feasibilities.

MARKETING: professional consultants help identify the type and nature of business best suited for the available investment, according to capabilities of the investor, assistance in marketing, operations and other spheres of business.

LEGAL COUNSELLING: direct assistance from professional lawyers on all legal aspects relating to business, such as registration with the relevant authorities, membership of Chamber/Trade Association, issuance of NTN, and advisory service on business disputes, trade agreements and contracts.

TAXATION: Qualified technical staff and experts are available to provide advice on Income Tax, Customs formalities and share the burden of hectic paperwork.

Financial Services Desk based in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad is facilitating women's access to financial services by providing support in the areas of credit management, legal counselling, tax consultancy and marketing.


•INFORMATION DESK: It has been setup to provide up-to-date business statistics and maintain interaction with various trade bodies like Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Export Promotion Bureau, SMEDA, etc. the desk also provides services to help identify major suppliers and distributors, advice on modalities for making the products and other matters.

•Consumer loan products, such as personal loans, car finance for women, home finance and other exclusive schemes.

•Devising market oriented products and formulating policies, which are women specific.

•Targeting the special women oriented market niche, with the Bank's wide network of 38 branches, spread over 23 cities of Pakistan.

Internationally recognised project, handled by Financial Services Desk

DEPILEX SMILEAGAIN: Smileagain is world renowed NGO and have initiated its Pakistan Chapter as Depilex Smileagain. First Women Bank Ltd collaborated with Depilex Smileagain for the helpless and destitute victims of the acid and kerosene burns in Pakistan. Through this collaboration 10 reconstructive surgeries were executed by top notch foreign reconstructive surgeons. FWBL provided loans and free of cost financial consultancy for the project through its Financial Services Desk.

PIVOT POINT: Ms. Daulat Rahimtoolah of the famous Ravissant Beauty Salon brought the world renowned Pivot Point to Pakistan. Pivot Point International Inc. is a US based global organization committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high quality educational systems for hair and beauty industry. Pivot Point when launched came through collaborative efforts of Ravissant Beauty Salon, First Women Bank Ltd and Unilever Pakistan Ltd. First Women Bank Ltd's FSD was assigned to make the feasibility of the project; there were three kinds of loans that were required by the client:

•Loans for establishing Pivot Point.
•Loans for students for skill development at the Pivot Point.
•Loans to certifying students from Pivot Point for their business establishment.

Pivot Point is an ongoing project and through this project loans were/are disbursed to women for skill development and setting up of businesses.