KHALIL AHMED, Senior Correspondent
Dec 18 - 24, 2006

PAGE conducted interviews of some computer technology students at FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus. The views of the computer technology students are as follows:

HINA TAREEN: "I am doing majors in computer science. I chose this field because I like solving every problem with the help of different logics. I believe that no problem can be solved without using a logic. I excel in all types of Algorithm design which is a major part of programming. The future of this field is very promising. Computer programmers are in high demand in every part of the world because this is the era when everything is supposed to be automated and without new softwares nothing can run in this world. I plan to do majors in animations or artificial intelligence so that I can also create something for our forthcoming generation."

AHMED JABIR: "I have three-year job experience in an ISP and one year experience in a Call Center as a System Administrator. I have good command on Cisco, Microsoft as well as Max Lucent technologies. And I have work experience of VOIP (Voice over IP) and CCNA Certification. Inshaallah, I will be graduating in BS (Computer Science) from FAST National University soon. I want to have expertise in programming because nowadays technology is changing rapidly and with this comes the high demand for the softwares. I would like to be a computer security expert in future and help the organizations and the people who suffer because of computer hacking and cracking."

MUHAMMAD SHAHRUKH: "The youths in our country have been taking a lot of interest in the field of programming and the magical wonders that programming puts in front of us via animations, games or by giving security to financial institutions, homes etc. As a student of computer sciences, my aim is to gain expertise in this technology and then I intend to provide network and social security to those who need it. I want to be expert in programming because it provides convenience, discipline and advancement in economic growth of a company and a nation. We should believe that Pakistan's software industry will grow manifold in the coming decade and our software engineers will play a vital role in it. I want to be one of the topmost software engineers in the world."

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 Source : Pakistan Board of Investment

RIDA IDREES: "In today's advanced and fast era, computers have played a vital role in every field and have become everyone's basic need. Due to this, many universities have started offering BS and MS degrees and also an MBA degree in MIS. When I was to make my career decision, I had two options in my mind. One was to choose business field and the other was Computer Science. I chose to do my BS (CS) first and then an MBA. I believe computer science is a dynamic field and has a vast scope in every field be it any company or military field. Being a student of BS (CS), what I have learnt from my experience is that programming requires a lot of time and learning efforts. One needs to do a lot of practice as 'practice makes a man perfect' and at present I don't think that I have any expertise in this field as I am still polishing my programming skills and there is a long way to go. I intend to be a successful businesswoman and I think that I can bring a good change in society by getting equipped with good and advanced technological and programming techniques."

BABAR AHMAD: "I do not go to university to study. Rather I go there to gain knowledge. Since knowledge is power so to get it one has to endeavour. I opted for the computer science field because it is my passion. Trust me, I am always desperate to know more and more about networking and programming. After about three years, I see myself as a software developer in a renowned multinational IT firm. Of course, making money is not an issue. It is all about passion for doing something great. Keeping in view the progress of India in IT, Pakistan needs to strive to make its place in the IT industry of the world. It is a fact that after 2010 India itself will be having deficiency of IT experts, so the demand for IT professionals is always there. The steps taken by the IT minister are quite praiseworthy and soon Pakistan will have its voice heard in the world's IT industry."

SYED DANISH HASSAN: "The IT industry in Pakistan isn't as developed as it should be. But that is not because we don't have good IT people here. In fact we produce brilliant computer scientists but the problem is that these people are hired by the firms in the west. And to them we are 'cheap labor'. However, now as the western firms are willing to invest in our country, the IT industry is sure to take the road of prosperity and the computer scientists produced here will be willing to work in their own country. The software giant Microsoft is already here in Pakistan so it won't be too long before other reputable firms come here! I chose computer science because of the endless opportunities that this industry provides to people and is sure to provide to the people of Pakistan as well because of its ever changing and developing nature which has made the life of a common man immensely comfortable. After my bachelors I'd like to do masters in business administration because I feel that the software business in Pakistan is just waiting to explode. It is good to see that now that the government is also taking actions to improve the state of the IT industry in order to compete with the rest of the world."

OSAMA MUHAMMAD AFZAL: "The IT industry of Pakistan is yet to make a difference at the world level. The basic reason behind this is many students after doing BS in computer science leave this realm and prefer doing MBA instead of continuing with computer science. And having got an MBA, they do something related to business and abandon the field of computer science because the world of business offers them better opportunities. I am doing BS in computer science and plan to make a difference in Pakistan. Many people, computer engineers, after getting computer education leave Pakistan for greener pastures. I will never leave Pakistan. I want to live here and want to let people know that one can do a lot living in one's own country and taking one's country at the height of success in any field. I am proud to be Pakistani. My goal is to get MS in computer science. In my point of view, this field is very vast and has a lot of room always to improve. At present, Pakistan needs good programmers who can work for their country and for this the Pakistan government is giving scholarships to the deserving students and want them to work hard for the country. We need people who can take Pakistan's name in the top 10 ranked countries of the world in the field of IT."

FAISAL ABIDI: "Initially my preference was to do Computer Engineering, but my Chemistry grades didn't meet the prerequisites of most universities, foreign and local, so I decided to apply for Computer Science. Misfortune is the best thing that happened to me as this led me to do Computer Science instead of Computer Engineering. I feel that I have found my calling. I want very much to go into research in Artificial Intelligence. Since the start of my journey here, I have engaged in rapid learning outside the university. I have been hands-on with C#, Java, PHP and MySQL and I plan to start on the DirectX API this winter. In future, a country will achieve dominance solely through technological superiority. In the developed countries, research is mostly conducted in universities. Major investment is required in this area if Pakistan is to survive in the world of tomorrow."





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