World leaders should have to come forward when politics and diplomacy is driven into ignorant and incompetent spheres, grooming bloodshed and war.

Dec 11 - 17, 2006

Around three years back, the European bloc was able to sort out Iran's nuclear program problem with incentives and held things off for two years.

This year, when the same problem came up again, it was Russian President Putin's efforts that helped ease the tension between Iran and USA. Putin had asked German Chancellor Merkel to stop any abrupt and erroneous efforts towards Iran. This peace making diplomacy is highly effective and needed in the world today, that is fast cruising towards the third world war. US administration does not know the use of sanctions which is a cost effective means of peacekeeping, and this is the reason why America is using military intervention for its peacekeeping.

It would be nice if Putin and Merkel can in the same manner meet with Pakistan and advise it to stop taking abrupt and erroneous steps for any kind of peacekeeping effort. World leaders should have to come forward when politics and diplomacy is driven into ignorant and incompetent spheres, grooming bloodshed and war.


Pakistan being a non political military ally of US has not been able to counter terrorism but has taken radicalism to the grass roots. Pakistan has two faces to US, one that it hidden and one is a mirror of US policy.

US policy towards Pakistan has been flexible due to a history of mutual military cooperation on taking abrupt and erroneous steps for peacekeeping. US and Pakistan friendship is based on radicalism which raises confusion and unrest. Unprocessed politico-military leadership coupled with US emotiono-political reactive overflows has helped US move towards back door management and the world closer towards a third world war.

Weak governance and lack of political element and enigma has made Pakistan a source of radicalism and this has helped groom terrorism at the grass root level. Pakistan being US ally had the responsibility of politically guiding US into this area and preventing use of force. America is cut off from the world in terms of political sense and no one teaches this kind of sense.

As a result Iran's nuclear bomb problem had become critical and was about to become the next source of pointless blood shed. Iran enjoys both soft power in Europe and has good terms with hard power countries. Iran has actually not mattered so much to Europe since Athens and Persia went to war in the 5th century. If European 3 leave Iran's side the world can easily cruise towards a third world war and it is not too early to figure out who would be the major players. Russia and Germany should put in concerted diplomatic efforts to keep things calm to prevent war.


Since US has gone ahead and cozied up with India offering it nuclear technology and other carrots, Pakistan has started playing a double role with US. Pakistan seemed to have gone behind the American back out of jealousy and helped Iran out. This was most unnecessary for any political purpose or policy. China on the other hand has offered more nuclear help to Pakistan. It will also suit China to offer India rival attractions by jointly bidding for assets in Iran and other countries that are out of favors with America. China's fast paced development has helped it jump up from the world seventh ranked economy to world's fourth ranked economy. China as a global economic power can now begin to play its political role which seems long due.

With US being the number one country of the world and Pakistan as its ally. People want to wonder who is wronging whom. It seems both parties have a double face to each other.

Last December, President Musharraf signed a dual-offices bill which provides a legal basis for the Presidency to remain tied to military authority. Musharraf has already extended his stay in power and is looking towards endurance and would be playing his game in slow motion, and will wait for Bush to finish his term, until then it will be the typical wait and watch scene, with some abrupt and erroneous efforts on and off.

George Bush will not be President for ever and soon as he leaves office, the new government would not be playing in tandem, because it would have its own political perspective and own policies. The democrats are usually more for peace and diplomacy and work with political leaders at middle order level, whereas, the Republicans like military rule for Pakistan.

For crisis management, the US Administration should always use sanctions because they are a low cost alternative to foreign military intervention. The problem is that the US has become more narrow-minded after the collapse of the USSR, due to its insecure nature. US Congressmen have little or no exposure to the world outside of North America. They do not know the complexities of the outside world and somehow just see things in black and white, in terms of good versus evil. All US Congressmen need degrees in International Affairs. If the US Congressmen learn more about the outside world, they can have proper know how about the use of sanctions. This can save lots of American lives.