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Dec 04 - Dec 10, 2006

The popularity of mutual funds as an investment vehicle has carved importance in financial markets for itself.

We all know the importance of saving for the future. But deciding where to invest and who to entrust with our money is not easy. Whether you are saving for that special event or looking to supplement your income, you need to know that your money is working for you and it is in good hands. Different types of investment will provide different levels of return and associated risks. If you are looking to invest over ten years or more, shares and bonds have historically provided better returns compared to other forms of investment. But most of us do not have the time, expertise or resources to invest successfully in the stock and bond markets.

Over the past decade, investors have turned to mutual funds to save for retirement and other financial goals. Lately, the stock market has performed more reliably for investors than any other investment! Wealth accumulation becomes possible if stocks are included in investment portfolios.

Collective investment vehicles such as mutual funds offer a convenient and low-cost alternative. They work by pooling a group of investors' money together to be invested by a professional fund manager. The fund manager has the responsibility of buying and selling shares and running the fund in accordance with a defined set of investment objectives. The investor benefits from the manager's expertise, shared dealing costs and a reduction in risk from a diversified portfolio.

Mutual funds have long offered the best way for investors who have only modest amounts of money to invest to obtain broad diversification and professional management.

With markets around the world trading near record highs, the job of selecting high-quality stock funds with staying power is a complex puzzle. Today, mutual funds all over the world are typically "sponsored" by professional investment advisory companies, which promote the funds as vehicles through which individual investors with limited wealth may pool their assets and diversify their risks when investing in the stock or bond markets.

Mutual Fund Advisories are firms that specialize in providing advice to clients about investing in mutual funds. Investors look for a licensed adviser purely for investment advice and someone to manage investment portfolio on their behalf. Advice can come in different formats: face-to-face, written (newsletters and advertisements), e-mail, SMS and Internet.

Choosing financial advisors is an important first step towards successful investment planning. Having access to sound, objective financial advice will be the key to a long-term financial success.

First International Investment Bank (INTERBANK) Fund Select is a recently launched mutual funds advisory in Pakistan, with a mission to help clients solve their financial problems and reach their most important life goals by providing sound and straightforward financial planning and advice.

Fund Select Advisory is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Fund Select Advisory partners with almost all Mutual Fund companies in the country to offer the best funds available in the market.

Life saving investment involves a great deal of confidence - confidence in the companies you invest in and confidence in the people who advise you and take care of your investments. INTERBANK's Fund Select Advisory stands on the foundations of confidence, trust, careful research and healthy skepticism.

The beauty of Fund Select Advisory is that it gives you stock market and fixed income diversification in one swoop, without any additional charges. Fund Select, the one-stop shop of the mutual fund world gives clients both equities and fixed-income investments, typically in several splits, all wrapped up in different investment strategies.

INTERBANK mutual funds advisory has established strong relationships with some of the most reputable mutual fund companies in the industry. Investment decisions are made keeping the needs of investors in focus, affording them a smooth, cost free and hassle free financial planning process.

Fund Select is "sophisticated" and "professional" because it offers hands-on advice as well as periodic reviews of customers' investment portfolios. It provides an insight into the Mutual Fund companies functioning in the industry and also the performance of their various funds.

While the benefits of diversification, professional management and convenience have earned mutual funds their place as an important building block in many investment portfolios, selecting the most appropriate mix of funds from a number of funds available can be an intimidating task.

Fortunately, INTERBANK can help simplify the process with, a comprehensive portfolio solution available through Fund Select.

Through Fund Select, clients are given the discretion to select funds, monitor their asset allocation and automatically rebalance their portfolio so their investments remain properly aligned with their objectives and risk-return profile.

Fund Select Investment Advisors work with clients to develop their asset allocation strategy and select recommended funds from the list of approximately 25 open-end funds available in the market, which is updated frequently. The Investment Advisor, with clients' approval, makes any necessary changes to their asset allocation and fund selection, in order to achieve maximum profits and stay ahead with market changes.

Investing through Fund Select Investment Strategies carries lower risk as compared to investing directly in one or few mutual funds. The strategies offered by INTERBANK Fund Select are Liquid Strategy, Conservative Strategy, Balanced Strategy, Aggressive Strategy and Islamic Strategy.

Fund Select Advisors carefully construct clients' investment portfolio to match their individual needs and objectives; and for all these value added services INTERBANK charges no additional amount from its clients. To sum it up, Fund Select offers:

* Access to personalized mutual fund investment solutions
* A fully diversified portfolio
* Ongoing analysis by knowledgeable research analysts
* Professional service

Today, mutual fund is one of the best investment avenues available to suit any kind of investment need. Investment through mutual funds is the safest, easiest and most convenient ways of successful investment. But a plethora of mutual fund schemes with different features makes it difficult for an investor to make the right choice.

First International Investment Bank (INTERBANK) boasts a dedicated task force to analyze the different schemes of mutual funds across various parameters on an ongoing basis. An arduous process with strict disciplinary levels is followed before offering any product, scheme or recommendation, because INTERBANK perceives itself to be morally bound as a trustee to its clients' investments.