Consider a Multi Modal Call Center

Feb 13 - 19, 2006

In today's competition-driven marketplace, the term "customer services" has taken on a new dimension and urgency. Customer-centric companies with a long-term vision are revamping their customer service setup and working model. An increasing number of businesses have recognized the need to provide information and support to the customers "any time and any where" through a one-window facility commonly referred to as Customer Service Call Centers. These organizations are actively setting up or planning to setup such support centers.

But what if your organization is operating more than one brands or is running more than one independent companies with each of these entities has its own identity and telephone number (UAN, Toll free or Short number code). Now imagine that each of these entities requiring a call center!

Well, the simplest and easiest approach would be to get a single telephone access number for the whole group where all subscribers from various services call and select their required brand/service from the IVR menu. This approach has limitations in the area of incoming call traffic pre-pick up identification, service segregation, line allocation, brand distinction, promotion and projection, greeting prompts, etc.

Another simpler approach will be to setup individual call centers for each brand. This, however, will not be the most cost-effective and optimal approach and will require you to have redundant resources that may not be fully utilized.

With the ongoing research, development and advancements in technology, there is a much better way to handle such situation. Business groups that are operating multiple independent companies can setup what is termed as a Multi-Modal Call center and support any number of independent companies, brands, products under one platform.

A Multi-Modal Call Center is a setup in which you can connect different UAN, Toll Free and other types of telephone numbers. You can then have multiple groups of call answering representatives with each group dedicated and responsible for their own company/brand.

A Multi-Modal Call Center handles the calls of all the companies under a group. Whenever a customer contacts the call center, the system is intelligent enough to identify and differentiate that which call is coming for which company/brand. The call center officer is provided the call along with a screen pop up of the relevant customer data from the database of that particular company. A Multi-Modal Call Center allows companies to handle multiple company calls at one call center utilizing optimized resources for maximum efficiency and output.

With the increased competition in today's business and ever-changing customer demands, it is imperative to have an active customer service strategy without compromising service standards and at the same time making maximum use of available resources. A multi-modal call center shines as a sophisticated and cost effective solution for multi-company/multi-product environments with an uncompromising concern for quality and efficiency.


A multi-modal call center offers a diverse set of strategic and operational benefits:

* Total investment will be distributed resulting in a faster return on investment (ROI) and lower cost of ownership for all concerned stakeholders.

* Optimized use of facilities like office space, furniture, power supply, backup systems and communication lines etc.

* Maximize the utilization of the human resources by effectively answering queries/ logging issues for a whole group of companies or several brands within a company.

* Each business can focus on their core product and expertise leaving the call center related tasks to the assigned call handling specialists

* Centralized logging, tracking and documentation capabilities provide knowledge regarding activities of multiple companies/brands with same level of focus.


There are several companies and business groups using the approach of a Multi Modal Call Center. Maersk is one of the largest liner shipping companies in the world, with a significant presence in Pakistan. Established in 1928 under the name of Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics and Maersk Safmarine is today one of the largest liner shipping companies in the world. The most successful multi company call center of Pakistan is implemented at Maersk Pakistan. Maersk is using ZRG multi-modal call center solution to support Maersk Line, Maersk Logistics and Maersk Safmarine from a single platform. The company is using a robust and highly customizable solution to handle their complex organizational requirements. The company is benefiting from maximum use of installed resources, data lines, switch features and human resources.

Mobilink GSM is the largest cellular communication provider in Pakistan with a subscriber base of over 10 Million users. Mobilink is using a Multi Modal call center solution by ZRG to support its complete range of products, ranging from Jazz pre-paid to Indigo post paid and its Connect Shops throughout Pakistan.

Similarly, Instaphone is using its call center to handle all calls related to landline based non-customers, registered customers for Insta Xcite and InstaOne. Using this proven approach, large groups and conglomerates having multiple companies operating separately can have one dedicated call center for all the companies.


As the leading Customer Contact Center solution provider and consulting organization, it is observed that ZRG International (www.zrg.com) has helped different organizations achieve their customer acquisition, service, development, and profit goals. When ZRG introduced the concept of Multi-Modal call centers in Pakistan, it became an instant hit in the market. ZRG has gained a high level of expertise in all facets that make up successful telephone and Internet based Customer Contact Centers including program design, planning, operational processes, technology solutions and management. The ZRG commitment to clients is to maintain the highest standards of quality consulting and knowledge transfer with an uncompromising concern for their success and bottom line.

ZRG has a dominant position in the call center solutions market with more implementations than any other solution provider in Pakistan. 12 out of 16 banks, 3 major cellular companies and the largest oil and gas companies, the largest shipping liner company are using ZRG call center solutions. A major chunk of our revenue comes from repeat sales with the existing customers, a fact that highlights our performance and satisfaction among our customers.

ZRG International can be contacted at info@zrg.com, or call at (021)111-974-111.