Oct 23 - Nov 05, 2006

In the highly competitive market place, winning customers and keeping them by providing the best services have become the top most priority for customer-centric organizations. An increasing number of companies are deploying centralized contact centers to provide services and support to their customers. These centers are also used to provide product information to potential customers and to capture lead information. Due to this critical role, the contact center needs to be up and available at all times, without exception.

Several big contact centers are already using multi node architecture with three nodes, i.e. in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. However, not all of them are intelligently interconnected. In the Banking sector, a few banks have multiple contact center nodes but these operate in isolation and independent of each other.

The Bank is operating on a broader scale and is involved in providing very attractive financial solutions on affordable terms. Bank Alfalah was growing rapidly and capturing new customers. Due to this growing popularity, the customer services front had to face lots of challenges. There were huge amount of call traffic from prospects and existing customers. The Bank's Customer service and support contact center with 48-seat setup, located in Karachi, was already operating at full capacity with no physical space left to accommodate more staff. Additionally, with a single location based contact center, the Bank did not have any provision and coverage for exceptional or disaster situations.

In order to handle the growing customer traffic and to cover for extra-ordinary situations, Bank Alfalah established another contact center node in the city of Lahore. This second node is intelligently connected with the first node and has the capability to route calls to and from the other node using most cost effective and reliable methods including VoIP, on-demand dialling, etc. This intelligent routing mechanism will provide the bank with several high value capabilities.

Although Bank Alfalah's management was highly satisfied with the existing contact center technology and services by ZRG International that was installed at Karachi node, the Bank wanted to ensure that Intel CTI based Contact Center solution by ZRG is still the best option available in the market. Bank Alfalah management obtained offers from several other vendors who were offering Contact Center technology.

After a detailed evaluation of all options and after going through a market analysis, Bank Alfalah realized the fact that Intel CTI Contact Center technology offered by ZRG is far much better and highly scalable and flexible as compared to other solution providers. The evaluation team of Bank Alfalah unanimously decided to award the contract to ZRG International.

Since the launch of operations of the 2nd node at Lahore, Bank Alfalah has started achieving various strategic and operational benefits it anticipated. The most obvious benefits for the bank are that both the IP based Contact Center nodes are integrated with each other for transparent call transfers for the purpose of specific agent, contingency handling, overflow traffic, service level factor, etc between Karachi and Lahore center for load sharing. Both the Centers have one standardized version of customer facts available to agents at both centers. The Bank's Contact Center has now new and improved reporting capabilities that give additional insight to the Bank about customer behaviour and satisfaction levels. This Multi-node contact center technology will help Bank Alfalah in coverage during natural or man-caused disasters.

"At Bank Alfalah, customer satisfaction remains our priority. It is only when we know our customers better, can we deliver a higher quality of services, and achieve our goals of customer retention and profitability. ZRG's contact centers have a sophisticated call routing mechanism to successfully handle various types of customers from all over the country. It includes a highly intelligent and most flexible call handling system that comes with very powerful Soft Phone software. ZRG has once again been there for us and has assisted us in improving customer services and enhancing efficiency of operations."

"ZRG's sophisticated contact center technology enables us to optimize the productivity of our human and technological resources by enabling us to handle more customers in a better and more efficient manner. The setup in Lahore will further help us in attaining our goals and enhancing our customer services. Thanks again to ZRG as it has always been there for us with its vast experience in this industry and its courteous and professional services."

ZRG Contact Center solution is ideal for today's customer services requirements because it is based on open standards CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology. It can be integrated with any industry standard and non-proprietary hardware, telephone switches and ACD, Databases and CRM application. It supports multiple channels of communications such as voice calls, fax, email, SMS and Web. Companies looking for next generation call handling solutions and capabilities find ZRG solutions highly cost-effective, reliable and scalable. Companies that are technology-savvy and have informed open minded professionals in their evaluation teams always select open standards based solutions over proprietary and closed architectures for the flexibility, ease of integration and long term cost-savings.

ZRG is a fast growing telecom solutions company with a strong focus on providing customer interaction and contact management solutions. Up till now, ZRG has provided its Contact Center technology to 14 out of 18 major banks in Pakistan. ZRG has installed its solutions at the largest and the busiest Contact Centers in the country including the largest cell phone company i.e. Mobilink, the first multi-company center at Maersk, and at customer services center of the largest oil marketing company, PSO. ZRG is also exporting Contact center solutions to the international market for the last 3 years and has earned a good name and image for Pakistan.