KHALID BUTT, Bureau Chief, Lahore
Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006

LUMS founded in 1986 has quickly established itself as an institute of international repute and preference in barely two decades. In a city with long standing traditions as a seat of learning and education during its recorded history this is not a mean achievement.

Lahore University of Management and Sciences, more commonly known as LUMS, has come a long way since it started with its MBA classes at the Suleman Dawood School of Business in 1986.

Located in 100-acre sprawling campus on the fringes of uptown Defence Housing Authority residential area, it rolled out its first batch of MBA graduates in 1988. From that modest start, the LUMS has grown into a university of note offering not only academic programs for MBA, Executive MBA, specially tailored courses for corporate bodies under long term arrangement, but a whole variety of bachelor, degree courses, post graduate studies and research facilities.

This includes BSC. (Honour) Program, MS Computer Science Program, MSC. Economics, PhD, B.A, LL.B and other specialized programs. The Campus has gradually mushroomed into a 'mini city' of its own, with its well-planned blocks complete with state-of-art facilities, recreational amenities, hostels, residential accommodation for its faculty and all other requirements befitting a modern day university campus.

A chat with the amiable Dr. Jawaid Abdul Ghani, the Professor and Dean of LUMS Suleman Dawood School of Business is both revealing and highly rewarding to get an insight of the success story.

A former MIT Assistant Professor with stints at some other foreign campuses of note, Dr. Ghani in quick to outline what has made LUMS tick. Its celebrated and large faculty with over 20 PhD's is one reason. LUMS, he said, boasts of a faculty drawing its members from many highly rated universities of west like Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and other campuses of note in US, France and other countries. Another reason is its strict policy of merit, non-inference and allowing it to function without any pressure. Even the students are allowed to freely express their opinion and allowed to blossom out their hidden talent and capability.

LUMS, he said, was also completely free of any outside influences, bias or unnecessary pressure visible elsewhere.

The entire atmosphere and ambience of LUMS is of an educational center focused on producing students with quality education.

LUMS, according to him offers a unique learning experience providing exposure to both local and global business environments through the use of "Case Method" Each class is simulation of real business situation, giving the student, an a clear feel of the dynamics of a working environment and how managers need to think on their feet to take timely and effective decisions.

Interaction with business leaders, a mandatory internship project and frequent visits to local business organizations keep the student in touch with the actual business environment.

LUMS has today 2500 students on its rolls; about 200 students are in two classes of MBA alone, according the Dean.

LUMS graduates are being readily absorbed both at home and abroad, with the ratio being 90 percent on domestic level. Their average earnings, he said have shown steady increase over the years with LUMS graduates being the most sought after by leading local employers and foreign companies and multi-nationals.

A visit to LUMS and its various facilities of the campus makes one happy and proud for its sheer elegance, discipline, cleanliness and orderly functioning. Having been to many well-known universities in England, France, Germany, Australia and North America, I find LUMS as a role model even by international standards.


The Suleman Dawood School of Business was the first school established at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1986, following a growing recognition that Pakistan needed good managers to meet the challenges of the future. We decided this goal involved an original and innovative curriculum, a high quality student intake and a motivated and qualified faculty, according to its promoters.

The school offers an intensive full-time MBA program and a modular Executive MBA. In addition, its Executive Centre, Raising Executive Development Center offers short duration programs for executives. The school also carries out rigorous economic and management research through the LUMS Research Center, The Small & Medium Enterprise Center, Social Enterprise Development Center and the Case and Research Center.

The need to possess a challenging and relevant curriculum suggested the use of case studies rather than conventional lectures to impart knowledge. This decision was supported by close collaboration with Harvard Business School and the University of Western Ontario (UWO), both of which are pioneers in this teaching philosophy.

At the same time, the commitment towards academic and professional excellence is supported by the existence of a "Visiting Committee", comprising academics and administrators from world renowned universities and institutions including Harvard and UWO, as well as IMD, Cambridge, Stanford, McGill, and the Asian Institute of Management. From this year onwards case studies will be supplemented by Competency and Professional Development (CPD) designed specifically to develop leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship skills in its graduates. Students would be made to attend professional development workshops on topics such as personal productivity and time management, interpersonal effectiveness, creativity, career development and presentation and public speaking skills. Students will also be given the opportunity to actively participate in professional clubs, to interact with and learn from senior executives, to be exposed to debates on current affairs, geopolitics and values in local culture and participate in field visits and engage in consulting projects.

LUMS maintains a close relationship with the business world, which acts as a source of advice and information. Especially in the MBA program, this interaction not only helps to keep the curriculum relevant to the needs of business organizations, but also ensures that the students are exposed to the dynamics of the corporate world. Business leaders actively interact with both faculty and students through frequent visits, seminars and as guest speakers and their perspectives enrich the classroom experience. Some of the eminent business leaders include:

Additionally, industry linkages are strengthened by the involvement of MBA faculty in teaching and training in the Executive Development Programs that are attended annually by more than 2,000 senior executives and managers from the corporate world.

Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Finance, Revenue & Economic Affairs

Chief Executive Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Global Consumer Group, Citibank

Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy & Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Professor of Anthropology, John Hopkins University USA

President, Khushhali Bank, Pakistan

Chairman, Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd.

Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor.

Chief Executive Officer, Global Corporate & Investment Bank Central Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa
Citigroup International

President, Yum! Restaurants International (YRI).

To further enrich the learning experience, LUMS has established institutional links with renowned centers of excellence around the world including LUMS has also successfully instituted exchange programs with Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm School of Business, F H Joanneum, School of International Management Austria and University Utara Malaysia. LUMS student exchange program is currently active with the following institutes:

•Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India
•Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India
•Copenhagen School of Business, Denmark

The Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), recognizing the standards at LUMS has recently awarded the South Asian Quality System (SAQS) accreditation to the Suleman Dawood School of Business. The Asian Development Bank, recognizing LUMS as a centre of excellence, awards full scholarships to MBA applicants from ADB member countries. Students from China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Turkmanistan and the UAE and the Philippines, have already availed this scholarship and after completing their MBA at LUMS are pursuing successful careers in their own countries. The blend of cultures helps in student learning and indirectly exposes students to the global perspectives and industry trends.

Since its inception LUMS has followed the policy of never refusing admission on financial grounds. The University disburses aid in the form of loans, scholarships, tuition waivers and work compensation to deserving students. Scholarships and loans from external donors are also available. In the financial year 2005-06 alone a total of Rs. 37,886,125 was disbursed to the students in the form of scholarships and loans and of this Rs. 5,233,250 was given to MBA students alone. The external donors for the MBA program include HEC-USAID, HEC-Japanese Need, FEF Scholarship, Asian Development, ICI Pakistan Scholarship, Uch Power, Gulistan, Unilever, Engro, Burque, Best Way Foundation, Ali Fund, Asad Foundation, Mobilink, PICIC Commercial Bank and alumni.

To promote quality education within the region, LUMS aggressively markets its programs to induct bright individuals from outside Pakistan as well. To date, students from countries like China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, have benefited from LUMS MBA education. The Business School has been successful in attracting students from China, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka. This has been a result of consistent marketing efforts and the excellent placement record of our alumni in these countries. The Suleman Dawood School of Business also has research linkages with the following renowned institutes:

*McGill University (CIDA)
*University of Essex
*University of Chicago
*University of Sussex
*Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
*Institute of South Asia Studies, National University Singapore

LUMS MBA graduates are among recruiters' favorites. These bright and action-oriented

Individuals, with a proactive approach to problem solving, have established themselves as a useful resource at various organizations all over the world. Our MBA graduates are recognized for their excellent analytical abilities, effective communication skills and capacity for sustained hard work. These graduates are offered excellent positions and are well equipped to handle the various challenges they face as soon as they enter the work environment. Some of the recruiting organizations include:

Pakistan Tobacco Company
Capula Tele- Service/Dubai
JP Morgan
Procter & Gamble
Citibank N.A
ICI Pakistan Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser
Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd
Shell Pakistan
Dubai Islamic Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Ernst & Young
Unilever Pakistan
CISCO Systems, Dubai
JP Morgan Pakistan
Deutsche Bank
Pakistan State Oil
Maersk Sealand
Siemens Pakistan Engineering Ltd
World Bank
Mashreq Bank (Dubai)

The placement statistics of the MBA class of 2006 show the excellent response the MBA graduates get from the industry.

From meeting the ever-changing demands of technology to responding effectively to global challenges of the business environment to understanding the legal and social framework of a developing country, LUMS continues to be the first choice of individuals daring to make a difference.