A shining future for this elite institution in the future development of the country.

KHALID BUTT, Bureau Chief, Lahore
Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006

The advent of Business Administration discipline in our educational system though started belatedly has played a key role in our economy by producing cadre of able and well-rounded executives. In the evolution of business administration as an integrated discipline of the educational system, Punjab University, the oldest University of Pakistan has been in the forefront. Some of the former students, from its various disciplines have excelled in performing meritorious services both at home and abroad. Business Administration was first introduced as a full-fledged department in 1972, under Prof. Dr, Kh.Amjad Saeed as its head. The department in Lahore under Prof. Kh. Saeed started off with MBA (Marketing) classes. In 1989, it was elevated to the status of Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Later on in 1992, the IBA launched post-graduate diploma in business administration, and in 1996, introduced MBA evening classes. In 2002, IBA launched PhD classes, followed by BBA (honours) classes in 2005. Presently the IBA has over 150 seats for both male and female students, in their MBA evening classes alone. In the regular morning MBA marketing classes there are 85 seats. The overall number of students of both genders in the IBA presently is nearly 1000. IBA on its rolls has a highly qualified faculty consisting of 13 permanent members and 15 visiting professors. The IBA boasts of a galaxy of eminent former students, who have excelled on a national and international level. The list includes such luminaries like President of Union Bank, Shaukat Tareen, Aneeq Khawar of Habib Bank, Test Cricketer and banker Ramiz Raja of Allied Bank. Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Dr. Irfan Butt, Prof. Asaf Iftikhar, Zoraiz Lashari and many others who have all risen in their respective chosen areas. Out of the 2505 candidates who obtained admissions in IBA so far 2075 had successfully passed out and have been all gainfully employed. Lahore IBA, has been run by Prof. Dr. Ehsan Malik, its present ebullient and workaholic Director since March 20, 2002. In a rambling chat with PAGE, the Director took great pride in the remarkable and most notable progress made by the institute during the past few years. The most noteworthy development, according to him was the recent completion of Rs.80 million new modern blocs of IBA to meet its ever-growing requirements. In view of the growing demand and expansion the IBA was in dire need of a new bloc and undertake extension of its premises. The entire expenditure on the extension, he says, was met by IBA from its own resources. This is not a mean achievement for us, he added The state-of-art impressive new facility adjacent to the old premises catches your eye no sooner you approach the sprawling new campus of the Punjab University on the canal bank the most picturesque and ideal location for a university campus. There are six modern and well-equipped theatre halls in the new facility with all possible hi-tech facilities. The foundation stone of the new bloc was laid on 9/11 in 2003 and its inaugural ceremony was held recently on the auspicious occasion of 14th August 2006. The classes in this new and the most modern educational facility are to formally begin in the resplendent new IBA premises in the coming Ramadan period. We have chosen the sacred month of Ramadan, as the starting point for this most modern educational infrastructure facility in the country. Already, Prof. Ehsan Malik said IBA Lahore in view of its high standard, attractive location and modern facilities had become the most preferred business administration institute in the country. It was also drawing increasing number of foreign students, especially from neighboring and brotherly Islamic countries due to its high repute and congenial atmosphere. He said IBA; Lahore was offering liberal scholarships to deserving students 70 to 80 percent- to encourage them. He further added that many of the students were able to get gainful internships while still pursuing their studies and not a single former student was known to be without a suitable assignment which was a matter of great pride and satisfaction. However, he felt IBA needs to enlarge and strengthen its faculty, which was becoming increasingly inadequate due to its rapid expansion. Vice Chancellor has been requested to help out the IBA to overcome this problem and he was quite sanguine the matter would be tackled on a priority basis. Prof. Ehsan, who has had a long stint at Punjab University both as a teacher and administrator, takes immense pride in his chosen profession and foresees a shining future for this elite institution in the future development of the country.


Dr Muhammad Ehsan Malik Professor & Director of IBA says our Mission is: At IBA, we are committed to developing solid, well-versed business generalists-versatile people who can function effectively in any kind of business environment. Our curriculum is designed to turn out individuals who aspire for leadership positions. We graduate well-trained executive-caliber men and women.


Our objectives at IBA are to provide opportunities to people entering graduate and post-graduate education in the field of business administration to enable the students to survive and progress in an increasingly competitive job market to strengthen their skills and knowledge for perusal of future aspirations Introduction Institute of Business Administration (IBA) traces its history back to 1972 when it was established as a department. Later on, in 1987, the department was upgraded to the status of institute. This was a great milestone in the history of the University, as IBA was the second institute in Pakistan where Business Administration was taught. The Institute was shifted to its existing building in 1994. Over the years, IBA has earned national and international repute for its teaching and research. Continuous improvement of courses helps the Institute to anticipate and reflect business trends. Emphasis on projects and teamwork makes learning a challenging and stimulating experience and develops the personal initiative and communication skills, which are in such high demand with today's employers. In order to cater to the needs of variety of students, IBA is offering the following graduate and post-graduate programs. MBA (Morning) Offered to fresh graduates, this program spans over 4 semesters and covers 75 credit hours in two years. The whole package consists of 23 courses with compulsory two-month business attachment to furnish the graduate with practical exposure. Presently, the Institute offers EIGHT areas of specialization i.e. Marketing, Finance, Quantitative Business Analysis, Industrial Management, Accounting, Banking, Information Technology and Human Resource Management. To date, IBA has produced 2701 MBAs in 30 batches. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration With the objective of providing management-cum-computer education to in-service employees" and students, PGD in Business Administration was introduced in 1992. It consists of four terms of three months each, covering 12 courses. MBA (Evening) to impart management education to in-service executives, MBA evening program was introduced in 1995. The course contents and other requirements are exactly in accordance with full time MBA (morning) Program except the two-month internship. So far 1430 MBA-Executives have been produced. Ph.D. Program IBA achieved another milestone by introducing Ph.D. in Business Administration in 2002. The Program focuses on scientific education and creation of research competence among managers and administrators. BBA Hon (Morning & Evening) Started in 2005, this program is aimed at high-caliber under graduate students who are both academically able and exhibit strong managerial potential. This program spreads over 8 semesters and will cover 132 credit hours in 4 years. The package consists of 42 courses with 2 months internship in any reputed public or private organization. This program will lead to MBA 1Ω-year program. BBA Hon evening course contents and other requirements are exactly in accordance with BBA Hon morning. However, the program runs on self-support basis. MBA 1Ω Years Students completing their BBA (Hon) shall get admission into this program. The program will consist of 3 semesters to be completed in 11/2 years. Courses will be taught in two semesters and the final semester will be covered by dissertation. Post-Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management The objective of offering this program is to equip the human resource with the skills of efficient management of Agricultural Business. The program spreads over 1 year with four terms. Key aspects underlying IBA's success include:


The Institute is located within University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore. The present campus is entirely purpose-built and prides itself upon the state-of-the-art equipment, the finest learning aids and environment. The campus houses lecture rooms, seminar rooms, computer labs, library, and faculty offices and staff offices. Recently a new state-of-the-art building worth more than 8 million has been constructed. The Institute has done 100% self-financing, which is an unprecedented example of self-reliance. The educational experience is augmented by a sophisticated and continuously evolving IT structures in the form of well-equipped, modern computer labs.

The University of Punjab has the largest Fiber Optic Cables Local Area Network involving more than 35 KM single and multimedia fiber optic cable as backbone and more than 2,000 nodes, which connects all existing departments and hostels with each other.

University Main Server (Quaid-i-Azam Campus) is equipped with the latest hardware that includes 2500/ 3600 Series Cisco Routers, Switch blade, high-end layer 3/2 manageable and unmanageable switches, Cisco Pix Firewall 525, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH equipment) through which the server room is linked with Garden Town Exchange via Fiber Optic Cable, Access Server 5350, proxy server, Traffic Monitoring Server, Web Server, Data Server, Backup Server, Radius Server, FTP server and a DNS Server with the latest specifications. Virtual Library The Library has developed a database under the CDS/ISIS designed by the UNESCO to cater the needs of its patrons. Online public access catalogue (OPACs) terminals are available for searching. We have an access to the largest sources of online research journals and databases.


At IBA we focus on preparing the students for the challenges of leadership. In order to equip the students with those skills needed to grapple with exactly the kinds of decisions and dilemmas managers confront every day extensive case study teaching, compulsory research projects, 8-week internship etc have been made necessary items of our curriculum. Research Culture IBA is the first business institution in Pakistan, which started its doctoral program in 2002.

To promote the research culture research projects on various actual problems of different organizations are carried out.


The best measure of the success of an educational institution is the success of its alumni, and IBA is well known to have an influential alumni network inside and outside Pakistan. IBA graduates are leaders in an exceptionally broad range of organizations, including entrepreneurial companies, banks, established firms, government, and nonprofit organizations.


The Institute is linked internationally with several institutions in respect of academic and research assignments. Some of the current linkages are with United Nations International Trade Center (UNITC), Geneva, Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), Asian and Pacific Development Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sumitomo Corporation Japan and Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, Japan.