Producing competent managers and good human beings

SHABBIR H. KAZMI, Special Correspondent
Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006

Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) offers broad-based, cross-functional business education required to meet the challenge of fast changing economic fundamentals. The aim of the Institute is to provide education which responds to the ever-changing needs of business and community. HIMS, like the entire campus of Madinat al-Hikmah, is located in a pollution free environment laced with gardens and orchards. It is housed in Naemat Hall which was conceived as an integral component of the larger master plan of Hamdard University. The overall theme of the complex draws inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of Islamic tradition. The overall architectural plan is climatically responsive, with simplicity as the prime consideration that blends with the subtle tradition of regional and cultural craftsmanship.

HIMS faculty members have been carefully selected and represent diverse academic and research backgrounds. They share one common trait: a love of teaching. Students get a change to meet scholars, researchers, authors, and leading business professionals, who make sure that the theoretical understanding of business problems is improved by an awareness of real-world issues. The Institute also ensures that internship opportunities are available with leading Pakistani and multinational organizations to enrich the academic experiences. Outside the classroom, students get a chance to actively get involved in social and extra-curricular activities.

HIMS promises to help students in research studies and tutorials as well as animated discussions in classrooms. The faculty comprises of not only professionals but also committed to their students. Faculty, staff and administrators starting with the Dean and Director downwards follow an open-door policy. Small classes are the norm and individual attention is the goal. Students feel at ease when asking questions and they can be sure of the reply to their satisfaction. Faculty deeply cares about students' questions and concerns and look forward for input from all the stakeholders. As counselors, advisors and mentors, faculty members work closely with students and their parents/guardians to help them make the best choices, inside and outside the classroom.

HIMS prepare its graduates to not only become competent managers but also good human beings. It attaches great importance to ethical and moral aspect of the education. In the words of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, Founder-Chancellor, "Education at Hamdard should touch all aspects of development- intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and cultural. The multi-disciplinary approach to learning assures that HIMS' graduates are well prepared to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. At HIMS the faculty is busy in creating leaders to lead the country to new strength, dynamism and prosperity.

HIMS helps the students and graduates alike in their endeavor to secure professional internships and employment. In addition to their professionalism and leadership, the social initiative and grooming inspired within Hamdard's halls of learning is an attribute of distinction for the graduates. Internships are arranged at leading organizations, socializing of students with the business environment in corporate culture thereby facilitating their transition from academic to corporate world.

HIMS graduates are nurtured by the strong institutional vision of "Pursuit of Excellence", imbibing them with the Hamdard's value system of honesty, loyalty and perseverance. The graduates have attained a professional caliber and leadership roles and have proved their competence in diverse business environments like those of the Middle East, Europe and North America.

The institute emphasizes the training of students with hands-on experience in leading multinational and national enterprises. Students going through internships are carefully monitored by the faculty. Experiences gained by the students from their work in enterprises are discussed in the classroom. In addition, an effective job-oriented placement service is available for graduates.

HIMS, the constituent institution of Hamdard University, has been granted 'A' rating by the Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan 4-star rating by the Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee, Government of Sindh. This recognition is there because: 1) HIMS offers facilities comparable to the best business institutes around the world, 2) highly qualified and dedicated faculty, 3) exceptional students faculty ratio and 4) purpose-built buildings. HIMS Seminar Library, backed by 'Bait al-Hikmah' is one of the largest libraries in the country. It has half a million books and manuscripts and has access to over 14,000 research journals via HEC digital library. Fully equipped computer labs have state-of-the-art equipment, Internet hours at highly subsidized rates are provided to HIMS students by Hamdard Education Net (HEN), an exclusively educational ISP. Language Labs with sophisticated facilities are available for teaching English and other languages. Spacious auditorium are equipped with the latest audio-visual aid. Separate hostel facilities are available for men and women. A modern cafeteria serves wholesome and nutritious food to students and their guests.

Deciding about seeking higher education, particularly business administration is not easy. It is certainly an important decision but then one confronts even more challenging choice, which institute to join? The multitude of websites and scores of prospectuses attracts all and sundry. Academic excellence is undoubtedly the most important factor in deciding, which institution to join. A lot happens during studies and HIMS promises to make this the most rewarding. Can HIMS experience be one yon can remember and cherish?



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