Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006

Sir University of Science and technology was established of 7th October 1993 and regular classes were started from 27th March 1994 coinciding with the death anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan it is completely based on the ideology and concept of sir Syed Ahmed khan. Sir Syed used to say about 125 years back that he wants my students to have holy Quran on one should and science and technology on the other shoulder.

These observations were made by Z.A. Nizami the founder President of Sir Syed University of Science and Technology which has grown to height within a short span of 12 years that it had to acquire a 500 acres of land to establish a huge complex to house all faculties related to science and technology and modern education.

In fact this university was a dream to the wishes of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who was a great supporter for modern education amongst the Muslim but with a strong belief to acquire moral values and norms in accordance with the teachings of Islam and holy Quran. In fact, he wanted to see Muslim Ummah as second to none in the world in all aspects of modern learnings.

Working in accordance to his wishes, Sir Syed University of Science and Technology is endeavoring to fulfill his desires by transforming our human resources well equipped with the modern learnings and socio, religious and human values that is the prime objective of this organization.

Z.A. Nizami observed that this university is strictly based on those principles and over the years of its existence this university has emerged on the map of science and technology and accredited by so many international educational institutions around the world. It is the member of the international university conference of UNESCO and other world organizations. The monitoring team of the government has given the credit rating as very good to the Sir Syed University for science and technology. Whatever we have attained is due to collective efforts.

Recalling the beginning of the journey, he said we had started with merely with 60 students, however, the strength of the students has now reached to an impressive size of 4500 today. Out of the total about 100 are doing their masters, and four are doing their Ph.D. Apart from morning classes, students are participating in the evening classes in different disciplines of Information Technology, so far over 10,000 have got training from Sir Syed University of Science and Technology. Actually, we are imparting training in the field of IT with a strong belief and confidence a crop of quality professionals rather than sending in great quantity. These participants are being produced to respond the market demand and they earn a lot when they go to practical life.

We are imparting training in electronic engineering, bio medical engineering; computer engineering which is much in demand. We are concentrating on those subjects, which are needed in the market.

SSU take pride in introducing the bio-medical engineering department for the first time in Pakistan and the graduates here are so much in demand that they are offered jobs, while they are still in the middle of their course. It is the only University, which has a strong, and powerful career planning and placement bureau identifying over 6000 employers for internship, on the job training or direct employment to our graduates.

According to a latest survey about 212 graduates of our university today are enjoying respectable positions in different organizations in the United States.

Regarding faculty strength of the university he said today we have 210 teachers, out of them about 40 percent are foreign qualified and about 30 of them are Ph.D. as we strongly believe that then person serving the university should be properly compensated. We pay them in accordance to their experience, education and their teaching qualities.

Commenting over the current state of education especially at college level, he agreed that most of colleges are admitting students only for the sake of registration, but most of them are not engaged in proper classes and students have no choice but to go to coaching centers. It is very important to known that there is a mushrooming of substandard educational institutions only with an objective to make money. This trend needs to be checked properly. There are certain institutions offering degrees in IT and get a large number of people at their strength, yet when their students or graduates go the market their degrees are not recognized hence it is a sheer waste of time, efforts and wealth. However, I must appreciate that the policy of the present government is control the mush room growth of such organizations.

On the request of Dr. Ata Urrehman, President Musharraf had conducted a special meeting on the subject in which some vital decisions were taken. One of the decisions in this meeting was to effectively control mush room of such organizations, another important decision was that the private sector organization which are doing well and providing quality education should be treated at par with the public sector organizations.

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Source: Ministry of Education