The top priority is to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students

SHABBIR H. KAZMI, Special Correspondent
Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006

The inspirations and success of our nation depend upon education and its growth through regress efforts and hard work. Government alone cannot achieve this important objective, private sector has a very pivotal role to play along-with the government in order to realize the dream to become one of the leading independent nation of the world.

KASBIT is a higher education institution being managed by the private sector. It was established in October 1999 to cater the needs of those students who desire quality education in the area of business management and information technology. KASBIT is a part of the KASB group of companies, which is one of the oldest and leading business groups of Pakistan.

KASBIT has obtained ISO-9001 certification and also the member of The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). Its campus is situated in Sindhi Muslim Society in Karachi, which is easily accessible by all kinds of transport from various parts of the city. The campus has a purpose built structure spread over approximately 28,000 sq. ft covered area. It is well furnished, air conditioned and properly maintained with provision for all necessary facilities.

To achieve its mission, KASBIT got affiliated with National University of Science and Technology and within a short period, it managed to obtain HEC recognition and Charter by the Government of Sindh as a degree awarding Institute. It also earned reputation for imparting high quality education. According to its Mission Statement: KASBIT exists to help students realize their educational goals. The Institute's first priority is to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students so that they can assume leadership roles in their future professions.

In order to accomplish its mission, programs and activities have been designed to help students develop the academic competencies, professional skills, critical and creative abilities. The dedicated team of foreign qualified faculty members demonstrates excellence in teaching. It honors and rewards high performance in learning, teaching, scholarship, research, service and creative activity. Because the quality of academic programs is central to the mission, KASBIT encourages intellectual curiosity and protect the multiple expressions of academic freedom. KASBIT offers admission in under-graduate, graduate and post graduate programs in the disciplines of Business Administration and Information Systems. Admission is open to all and there is no gender discrimination.

Being a purpose built institute KASBIT has spacious classes and lecture rooms, which can accommodate students in a comfortable study environment. All classes and lecture rooms are air-conditioned and furnished with designer tabular chairs for additional comfort of the students. The classes and lecture rooms are provided with the latest teaching aids such as multimedia, overhead projectors, audio and video system etc.

KASBIT Resource and Information Center can be termed one of the best and most modern facilities for the students and faculty. This center has textbooks, reference material, and journals and periodicals sections. The library has special collections of books on materials relating to management sciences and information systems. KASBIT has its own web site, which is updated regularly. Information about the Institute can be downloaded from the website.

KASBIT also has state-of-the-art computer laboratory, instructional aids and services. It has two computer laboratories equipped with Pentium-IV workstations for students and has plans to increase it to 5 subsequently. In addition software development house has facilities for design and development of software for training and on market demand. Various operating systems and software environment consists of all popular operating systems used in commerce and industry.

The management of the KASBIT has set the highest standards for the professional development of faculty and staff. The management assesses their performance so that every area of the Institute's life can be continually improved and renewed. It recognizes and rewards their efforts of greatest distinction and provides national leadership. KASBIT seeks to provide an environment conducive to innovation, experimentation and creativity. It encourages all members of the faculty and staff to take intellectual and creative risks and to embrace changes that can help in achieving mission of the Institute.

KASBIT has on its regular faculty list four professors, three foreign qualified Ph. Ds, two Associate professors with more than 30 years teaching experience at their credit, four Assistant Professors and twenty five lecturers having M. Phil, MBA, M.Com, MPA qualifications from reputed universities.

Academic advising/counseling is an essential element of the educational process. It is mandatory for the advisor to arrange a meeting with the students at least once a semester. Students are responsible for adhering to Institute's policies and procedures. Senior faculty, staff and students representatives keep close vigilance for maintaining discipline. Any violation is dealt with the policy specifically designed for the purpose, which is in line with current needs and cultural requirements of our nation. The Institute expects the students, as mature members of the academic community, will adherer to the highest standards of personal and academic integrity.

KASBIT has established linkages between academia and industry to encourage formation of innovative business incubator programs, promote knowledge based enterprise development, create better jobs and boost economic growth. In this context, students get job much before their final examination results.

KASBIT has produced about 200 business and information technology graduates till this time and they are serving in different organizations in Pakistan and abroad. They are contributing in the development of corporate sector through their innovative and creative skills.