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Sep 25 - Oct 01, 2006


In 1955 considering the future requirements & significance of trained managers, the University of Karachi established an Institute of Business & Public administration (IBPA) in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania, USA. Government of Pakistan & US Government Technical Aid Program sponsored the institute jointly. This institute served for a couple of years but later its Public Administration program due to some technical reasons couldn't continue further. But later upon realizing the value, need & uprising demand of public administration as a separate professional course the University of Karachi re-initiated a two-year M.A degree program. Recently, Bachelor's in Public Administration & MAS (Master in Administrative Sciences) have also been introduced. Not only that but the department is also running a diploma program in public administration.


The philosophy behind these programs is to prepare the future managers to take up the challenges of practical world & to help the students to understand the managerial tasks that come up in real life situation. MPAs & MAS have double advantage over the graduates as they are not only aware of the administrative issues of public sector but also trained how to tackle the administrative dilemmas that confront the private sector and this is the specialty of the program.

MPAs & MAS today are playing a pivotal role in progress of different organizations & looking at the future demand of professionals it can be predicted easily that public administration graduates will continue playing their major role in development of economy & country both.


Bachelors of Public Administration (BPA) Honors: The department of public administration offers morning/ evening program, leading to Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) honors a three-year degree program

Masters program (Morning & Evening): The department offers morning / evening program leading to Master of Public Administration (MPA), a two year program with specialization in Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance, Management Information System & Legal Dimensions.

Masters in Administrative Science (MAS) (Evening): The department of Public Administration offers Masters in Administrative Science (MAS) a two-year degree program with specialization in Human Resources Management, Health & Safety Occupation & Labour Administration

Post- Gradate Diploma in Public Administration (Evening): The department of public administration offers Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration a one year program leading to Masters in Administrative Science (MAS).

M.Phil. /Ph D program: The department also offers M Phil/ PhD program s in various disciplines of public administration. Candidates with excellent performance are encouraged to apply for M.Phil/ PhD admissions.

Forthcoming Programs: Diploma in human resources management, master in Human

Resources Management, Diploma in Labour laws & Administration, Diploma in Urban Studies & Diploma in Hospital Administration


Aims & objectives: The bachelor of public administration (BPA) honors program provides professional education for individual willing to join & serves the public or private sector. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of the theories of organization, with particular references to organization functioning within the public & business sector; research methodologies for the analysis of complex systems & for seeking operational solution to problems; management technologies, including the use of sophisticated information system for the maintenance of on going decision- making system. This course of study is recommended for students who wish to achieve a managerial position in government & business organizations.


Aims & objective: It is a professional course designed for those seeking managerial positions in public & private organizations. MPA degree focuses on senior & middle level management roles in government & commercial organizations. The course has been redesigned to meet the challenging demand of trained managers in the public & corporate world.


Marketing management: The public administration program degree in marketing helps prepare students for managerial positions, developing proficiencies in international business, and marketing, advertising & marketing research

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT (HRD): This area of specialization, HRD prepares students for understanding & solving the issues of people at work. Focus is on latest ideas & development, personal affairs, & developing the skills & abilities of the employees.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: The degree with major financial management aims to provide students with general academic background necessary to work at senior & middle level management positions in banks & other financial institutions. It focuses on the analysis of financial statements & security analysis

DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES: Public administration degree major in development strategies focuses on the problems & issues faced by different governments to fulfill the tasks of progress & adapt the system according to communal & environmental changes.

LEGAL DIMENSION OF PUBLIC ACTION: A legal dimension is a specific area of concentration designed to fulfill legal requirements of administration. It analysis the legal aspects of different government & commercial organizations

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM: Public administration degree major in management information system combines study in administration & computer science. This program includes technologies of Computer Science.


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The MAS program is a new professional degree introduced to cater the increasing needs of management & administration both in private and public sectors. The course has been designed for in service people who can develop their qualification further. Making the candidates more valuable in market the course also aims at imparting sound professional knowledge & skills.

Fields of specialization

Labour Administration
Human Resource Management
Health Service Administration


AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The main objective of the PGDPA program is to provide an academic orientation in the professional subject. This would be of tremendous use for those who are desirous of joining the governmental department, autonomous bodies & private organization.


CASE ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY: The contemporary method for educating future business leaders at DPA is case analysis method. Students study real business problems faced by organizations and discuss the possible solutions for it. That prepares them to face the challenging world of business while entering into the practical life.

TEACHING METHODS: The most important component of teaching is the combination of theory with its practical application. For this purpose teaching methods takes the form of lectures & group discussions, class presentations, individual & group projects, case studies & field research with the use of audio- visual assistance

LECTURES & SEMINARS: In order to maintain the standard of education, extension lectures & seminars are regularly held in which eminent speakers & professional are invited & various current & related topics are discussed

PUBLICATION: The department has its student's magazines of morning & evening, which are regularly published. The department has its own newsletter published semester wise.

INTERNSHIP: Internship is a strong & vital part of our academic program. The students are required to take internship in national & multinational corporation & companies for 6 weeks, at least once during their academic session.


Department of Public Administration has played a pivotal role in developing the leaders of tomorrow in the fields of Business and Public administration. Graduates from DPA are working in leading National and Multinational organizations and helping them in achieving their developing objectives.


Chairman, Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi

The Capricorn, I am about to introduce, could be seen more than happy to put in a full day at the office, realizing that it was to likely take a lot of those days to get to the top. That was no problem; for Mr. Dr. Syed Humayun, the Chairman of dept. of Public Administration ñ Karachi University; since both ambitious and determined: he knew slowly and gradually he will make it to the top and so he did. Life is one big project for this Capricorn folk and he adapts to this by adopting a businesslike approach to almost everything he does.

Completing his schooling from Nabukumar Institute (Bangladesh) where he brought his alma-mater the joy of seeing a first A-Division after 2 dull decades, he did his intermediate from Decca College (Bangladesh). Then, he topped in his b-com (honors) & gained a gold medal in MA (Political Science & International Relations) followed by a Ph.D in Political Science. Being a born Bengali of course he was very much interested in the Bengali Regional Movement, which lead him to yet another achievement of his. In the year 1995, he managed to write a book ëSheikh Mujeebís Six Point Formulaí, which gained popularity nation-wide. Not only that the Sweden government gave him scholarship in the same year in Uppsala University to attend a conflict resolution conference. And in the year 1991, the American government chose him to represent Pakistan in the ëbicentenary celebrationsí of the Bill of Rights ñ A proud moment not only for him but also for all those who in one way or the other have been related to him. All of his current students can already picture themselves bragging about it to my to-be kids that I have had the honour of actually being a student of such an amazing personality.

What inspired him to come into the field of teaching after having so many credits on his plate already? In answer to this question he boldly states that he was never meant to be one for those ëyes sir, no sir jobsí. He believes in freedom of right, expression and speech and not wanting to confine his independent characterís rock-like sterling qualities he wanted to transfer them into the youth of today and the future of tomorrow. This is what led him into the practical world of teaching where on the way his inspirations have been his own teachers, Dr. Muzaffer and Dr. Manzoor- ud ñ din Ahmed. And as to answer why he chose the field of Public Administration particularly he says that he finds this field more interesting, enjoyable, and more practical & career- oriented.

Upon being asked the scope of Public administration and where he sees the future Public Administrators leading to he states with a proud sparkle in his eyes that many of the students of his department have already been taken up in different organizations & are being paid handsome salaries which is really encouraging. The Scope of PA is increasing and due to this the faculty is planning to broaden its horizons by introducing new programs and diplomas. He also says that realizing the need of Public Administrators abroad there are new programs of master level coming, which will cover all the areas necessary to capture the market.

The students in the department can already be seen following his footsteps. Like him they make the most of themselves and are shaping out to be resourceful, determined managers; setting high standards for themselves and others. They strive always for honesty in their criticism of self; they respect discipline from above and demand it from those beneath them. In their methodical, tough, stubborn, unyielding way, they persist against personal hardships, putting their families and/or their work before their own needs and welfare to reach their objectives long after others have given up and fallen by the wayside. In fact when practical ability allied with the drive of ambition is required to make a project succeed, they are the people to hire. They plan carefully to fulfill their ambitions (which often includes becoming wealthy); they are economical without meanness, and able to achieve great results with minimum effort and expense. Because of their organizing ability they are able to work on several projects simultaneously. And the credit of it all off course goes to the man who leads them.

And finally as they say behind every successful man there is a woman he fondly talks of his family saying that his wife is the woman behind him who has helped him through every thick n thin of life and brought out the best man in him. Together they have bore three wonderful children who are making extra ordinary future for themselves.

No body like him has ever gained such popularity in the history of Department of Public Administration. Students are his fan and even alumnus of the department consider him as the man behind the success story of the department. Through his hard and indefatigable efforts the department has touched its pinnacle and continuously moving ahead.

You should work very hard & should have faith in ALLAH. Donít do your work ignoring the impossible element. Allah will give you reward. Prepare yourself for both the worlds. — Dr Humayun