Sep 18 - 24, 2006

Dalda when you hear the name Dalda the image of quality conjures up in your mind. Quality, which you can trust with utmost faith and a taste which you have come to relish. And why not as it has not come about in a short few years. Dalda has earned the trust of its consumers over a long period of time. In fact Dalda is the pioneer of vegetable oil and banaspati ghee in the country.


It all started more than 55 years ago when Dalda food scientists pioneered a way of preserving the goodness of vegetable oils in a manner which kept the taste and tradition of eating ghee banaspati ghee was thus born. This quality and taste was made available to the millions of consumers in the country when the first can of Dalda banaspati rolled off the Dalda factory more than five decades ago. Ever since Dalda has kept up the high quality and consumers have responded by always rating it as number one in quality and taste.

Dalda Foods the only company which has ISO 9002 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Health & Safety Standards in this sector

Dalda Foods commitment to quality and maintaining a socially and environmentally responsible business is reflected in it being the only edible oil and fats manufacturing company in Pakistan which is certified by Bureau Veritas Quality (BVQI), a widely recognized international certification organization, for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety performance. Thus Dalda Foods has the distinction of being the only edible oil and fats producer which has ISO 9002 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety certifications.

It is a reflection of Dalda Foods commitment to corporate social responsibility, good corporate governance and also a matter of pride and distinction that it is the only edible oil and fats manufacturing company in Pakistan which has installed an effluent treatment plant at its manufacturing site. The treated effluent water meets or is better than the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and is used in the lawns and gardens in the factory for irrigation purposes.

Dalda Foods First and the only factory in edible oils sector in the country to have its own effluent treatment plant. Lush green lawns irrigated by the treated effluent water.

When you visit the Dalda Foods factory, you will not fail to notice the verdant green lawns and beautifully manicured gardens all irrigated by treated and recycled water from the factory. This is that much less load on our country's meager water resources and also one of our humble contribution towards conserving and sustaining this precious natural resource.

ISO certifications for performance on matters of Quality, Environmental Care and Health & Safety are influencing the way companies across the globe do business. In developing countries like Pakistan these are frequently used to help raise standards and improve competitiveness. In developed countries it is importantly becoming a key consideration in doing business to business transactions. Dalda Foods operations are thus comparable to and can be benchmarked against organizations of international repute.


Fats and oils are an important part of a healthy diet. Your body needs fat to function properly. That is why nature has made 15-20% of the body weight of an adult from fats. According to World Health Organization 20-30% of the calorie requirement of a person has to come from fats. However not only the quantity but type of fat eaten is also very important. Here the clear choice is Dalda.

Dalda VTF Banaspati, Dalda Cooking Oil and Planta Cooking Oil are made from a selection of finest vegetable oils canola, soybean, cottonseed, palm oils, etc. These are hygienically produced in one of the most modern, computerized processing plants where the natural goodness of oils is preserved for the users.

Dalda Cooking Oil is one of the tastiest and healthiest coooking oils available in the market. Planta has the distinction of being the only high quality cooking oil which tastes like banaspati.


Dalda has always kept up its pioneering and innovating spirit. It is a leader in innovation in the edible oils and fats industry. Dalda is the first and only banaspati in the Pakistan, which is virtually trans fat free (VTF) and its packs proclaim it as Dalda VTF. Trans fats, incidentally are those variety of saturated fats which can aid in the increase in blood cholesterol levels. In fact some of the more progressive countries have started banning trans fats in foods related items from January 2005, no food, butter, margarine, etc can be sold in Denmark which has more than 2 % trans fats. Dalda banaspati, which has virtually no trans fats, fully meets the European and global standards of quality and health parameters. Thus Dalda is the healthiest banaspati available. In fact it is the only banaspati ghee from Pakistan, which can be accepted in Europe. It is the commitment to the care and well being of Dalda users and its belief in providing the best quality products to its consumers which made Dalda Foods to make a major investment in the special technology to produce a banaspati ghee which is virtually trans fat free. In comparison other commonly available ordinary banaspati ghee in the market can contain up to 20% trans fats. Therefore the type of fat eaten is very important for your health. Here the clear choice is Dalda VTF as it is the healthiest banaspati available in Pakistan, because it is VTF - Virtually Trans-fat Free.

Dalda Foods is a leading fast moving consumer goods company in Pakistan. Every day millions of consumers use one or more of its brands. Dalda Foods aim to provide good food for the good life of its consumers by providing not only the products of the highest quality but also ensuring we act in a responsible manner and make a meaningful contribution to society. Dalda Foods strongly believes that long term success of any business is intimately connected with the well being of the society and the environment in which it operates.


Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan the gold standard in cooking recipes and guidance is another manifestation of Dalda's care and commitment to its consumers. Today Dalda Cooks Books and Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan cook books and videotapes are not only extremely popular with people of all ages in Pakistan but also worldwide wherever Pakistanis are living. A Google search on the Internet for the name Dalda Cook Book gives more than 300 entries, a clear indication of the positive role Dalda has played in popularizing Pakistani cuisine around the world and serving such a useful cause.


Dalda Advisory Service and it's Toll Free number 0800 32532 is yet another way for Dalda to express in care towards its consumers, it's commitment to quality which has made Dalda a heritage of trust in millions of Pakistani homes and desire to listen to and provide a service to our consumers. Dalda's expert customer service representatives daily respond to hundred's of queries regarding advice on cooking and other household matters of our consumers who call in on Dalda Advisory Service on its Toll Free number. Dalda in keeping with it's pioneering and leading role was the first company in its sector, which introduced this service for its consumers.