Being built by Creek Marina, the 27-storey complex with its fantastic view and location would be adding a new landmark to the skyline of Karachi.

KHALID BUTT, Bureau Chief, Islamabad
Sep 04 - Sep 10, 2006

Pakistan is undergoing a remarkable change in the lifestyle of its people, thanks to the foray made by a stream of multi-nationals to usher in modern concepts and ideas in many areas.

Whether it relates to the burgeoning cellular industry, auto business, domestic appliances or IT sector the role of the multi-nationals to make its impact on the national economy is clearly visible. The latest and most innovative entrants in the country's economy are some reputed multi-nationals in the construction and urban housing sector.

It is not long ago when I had first set my eyes on Singapore, which was slowly recovering from the aftermath of World War II and coming to terms with the emerging realties. Little did one know that it would become a global trendsetter in many ways.

The way the single city-state developed and grew has been nothing short of a marvel. It certainly has become a role model in urban housing for other countries to emulate, including the West. This I found out to my utter amazement when I was told in Toronto that Canadians had developed part of the mega city on Singapore concept and model.

It has not been surprising that Singapore concept of their most successful urban housing schemes have finally arrived in Pakistan. The country is soon to join the ranks of world cities with its upcoming first ever 6 star residential complex, Creek Marina in Karachi to have the taste of ultimate and luxurious modern living.

Being built by Creek Marina Singapore Pvt Ltd., a company established by internationally known Meinhard (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd., the project is situated on 21 acres of prime location on Clifton beach, with a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. Creek Marina, designed to set a new benchmark in luxury living with a total of 768 units in 8 blocks, consisting of 3-4 bedrooms features penthouses (2 levels over 3 or 4 bedrooms). The 27-storey complex with its fantastic view and location, adjacent to DHA Golf Club and proposed Raffles International Club, would be adding a new landmark to the skyline of Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan.

Creek Marina is offering some unique features at competitive prices, which include 24-hour security and electronic surveillance systems. Interiors are being designed by renowned hotel designers HBA of USA and the facility has ample basement for car parking. A host of other features include two high-speed private elevators serving each apartment and two large service lifts, being provided additionally. There will be digital card key access systems for lifts and car park entry along with other world class facilities including club house, commercial and concierge services.

Project Background: Most metropolitan centres have no dearth of residential projects, which are frequently designed to cater to either the mass demand or the speculators in tandem with the property boom and bust cycles of these cities. Karachi and indeed the other major cities of Pakistan are no exception - where mundanely designed and often poorly constructed residential projects are dumped on the unwary genuine buyers - usually through glossy brochures with little resemblance if any, to the reality.

The Creek Marina project was envisioned, planned and designed to address these misnomers and to set a new benchmark in Pakistan in luxury, quality, exclusivity, safety and security as well as matching the standards of other first-world cities. These unorthodox residences are designed to cater to not just the rich and famous but also to the high net worth individuals, professionals and businessman for whom quality, luxury, safety, security and world class facilities are prime considerations - an address with an identity.

The property gurus proclaim that there are three golden rules of property - location, safety and value for money. Creek Marina scores highly in this regard. It is located in an exclusive precinct of Creek City at the prime waterfront in DHA's Phase VIII adjacent to the DHA Golf Course and adjoining the proposed Raffles Club, which is also being developed in tandem with Creek Marina.

When completed in 3 years time, the Creek Marina project will lay claim to Pakistan's first real 6-star residences offering uncompromising luxury and breathtaking views of the ocean and golf course. The project has been designed to incorporate the highest level of building safety and security. The building structure has been designed to withstand winds and earthquakes of much higher intensity than those specified in the building codes. The developers considered this to be a worthwhile additional cost to ensure the investment of buyers and peace of mind of the occupants.

All the apartment and penthouse designs integrate the most modern concepts in spatial planning, comfort, privacy, quality and finishes. Seamless and unobtrusive electronic security systems will ensure that every unit and facilities are protected 24 by 7 without compromise - from the time you enter the gate of Creek Marina. This is necessary as the Creek Marina apartments will be served by two private elevators opening into your own private lobby - as like in international cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, etc.

Creek Marina epitomizes the harmony of nature, meticulous tropical landscaping, clean design and timeless décor. Designed with the discerning "New Asian" homeowner in mind, Creek Marina seeks to provide comfort with flexibility and ingenuity in every space. The reception lobby - with its impeccable design, art-displays and water feature - welcomes all homeowners and guests as they enter. The unmistakable serenity of lush greenery and exterior spaces complement the interiors, each carefully planned and sculpted, making use of natural stones and elements to soothe and relax.

Creek Marina also utilises a modern mix of imported building materials and state-of-the-art technology to deliver comfortable, easy to maintain contemporary and enduring designs - the likes of which have never been seen in Pakistan before. This luxurious accommodation will be equipped with air-conditioning and designer's kitchens and wardrobes. The project has been designed by the world-renowned consultant team led by Meinhard Singapore. The interior designs have been specially created by the world famous hotel designers - Hirsch Bedner Associates of USA. The construction is being carried out by international and/or a combination of most renowned locals and in conjunction with international contractors. The construction of superstructure, finishes and all the mechanical and electrical systems will be carried out by international contractors. Meinhard Singapore, as the project managers and design consultants, are fully committed to delivering this quality and time promised luxurious project to the buyers and more importantly to set the new benchmark for future residential projects in Pakistan.