Delivers customer satisfaction with the latest Contact Center Solution by ZRG

Aug 07 - 13, 2006

The need to provide quality support on time to the customer has become more critical due to the highly competitive market. The customers have so many choices for every product and service one can think of. Therefore, progressive companies are making significant investments to improve their customer services function. These investments are in the area of better and reliable infrastructure, improved working conditions and pay scales for the customer services staff and modern technology for increased automation, documentation and efficiency.

Askari MasterCard, the Credit Card Division of Askari Commercial Bank Ltd. is part of a dynamic and rapidly growing bank in Pakistan that has been successfully running its customer services operation to supports its credit card customers through an efficient Contact Center. The technology for the Contact Center has been installed and supported by ZRG International, the market leader in latest Contact Center and CTI solutions.

ZRG Contact Center solution is setup to provide a comprehensive set of services and tools to Askari MasterCard. The self-service interactive voice response is part of the solution that offers a 24/7 access to their customers' account related information. This self-service facility will be integrated with several databases to provide the required information to customers. Customers with complex issues are transferred to the next most suitable customer service representative. The Contact Center officers have all the information related to the call and the caller's account on their screen as soon as the call arrives and this has resulted in faster delivery of information, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

The Askari MasterCard Contact Center supervisors and managers have advanced tools and applications on their desktop PC to monitor and analyze Contact Center status, service quality and agent performance. Askari MasterCard has expressed great satisfaction towards the solution and the support they have received by ZRG who is without any doubt, the better choice, over other Contact Center providers.

"It has been a wonderful experience to work with ZRG International, who is our Contact Center solution provider. We have been associated with ZRG since the last 3 years and I would really comment that their support and service has helped us in providing extra care to our customers. The reports generated by their intelligent reporting system assists us in making important decisions on daily basis."

ZRG Contact Center solution is ideal for today's customer services requirements because it is based on open standards CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology. It can be integrated with any industry standard and non-proprietary hardware, telephone switches and ACD, Databases and CRM application. It supports multiple channels of communications such as voice calls, fax, email, SMS and Web. Companies looking for next generation call handling solutions and capabilities find ZRG solutions highly cost-effective, reliable and scalable. Companies that are technology-savvy and have informed open minded professionals in their evaluation teams always select open standards based solutions over proprietary and closed architectures for the flexibility, ease of integration and long term cost-savings.

ZRG is a fast growing telecom solutions company with a strong focus on providing customer interaction and contact management solutions. ZRG has installed its solutions at the largest and the busiest Contact Centers in the country including the largest cell phone company i.e. Mobilink, the first multi-company center at Maersk, and at customer services center of the largest oil marketing company, PSO. Up till now, ZRG has provided its Contact Center technology to 14 out of 18 major banks in Pakistan. ZRG is also exporting Contact center solutions to the international market for last 3 years and has earned a good name and image for Pakistan.